Really?  These are The People You Want to Lead You?

First and foremost, I listened to Trump’s stomp (stump, pun intended) speech this morning and I loved it.  It is performance art at its peak.  It was funny, irreverent, and absolutely no policy or implementation statements.  And he is reflective of his numbers (24%) of the mindlessness of the Republican base.  They love tough talk, tearing down the other side, xenophobia, meanness, and above all things, simple solutions to complex problems.  Oh, and no details on how to solve these problems except I am smart, and a great negotiator.  

So what you are getting here other than at least 24% of the Republican Party is brain dead, is that that brain dead bunch controls the Party. I don’t think this is bad for both parties, because the reality that Americans could buy this clown act is a result of Republican politics for years and stands as a real warning about dumbing down the electorate, and dumbed down they are.

But enough of the Donald.  What have the rest of the clowns been up to?  Well here is a short list:

  • Jeb Bush – No longer endorses the path for citizenship for undocumented workers (legal status) and wants a balanced budget constitutional amendment.  See Jeb Bush’s Economic Plan.  If that doesn’t wreck the economy nothing will.  I think I turned the page and it is 1984 again
  • Scott Walker – Erodes  tenure for professors at the University of Wisconsin and just signed a 20-week abortion ban with no exemptions for rape or severe fetal anomalies.  Pro-life all the way and will further reduce a woman’s right to choose.  Are you awake out there women?  Boy Scouts should uphold ban on gay troop leaders.  He doesn’t know if being gay is a choice. Oh, and as President he would undo the nuclear deal with Iran.  So let’s see, religious boy thinks women are second class citizens, confused about gay rights, and war is just fine with him
  • All of them are all over Trump for his McCain statement, but most were quiet about his Mexican slurs.  See a link here? Remember when Jeb Bush defended the swift boaters after John Kerry, but then John wasn’t a Republican.
  • All of them are against the Iran agreement, but all are chicken hawks except Lindsey and Rick.  Think their kids will volunteer?  War is great with an all-volunteer army.
  • John Kasich – Needs to balance the budget to create jobs (this is the confidence fairy thing).  Just like we did in the Depression, right?  Oh wait! We spent our way out.  Here is another one we ought to ask how we are going to rebuild our infrastructure.  Oh, and Ohio lags in job creation and Kasich was against the auto bail out that did turned out quite well for Ohio since 1 in every six jobs in Ohio is related to the manufacture of automobiles. Obama saved their bacon.
  • Thery are all Christians with a capital C but for Trump.  At least we get spared the God pandering, pray for me, and God Bless America with Trump
  • And they all believe in flowdown, cutting taxes for the wealthy, and cutting benefits to pay for them

With candidates like this, why are they even playing?

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