Lessons From Around the World

Our march to an autocratic government has been noted by several writers from autocratic societies or ones on the march to them.  Cheeto-head has all the characteristics of an autocratic leader and we are seeing disturbing tendancies like trying to breakdown the independent judiciary, his attack on the free press, his clear lack of understanding of the fundamental principles of the Constitution, his attempt to sully our intelligence agencies to just tell him what he wants to hear, and of course his attempt to intimidate the independent Justice Department and FBI to loyality to him, not the Constitution.  We saw Republicans fall in line when Republican Senator Cornyn from Texas attack Sally Yates for hold to the very independence he demanded in her confirmation hearings.

There is an amazing underlying story of how “principled” individuals are being compromised.  National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster  provided a very brief press conference and parsed his words to not tell the truth without lying.  Rod Rosenstein was used as a dupe to identify the false reasons for firing Comey and now seems to resist doing the right thing by appointing a special prosecutor.  How many more are there, and the elephant in the room is that if the intelligence community decides Cheeto-head is unbalanced and dangerous (he is), will we have a true crisis in government itself in revolting against this presidency, whether overt, or covert?

Now as the WaPo tells us, the Administration is involved in a below the radar attack on information that is counter to Cheeto-heads beliefs:

The Trump administration has removed or tucked away a wide variety of information that until recently was provided to the public, limiting access, for instance, to disclosures about workplace violations, energy efficiency, and animal welfare abuses…Officials also removed websites run by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Interior Department that provided scientific information about climate change, eliminating access. for instance, to documents evaluating the danger that the desert ecology in the Southwest could face from future warming. (On Friday, protesting against the disappearance of the EPA website, the city of Chicago posted the site online as it had existed under the Obama administration.)

All the signs are there and were there way before we elected this man.  How could we elect such a poor choice to represent this country?  Well, in an essay today about how Turkey is losing their moderate secular democracy, The Turkey I no longer know, by Fethullah Gulen, he gave advice on how to win back their democracy and I found it the best advice we could give for our own citizens who threw away democracy when they voted for Cheeto-head:

Second, a school curriculum that emphasizes democratic and pluralistic values and encourages critical thinking must be developed. Every student must learn the importance of balancing state powers with individual rights, the separation of powers, judicial independence and press freedom, and the dangers of extreme nationalism, politicization of religion and veneration of the state or any leader.

He is describing where we are today.  We had almost half the nation who did not understand who and what Cheeto-head represented and we are where we are today because of it.  And it is no surprise.  Cheeto-head was quite clear about who he was and his ignorance, misgynomy, racism, autocracy, and nativism was there for everyone to see.  Those who are shocked, shocked, shocked today, are lying hypocrites.  It was out there for all of us to see for those who had their eyes open.  It is impeachment time.

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