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Covering the Administration

Secretary Kelly came out to tell us how the system was working and he lied.  He said that Homeland was following the judicial orders.  They did not.  They pretend this is all getting sorted out and it is not.  Meanwhile we have a Presidential News Conference that just spews misinformation and you wonder, like Trump when they covered him at every event during the election, are not we becoming the liar’s bull horn?

Update:  Spicer said that the Merrick Garland’s nomination was different from others in that it was in an election year.  Another lie from the White House:  1/3 of all U.S. Presidents appoint a justice in an election year, and a half-dozen presidents, classic lame ducks, filled Supreme Court seats even though their successors had been elected.  Why do we bother to cover these people?  It is propaganda pure and simple.  They either lie or are totally ignornat of the facts.

More From the Purge

“President Donald Trump on Monday quietly replaced the acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, an arm of the Department of Homeland Security, following a chaotic weekend during which DHS customs officials struggled to interpret and comply with Trump’s controversial executive order barring travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries.

In a statement released late Monday evening, the newly confirmed DHS secretary, John Kelly, announced that Thomas Homan had been named the new acting director of ICE. The statement did not mention Daniel Ragsdale, who was being replaced. (Ragsdale resumes his role as deputy director, according to an ICE official.)

…By promoting Homan, who most recently led the arm of ICE that enforces detentions and deportations, the Trump administration signaled its intent to place a greater emphasis on the harsh enforcement measures that Homan carried out.

One way to read this is that the Trumpettes put forward Kelly as a figure head and are going to run ICE from the Executive Office.  Be very afraid Americans.


Apparently the Democrats are finding a partial spine:

Senate Democrats deployed a dramatic 11th hour maneuver to deny committee votes of two of President Donald Trump’s Cabinet picks Tuesday, arguing that those nominees had lied to them.

Senators were set to vote on Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.) to lead the Department of Health and Human Services and Steve Mnuchin to lead the Treasury Department.

By not showing up for the votes, Democrats denied Republicans the quorum they needed to move forward to confirmation. At least one Democrat needs to be present for the vote to happen.

Senate Republicans were outraged, throwing their plans to quickly confirm Trump’s nominees into disarray.

“This is one of the most alarming things I’ve seen in my 40 years in the U.S. Senate,” Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) said in the Senate Finance Committee hearing Tuesday. “There isn’t a fellow on the other side I do not care for. Normally they’re very honorable and decent people. That’s why it’s so shocking to me that they’re not here when we’ve given them every opportunity to be here. … That’s not only ridiculous, it’s offensive.”

One of the most alarming things I have seen in my 40 years in the U.S.Senate?  What about the refusal to even let Merrick Garland have a hearing in the Senate for a year?  What about their plan to block anything President Obama proposed for eight years? Senator Orrin Hatch is a lying sack of shit.  Oh, and if you missed his speech supporting Jeff Sessions for Attorney General you really missed a rerun of Alice in Wonderland where up is down and down is up.  Do they have no shame?  Rhetorical question.  The Trump Cabinet for the most part is the most outrageous thing I have seen in 40 years.  I don’t think this is going to work out for them, but the damage they do while we wait for it to crumble may be irreparable.

All Hail King Donald

The Donald made a decree and a loyal subject, loyal to the Constitution, not the King, failed to follow it.  Lop off her head!  Or something like that.  Sally Yates was a hold over from the Obama Administration that the Trump Administration had asked to stay on.  She was seen as a high competent lawyer praised by both partisan sides.  But she saw the ban on Muslims, and that is what it is, as unConstitutional.  She had sworn to protect and defend the Constitution and she saw defending Trump’s executive order as at best tarnishing the Constitution, at worse shredding it.  So she order the boys and girls in the Justice Department to cease and desist.  She could have resigned, but then she would be failing her obligation and responsibility to protect and defend.  So she was dismissed as being disloyal to the King.  Or was the King disloyal to all of us?

Five judges have ruled so far and the Justice Department is 0-5 on this executive action.  To the casual observer who actually listens to what Trump and his buddy Giuliani tell us, it is a ban of Muslims, pure and simple, written in a way to try to get around the 1st Amendment (Establishment Clause).  To almost all national security experts the whole thing is a threat to our national security, feeding terrorism what it needs, and quite frankly does not address any real threats.  The Obama administration already had a robust vetting program, no they had not done the same thing, and as national security experts point out, no terrorist is going through a two year vetting program when he/she could come through Europe with a visa.  So the whole ban is smoke and mirrors, but smoke and mirrors that does real damage to the Constitution and to our national security.  Welcome to the reign of King Trump.

I guess if you want to get distracted from the firing, as I have argued above, the whole thing is blatantly stupid.  Certainly a review of our vetting process is warranted and in fact is ongoing.  And like almost everything the Donald is doing is hurting the country whether it is in foreign affairs or the economy.  But if we focus on the firing it raises the real threat of a Constitutional Crisis which could be roughly defined as the President not following court orders.  I think we are already there or very close.  Here is how the Trump Administration is approaching the State Department:

WASHINGTON — The White House on Monday warned State Department officials that they should leave their jobs if they did not agree with President Trump’s agenda, an extraordinary effort to stamp out a wave of internal dissent against Mr. Trump’s temporary ban on entry visas for people from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

Let there not be dissent and open discussion.  One of the primary faults of the executive order on banning Muslims, is that it was not coordinated with the affected agencies to make it workable.  Read the above again and then consider whether constructive criticism would be career ending.  What we are getting is King Donald.  Or in modern terms he is establishing an autocracy, really a Fascist state.  Put yourself in the shoes of someone who is a career public servant.  Do what you know is wrong or walk the streets.  It seems simple enough but consider you have a wife, two kids, a mortgage, and a college fund.  Walking away may not be an option nor should it be.

I faced a similar crisis in my young life, the Vietnam War.  I was from a military family.  In those days going into the service was a given.  I was not against the war as a college student and ROTC cadet.  I saw the world in fairly simple terms.  After I graduated and started my AF career I engaged my mind in what the war was really about.  By the time I got my orders to go to that War I knew beyond a doubt it was morally and ethically bankrupt, and destined to fail. My thought processes at the time went like this:  I am an American Armed Forces member who has sworn to protect the Constitution.  I thought the war was wrong, but the Congress and the Commander-in-Chief had authorized it.  There was nothing unConstitutional here, just political.  As a member of the Armed Services I was not to be political.  So I went and did my job in a war that by all accounts was fruitless, immoral, and counterproductive.  You can rationalize almost anything. Now our public servants have to make the same decision.

Their’s may be the harder choice.  I see Donald Trump as a threat to the Constitution.  He and his ear piece, Steve Bannon, are about setting up an unquestioning autocracy and trampling on what has made America great and exceptional, our diversity.  They are incompetent and their policies will be felt in the pocketbook of most Americans soon.  On the other hand public servants have to eat and feed their families.  Your only real choice is to hunker down and do what you can, hoping you are not put in a position where you have to cross that imaginary line in the sand.

In the coming weeks it will be interesting to see what our government does.  How many can and will walk away.  I know from my own experience, being led by idiots and zealots demoralizes everyone.  The one thing you know for sure about the Justice Department is that it will no longer serve the people, protecting voter rights or civil rights, but carry out the edicts of the King to increase his power.  In the State Department where they have years of experience and insight into foreign affairs, they are being banished.  It is only a matter of time to we make a mistake that makes the executive order banning Muslims look like minor stumbles.

We are seeing first hand the difference between running a business and running a government.  Running a government is about what is best for all of the people and defending the Constitution. Running a business does not care about the people, just the aggrandizement of profits (ego profits in this case).  Trump is the worst of all possible leaders we could have elected and the destruction to our government and our Constitutional system is just beginning.  If we do get to a real Constitutional crisis, where he ignores the courts, then we will have revolution in the streets.  You rubes in Middle America paying attention.  This is on you.

The Missing Democrats

Look, we know that Republicans have basically caved to power so don’t expect help from there.  They are still licking their chops over maybe being able to pass tax cuts, gut climate change, end Obamacare (although on that one I think they just ran into reality), and gut banking regulations to really notice that Donald Trump is destroying democracy they pretend the love and causing a Constitutional Crisis.  The only bright side in all of this, assuming we survive it, is that in the first week he has made the world less stable, upset global markets, not in a good way, basically tramped on basic American values, and done nothing but things that will make economic inequality worse.  In other words, he is sinking the ship.  His supporters are all pumped right now because they think they are finally righting the ship.  But as it becomes evident the ship is sinking, the rats will flee.

But in all this where are the Democrats?  Oh, I have seen a few out with bull horns chanting to the crowds that they will not stand for this, but like the Women’s March, the crowds came before the Democrats.  Sadly, as near as I can tell the Democrats have no game plan.  When challenged in interviews about what they are going to do about it, well, speak out.  So far the Democrats have played this as an opposition party in normal times.  If you lived through this weekend you now know this are not normal times.  This is not a normal Presidency and the rule of law and our Constitution are being challenged.  So again, where is the game plan? 

First they have to really understand that what worked for them doesn’t work anymore.  They literally got hammered and thrown out of office and it was not a fluke.  Their kinda, sorta, Republican lite appealed to no one.  So the first order of business is to find out what they stand for.  That has been the big missing piece in the Democratic Party.  If they are a kinder gentler Republican Party, they are a dead party.  So what is it they stand for?  And in answering the question don’t try to see how you can pander to the most diverse groups.  That is what you did before and it did not work.

Let me give you an example:  Abortion.  “We are a big tent party,” is really stupid here.  Either you believe government has no place controlling a woman’s body or not.  Same with almost all social issues.  Remember that even Obama had to be brought along by Joe Bidden on gay marriage.  Human rights should be non-negotiable.  Now where the rubber hits the road is economics.  Democrats are all over the map on economics and therefore no where on the map.  Are we a Progressive Party or not?  If we are not and want to trigulate between Progressive and Establishment Democrat, we will fail as Hillary showed us.  So get on with it.  Decide who you are so we can have something to believe in.  Another example is coal state Democrats.  Remember when Hillary triangulated.  That worked out well.

That is step one in this process.  And let me just make a simple statement here.  Democrats think they know what they stand for and do not understand this whole question.  That is why they lost the last election big time.  Step two is then taking those core set of principles and coming up with a strategy to resist the Trump Administration.  Think back to inauguration 2009 when a disillusioned Republican Party met and planned their strategy going forward.  It was obstruct, obstruct, obstruct.  Now these where normal times and President Obama was a reasonable man and they could have gotten a lot of their agenda incorporated into Democratic plans.  But they understood that that would further decimate them as President Obama actually made progress.  So Republicans decided that their failed ideas were more important than the nation, and let me just say, here we are.  Oh, and keep reminding yourself, it worked splendidly.

So what did the Democrats do on Trump’s inauguration night?  Nothing that I know of and they seem to have no plan.  The narrative they have been pushing is that we will work with him where we can and fight (read lose) on basic values.  They still think that that nonsense about we just want to see Congress work together, and by doing this we can normalize his (Trump’s) presidency.  Well week one has shown the total failure of this approach.  First they all (except Kristen Gillibrand)  so far have rolled over on votes to confirm Cabinet picks, thus putting their stamp of approval on these nominations who will represent a illegitimate government.  Second, as the people rose up, the Democrats were pulled along.  I don’t want to see Democrats with a bullhorn anymore, I want a plan backed by a firm grasp of basic principles, to fight this administration at every step, and be ready to take back the country when it fails with a set of ideals about where they are going to take it.

I can not emphasize enough, although it falls on deaf ears, these are not normal times.  Republicans are enabling a Fascist* Government that has no intent to follow or recognize the norms of democracy.  Democrats have to fight this tooth and nail and so far, they seem just meek.  They look like deer in the headlights. Oh they are all against him like most cats don’t like dogs, but no organization or plan to attack.  They had better wake up soon.  The Republicans stand for something and people get that.  The fact that what they stand for are failed policies have been obscured by Democrats trying to be Republican Lite and failing even worse as no one really knows what they stand for, seems to be lost on them.  Better get organized boys and girls.  Meanwhile the people themselves are in the streets demanding change.

*Fascism- a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.

Well That Did Not Take Long

Remember a few days ago (last Wednesday) when I said: “So what can we do? Well there is impeachment, which of course is not going to happen with both Houses under the control of Republicans. That leaves us with the courts. We have to begin filing suits against this administration for their violations of the Constitution…But what happens when President Trump (it makes me ill to write that) does not abide by the judicial ruling?” (Coming Constitutional Crisis).  Well, we are there.  It is reported that Homeland Security is ignoring the Judge’s orders.

It took Donald Trump and his supporters one week to push us into a Constitutional Crisis because quite simply they do not believe in the balance or limit of powers set up by the Constitution.  Sadly, as I pointed out in the above referenced blog, Democrats have been feckless because they have normalize this election, from Barack Obama to our Congress.  Now we see the result.  So if the Democrat Party does not understand we are in war for the Constitution, you and I do.  We have to start by no longer tolerating studipity in our midsts.

When a friend suggests that the Donald is just trying to keep up safe or his learning his way in government, or worse even supports these policies, then sadly your friend is a soldier in the war to destroy our democracy and you have to get in their face.  If our political party won’t fight and understand that these are no longer normal times and our most prized institutions are at stake, we will.  Yes they are ignorant, but well meaning.  And yes they are enabling the takeover of our government by an autocrat, and destroying the legitimacy of the American government.  And in the process they are trampling on everything we believe.  

Let’s hope the courts prevail, but if they don’t we have to be ready to take this to the streets.  I am reminded of the words of our Founders in the Declaration of Independence that maybe we should again invoke:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

 The Republicans are enabling a Donald Trump and his Administration to be “destructive of these ends ” and trashing our Constitution.  Maybe it is time “to institute new Government.”

Chaos and Incompetence Week 1 or Demolition Derby of our Democracy

So much for simple-minded solutions to appeal to the rubes. Let’s just catalogue the wreckage:

  • Crowd Gate – Certainly has us all reading the 25th Amendment, Article 4 of the Constitution about how the V.P. and a majority of the Cabinet can remove a President unfit for office.  Makes one rethink just voting through the Cabinet he wants.  But let’s not forget that he sent the Press Secretary out to lie and raise the very real question of whether you can trust anything this President or his administration tells us. It puts in question the legitimacy of government institutions he is issuing gag orders for, and whether we can trust government at all. Oh, and in all of this, he stood before the Wall of Honor at the CIA and repeated his lies with the first three rows filled with crowd noise providers, further alienating our intelligence agencies.  Mark 1 for Chaos and 1 for Incompetence (if you need intelligence agency support).
  •  Voter Fraud Gate – Again we have the 25th Amendment coming up as he claimed a non-existent 3-5 million illegal immigrant vote for Hillary.  The 5 million number is significant because he can’t just have a tie in the election, he must win the popular vote, which he did not.  All totally false, and then demands an investigation of dead people and people on multiple registries, which is normal and legal, with his daughter, Bannon, and his son-in-law,Jared Kushner, and his Press spokesman are all on multiple registries.  The investigation could in fact be a ruse to further purge voter rolls of Democratic leaning voters.  Mark Chaos 2, Incompetence 2 (assuming insanity scores as incompetence)
  • Purge Gate – He and his Administration are removing most of the senior people (not political appointees) at the State Department and similar moves at other Departments and installing people who can check on Cabinet Secretaries to make sure they do not stray, not to mention wiping out years of experience and expertise.  Mark Chaos 3, Incompetence 3.
  • Wall Gate – So whose going to build that Wall?  We are.  Whose going to pay for it?  We are.  Trump signs Executive Order for the wall and tells Congress/Homeland Security to find the money.  Then tweets out that if Mexico won’t pay for it, don’t bother to visit.  So they tweet out adios.  Then Trump threatens 20% border tax which is really a tax on all of us and threatens a trade war.  How is all this working out for you so far?  He alienated our second largest trading partner and may push them into the hands of the Chinese, and probably created a large anti-American contingent in Mexico.  Mark Chaos 4, Incompetence 4.
  • Dirty Oil/Climate Gate – Trump signs Executive Orders approving the pipeline construction in two sites that have been shut down.  It ignores the threat to our drinking water or that pumping this oil has absolutely no benefit to the U.S. as it is foreign produced and will be sold on the world market.  It also ignores the impact of this dirty oil on the environment and global warming (what global warming?).  It certainly will cause more protests and riots in this country.  Mark Chaos 5, Incompetence 5.
  • Refugee Gate – Trump signs an Executive Order to ban refugees from seven countries and gives preference to Christian Refugees.  At a glance it is unConstitutional and illegal, but that is only the beginning.  None of the countries has produced any terrorists in America, and the countries that have are left off the ban.  The biggie is Saudi Arabia that exports the ideology for terrorism, but Trump has business interests there, as do other countries left off the ban.  Chaos reigns because while issuing the order, there was no coordination or legal review.  A federal judge has put a stay on the order as have other judges in other states.  Meanwhile people who have been vetted for years and could die if sent back to their countries are in limbo.  There is a lie here that they need “extreme vetting” which of course they have already had.  And in many cases this ban could and will make the terrorism threat worse as it alienates all Muslims, does not help those who are in dire straights due to our own actions, and provides recruiting propaganda for ISIS. It also trashes who we are as a nation and what makes us exceptional. Meanwhile Green Card holders are also in limbo and those traveling outside the nation for work have no idea how to get back in.  Tech companies are appalled.  And as I pointed out yesterday, our soldiers in Iraq may want to watch their backs because along with banning Iraqis, he said we need to steal their oil.  Here we get 3 points for massive Incompetence and Chaos. Mark Chaos 9, and Incompetence 9.

In case you are wondering, when the Incompetence and Chaos scores reach 10 we have reached anarchy and a failed government and we are past the half way mark in the first week.

Now comes the one I love as a former lower level bureaucratic lackey in the federal government.  Trump signed an Executive Order yesterday giving the Pentagon 30 days to come up with a plan to eradicate ISIS.  “Make it so Scotty,” to quote Captain Kirk.  It is this simple-minded thinking that just slays me.  Okay sir, I will get right on it, but I have a few questions:

  1. Is there a budget or can we spend whatever we like?
  2. Can we reinstitute the draft?
  3. Is this a special forces type operation, or all out war?
  4. Can we attack countries without declaring war?
  5. Can we use nuclear weapons if say the Pakistanis respond?
  6. Do we care about collateral damage?
  7. Can we violate the national sovereignty of any nation we please?
  8. Does this include our buddies the Saudis?
  9. Can we attack Iran?
  10. Is a full-scale Christian-Muslim war in the Middle East acceptable?
  11. If other non-Muslim countries oppose us can we attack them?
  12. If trade agreements between other countries hurts our efforts, can we attack them?

He also signed and Executive Order putting Steve Bannon on the Security Council and edging out the Joint Chiefs:

The president named Bannon to the council in a reorganization of the NSC. He also said his chief-of-staff Reince Priebus would have a seat in the meetings.

Trump also said the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and the director of national intelligence, two of the most senior defense chiefs, will attend meetings only when discussions are related to their “responsibilities and expertise”. Barack Obama and George W Bush both gave the men in those roles regular seats on the council.

Well you get the drift.  The politburo is taking over.  We are entering some of the most dangerous times for our country with a lunatic at the helm and simple-minded people (rubes) who have not thought through the consequences of what seems like simple-minded solutions crafted for the rubes.  In the first week Donald Trump has alienate about half the world, hurt our economic future, and maybe divided Americans as they have never been divided before except for the Civil War.  He may have delegitimized government in the eyes of most citizens, and started the beginning of a Constitutional crisis.  But hey, he is a businessman.  So glad he is at the helm.

Our only salvation is that all of this will fail, both on the economy side and on the foreign affairs/trade side.  And when it crumbles, if the autocracy is not too fully entrenched, we may get our democracy back.  Isn’t it interesting that those freedom loving Republicans are the ones enabling this lunatic and the destruction of our democracy?

As an American Fighting Man – Say What!

We have a wonderful Vietnamese-American population because of our misguided policies in Vietnam, a war I fought in, and the fact that we welcomed refugees when the country collapsed.  Fast forward to today and we are doing just the opposite and in my mind, creating a far larger terrorist threat.

But you good flag waving Republicans who so support our troops in words, but not deeds, think about this:  Some young kid is in Iraq right now trying to help Iraqis take back Mosul from ISIS and his Commander-in-Chief has suggested we seize their oil (CIA brief last week) and now have banned those from Iraq who may have helped us and are now in danger, from protection in the United States.  Is the poor kid carrying out Americas orders looking forward or is he watching his back?  Cheeto Head has put our kids in further risk.  Wave that funky flag white boy (Republicans) or wear that funky lapel pin white boy. Do you really know what it stands for? You are an idiot.

Ashamed to be an American

But proud to be a Californian: Sacramento congregations pledge to shelter undocumented immigrants from raids. Now when I travel I will sew a California flag on my backpack.  At least in California we have not turned into the hate filled and immoral place much of the rest of the country is becoming.  Note I exclude here all the mayors of sanctuary cities that have stood up to this bully from Boston to Santa Fe.  Mayors, people who really have to make the cities work and take care of their people, know the real score and that all of this hate and fear generated by Trump and his gang of bullies is senseless.  Worse it is counter productive. It is scapegoating on a national scale while ignoring real fixes.

I love our Constitution and living within the ideological constructs of that great document and the principles our Founders enshrined in it (Yes, I actually have read the Federalist Papers and understand the arguments).  Donald Trump swore to defend the Constitution and it is clear he has neither read it or understands it.  We have an Administration who is shredding it in the worst way possible.  Those morons (is the word still offensive because I can find no better one?) who wear their Make America Great Hats and really are all about a White Aryan Nation, are destroying what made America great.  The latest abomination is of course The Great Negotiator’s (TGN) Executive Order on refugees.  People who have already passed “extreme” vetting are being stopped at the airports and detained.  Only Christians need apply (they have preference.  See anything unConstitutional here?)  Talk about cruel and unusual.  It is so embarrassing to say you are American these days.  I do not want to travel abroad because I am so ashamed.  Maybe we could call it an apology trip.

Think about the ban for a moment.  They banned anyone from countries we bombed and made their existence impossible.  They banned anyone from countries where many helped our military and now need a safe haven.  They banned anyone from places where only a fool would not be a refugee.  And in the name of what?  More safe shopping?  They did not ban people from countries where most of our attackers came from.  It is a dangerous world and we helped make it more dangerous and the least we can do is give people hope and a safe refuge, to be a beacon of liberty and freedom.  Now we shun them like a gated community.  All inside have special privileges.  All outside, well who cares.  They deserved their fates by not being inside.  That is who we are becoming. I wonder if TGN has read the Declaration of Independence and understands what “all men” really means or what responsibilities that statement holds us to?  No of course not.

I find what Trump and his cronies stand for un-American and immoral.  No he is not my president and no I will not follow him or show him any respect. I will not tolerate those among us who still try to legitimize him.  I will work diligently to undermine him in any way I can.  We used to be a country who shared our wealth and provided a place where anyone can succeed.  Now we shun anyone who is not Christian and pretend that we deserve our wealth while everyone else is not worthy of the same chance.  Donald Trump and his supporters disgust me.  We really do have to go into the streets.  What he has done is illegal and it cannot stand.  And we have to quit tolerating those among us who justify this abomination.  They are the real threat to America. Oh, and I thank whoever I am a Californian where as a state we will resist him and be an example for the rest of the nation.  If this is what makes us “exceptional” I want no part.

Oh, I forgot one thing:  Fuck Donald Trump and the horse he rode in on!  Shame on the people who voted for him.  We are seeing Nazi Germany being recreated in the United States through the ignorance of our citizens.

The March for Life aka The March for Government Control of Women’s Bodies

Make no mistake about what this march is about.  These people really don’t care about life and I will get to that in a minute.  What they care about is having Government enforce their religious and moral beliefs on the rest of us.  Current law allows women to choose whether to carry a child to term or to abort it.  It also allows people who believe that all life is precious and should not be terminated (most are not vegetarians by the way) to lobby loudly and up close for their views.  In many ways they have more rights than those who choose to terminate their pregnancies because the Supreme Court has allowed the anti-people to get in the choose-people’s face and basically harass them.  That includes intrusive “counseling, not to mention intrusive sonograms.

So the March for Lifer’s have all kinds of rights except the final one, getting Government to enforce their views on everyone else.  They claim the moral and ethical high ground, but let’s examine that.  Because many, if not most of these folks voted Republican, they love live in the abstract, but their voting makes one wonder if they really could care less.  “Nearly 1,500 children younger than 18 years of age die from shootings every year. 1 in 3 families with children have at least one gun in the house. There are more than 22 million children living in homes with guns. Most of the victims of unintentional shootings are boys.”  Where do Republicans stand on gun control? Second Amendment rights versus loving life.  Yeah Second Amendment!

How many kids die of cancer a year?  “Each year, the parents of approximately 15,700 kids will hear the words “your child has cancer.” Across all ages, ethnic groups and socio-economics, this disease remains the number one cause of death by disease in children. Despite major advances – from an overall survival rate of 10 percent just fifty years ago to nearly 90 percent today, for many rare cancers, the survival rate is much lower. Furthermore, the number of diagnosed cases annually has not declined in nearly 20 years.

  • Every day, 43 children are diagnosed with cancer.
  • 12% of children diagnosed with cancer do not survive.
  • Children’s cancer affects all ethnic, gender and socio-economic groups.
  • The average age of children diagnosed is six.
  • More than 40,000 children undergo treatment for cancer each year.
  • 60% of children who survive cancer suffer late-effects, such as infertility, heart failure and secondary cancers.

So where does the Republican Party who supports these women’s efforts to put government in charge of women’s body stand on funding cancer research and health care insurance?  Well on the funding part they are mostly against it.  You know, they love life until the bill comes due. On the healthcare issue, well we all know that answer.  Replace and repeal is a myth and as the cut Obamacare many of these kids will die.

Okay what about after pregnant women have their babies and are now in the system and need help?  How do their champions of government control of women’s bodies fair when it comes to funding necessary care and support.  Well first of all they are going to defund Planned Parenthood that treats women who are pregnant with pre-natal care so how many die because they did not get early detection of problems?  And again see the “repeal and replace” Obamacare lie.  They are against federally supported maternity leave.  They cut government entitlement programs eliminating the safety net support for our young (and old), and note half of abortions occur in people needed entitlement programs. The majority of who are on food stamps are kids and old people. Then of course, getting federally funded and paid for preschools is a non-starter with Republicans.

Then let’s get to the death penalty.  Oh, how they love life and second chances, except when it comes to the death penalty which they support by a whopping 76%.  Oh and their party platform this year condemns the U.S.Supreme Court for what it calls the “erosion of the right of the people to enact capital punishment”.

Then there is immigration.  Remember all those moms and kids at the border running away from violence in their country and what again was the Republican stand (Hillary too)?  Remember that poor kid washed up on the shore in Italy trying to escape the violence in Syria.  Just say no to these kids and immigration.

So Let’s all March for Life, to support women who need the freedom to control their own bodies, for programs to support women who choose to have children, and the support and programs to educate and care for their health throughout life.  But that is exactly what the Republican Party is against.  March for Life my ass.