Just a Few Monday Morning Thoughts

The Sunday shows pretty much took a hard look at the latest insanity from Cheeto-head and for the most part did not try to legitimize it.  However, they all try to be upbeat and happy which gives a false impression about the threat we face.  As anyone with an iota of common sense can tell you, there is a there in the Russian collusion thing.  Or let me put this another way.  If there is not anything there, the man in nuts.  So either way, we have to get to the bottom of it.

But here is the thing that keeps rattling around in my brain, here expressed by E.J. Dionne in the WaPo this morning:

Of course, Trump can be fairly regarded as both incompetent and authoritarian. We may be saved by the fact that the feckless Trump is often the authoritarian Trump’s worst enemy. If we’re lucky, Trump’s astonishing indiscipline will be his undoing.

I would say it another way.  We should thank our lucky stars that Cheeto-head is so incompetent, because if he were shrewd and with the complicity of the Republican Party so on display today, he could have done all of this damage to our country quietly without the bull in the China Shop atmosphere.  And that should terrify you.  That we are so complacent about our democracy and our fundamental values that an incompetent boob could first be elected president and then do the things he is doing without a mass uprising does not lend much confidence to our longevity.

Maybe this is a wakeup call and we were lucky we got such an incompetent fool and the damage could be so much worse and permanent.  But as Charles Blow warned us this morning in the NYT:

Trump is now a wounded animal, desperate and dangerous. Survival is an overwhelming, instinctual impulse, and one should put nothing beyond a being who is bent on ensuring it.

But at least we see the danger.  But a recent poll noted that on the Comey firing:

Twenty-nine percent of respondents said they approve of Trump’s decision, compared to 38% who disapprove and 32% who said they did not have enough information to provide an answer.

It’s the 32% who said they did not have enough information we should be worrying about.  That is the 32% that let the 29% of fools control the country.  And in a nutshell, that is a problem.  We have a nation that no longer cares and takes for granted what we have and what is wrong.  They assume they can do nothing when they really do have all the power.  And so far they are using their power to empower the 29% who will always be clueless.

So we are left in the hands of Republicans who are pedaling failed ideas once again believing the market place will solve healthcare, tax cuts will create jobs, we have a voter fraud epidemic, that more incarcerations for drug crimes actually helps, climate change is a fraud, and we need to outsource our natural resources.  I heard a great quote on Sunday by Moisés Naim of Venezuela talking about how Venezuela is collapsing under bad and failed economic ideas, but it so applies to the Republicans:  Ideological Necrophilia: passionate love for the dead, ineffective political ideas.  That is what the 32% is empowering.

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