Republicans and the Economy

They just don’t get it.  Well, actually they do, but it is not the economy you and I live in.  It is the economy the financial mangers on Wall Street and the billionaire donors live in.  You know the one where your under taxed capital gains earned from investing in non-capital producing ventures, makes you a gazillionaire.  Labor is simply a cost against revenues and is to be cut as low as possible.  That raises stock prices and that economy soars.  Those of us that actually work, are in a race to the bottom.

All you have to do is watch what they say and you start to understand they have no clue about real working America.  Jeb Bush is the classic example.  I think Jeb is a nice guy.  He means well and he believes he can help the economy with his Republican economic ideology. And he lives in an echo chamber that does not challenges those entirely very bad ideas, because, well, it is really good for the capital gains class.

Remember when Jeb said Americans needed to work more?  How out of touch was that? Of the industrial nations, our workforce works longer hours and takes less vacations than most other countries.  Not a peep about the fact that as our productivity has increased, the monetary gains from this increased productivity has not been shared with those who made those profits a reality (See: They Don’t Have a Clue). It’s a repeat of the 47% ideology of Mitt Romney.  If you are not earning more it is because you aren’t working hard like they are.

Well Jeb gave us another one. To wit:

Jeb Bush has created a flap with another statement about American workers. In an appearance in Council Bluffs, Iowa, on Tuesday, he said Barack Obama’s proposal to expand overtime pay to millions more managers and white-collar workers would result in “less overtime pay” and “less wages earned”.

Numerous economists attacked Bush’s statement, calling him woefully misinformed. And several studies on the rule contradict Bush’s assertion that the overtime rules would “lessen the number of people working”.

Our economy suffers from not enough demand because most the money being earned is going to the 1% and there is no trickle down.  Paying people their share of the productivity gains they have made and for the work they actually do would put a whole lot more money in the economy.  But if you see the world as those who work hard get the benefits, and if you are not getting any, you are not working hard enough, then you just don’t get this.  This is why I sit and marvel why anyone thinks electing a Republican will help the economy.  It will help the rich, and in the end we will all loose.

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