The Iran Treaty

First here is the news from the NYT:

The president is set to hold a news conference on Wednesday afternoon to make the case for the agreement, and Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. is scheduled to meet with House Democrats on Capitol Hill. Other top administration officials will be fanning out to work over individual lawmakers and interest groups to try to rally them behind what the administration believes is a solid agreement holding Iran’s nuclear ambitions in check.

These events are just the first of what is likely to be an onslaught of briefings, congressional testimony, outreach efforts and media blitzes to offset a fierce pushback from Republicans, conservative groups and Israeli leaders among others.

… Complicating the administration’s efforts is the deep opposition voiced by Republican presidential contenders who will be relentless in their criticism. But the White House promised an exhaustive effort to build support for an agreement that senior administration officials said was better than what they had anticipated going in to the talks.

Okay, you have the lay of the land, sort of.  Now you need to understand that this agreement is historic.  You also need to understand that this agreement had one and only one purpose, to control Iran’s nuclear capabilites.  It is the first time we are actually having formal relations with Iran.  Second, by all accounts it does restrict their nuclear program and gives us the ability to detect any violations (this is all very technical).  It has mechanisms to immediately restore sanctions if vilolations are detected.  Yes it does lift sanctions and Iran will be able to grow as an economic power.  And that scares the … out of Netanyahu and Sunni countries.  But they have not been our best friend and the one country willing to fight ISIS is Iran.  

So it is a mixed bag, but does put a brake on their nuclear weapons program.  The hope is that Iran can then be brought into the world community.  Clearly our present strategy, like our embargo of Cuba, is not working.  The other thing you have to consider  is that the five nations that agreed to this, well, agreed to this.  So what is the alternative if we say no?  The United States being the great Satan, standing alone while the other countries abandon the embargo.  So when Republicans and some wayward Democrats say no or they want changes (that will destroy the agreement), ask what their alternative is?  War? 

That to me is the craziest thing.  All the options or alternatives are still available to us if it doesn’t work, but we can’t try it in the hope it will?  Ah, but I think there are other motivations here and they are political and tell us how far the Republican Party has sunk to where winning the presidency is far more important than the good of the ountry.  Here is Col (retired) Lawrence Wilkerson (chief of staff to Colin Powell when he was Secretary of State and a Republican) on what is really going on:

This is really about politics,. My party has made its decision, and Donald Trump may be the leading edge of that decision … Lindsey Graham reflects that decision. That decision is to do everything they possibley can to damage the President even at the expense of the country.

… This agreement is probably the most historic and intrusive inspection agreement under the NTP or any other treaty for that matter, in the history of nuclear weapons and maybe in the history of international agreements.   It couldn’t be any tighter. However, any agreement, even a thousand pages is imperfect, it can be violated. Iran could go off in secret.  However I don’t see any way they are going to do anything we are not going to detect some way.  … 

We are not going to solve any of the problems in that region, Afghanistan, Iraq, the horrendous civil war in Syria, Israel’s long term security, without Iran, the most stable country in the region, some way being in our camp helping us as they are helping us with ISIS.  It is a very complex situation.  One the one hand they support Hezbolla. On the other they are fighting the most potent terrorist threat in the region. ISIS, along side us.  This kind of complexity has been delt with in this exquisite dipolmacy and it needs to be continued to be delt with. It does not need the kind of apocalyptic statements that are coming out of people like Lindsey Graham and others who should know better, but for political purposes they are making the statements they are making.

They covet the White House. They want the White House in 2016 and they see that dream falling apart already, and they see President Obama’s popularity with the people being increased by this deal and they don’t want that to happen because they want the White House so bad in 2016.  I am sad to say that about my own party, but this mostly not about substance, it is about politics.

Well there you have it.  And you wonder why I say Republicans are evil.  Because they are and it is ideology and power over the good of the country.  Whether it is their economic ideology or their foreign affairs ideology, it is bankrupt.  See George Bush and what they did to us during his Presidency under a Republican Congress.  Can we learn nothing?

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