Constitutional Crisis

We have arrived.  Clearly the testimony of Dan Coates, director of national intelligence and Mike Rogers the director of NSA, yesterday before the Senate Intelligence committee should make that point even before the testimony of James Comey:

Two top intelligence officials refused to answer senators’ questions on Wednesday about whether President Trump had asked them to intervene in the F.B.I. investigation into Russian election interference, saying only that they had never felt “pressured” by the White House to do anything improper.

Isn’t the Senate Intelligence committee the ‘oversight” for these agencies and since there was, by their own words, no executive privilege claimed and did not involve classified material, there was no basis to refuse to answer the question.  They were duty bound to answer it and they both demurred claiming it seem inappropriate.  Actually there was a reason, loyalty to the Village Idiot in Chief (VIIC), and not loyalty to their oath to defend the Constitution.  Now on this item alone we have a Constitutional Crisis where the Executive Branch and the government of the United states is no longer answer to the judicial branch.  It was disgraceful.

I also want you to note that words are important.  Saying they did not feel pressured to intervene in the F.B.I. investigation is not the same as saying you were not asked.  In fact, it implies you were. Unlike Comey who we heard today, these guys will sell their soul to keep their jobs.  Now there are two other conclusions to draw here.  The first is that this sends a chilling message to the people who work for them.  Truth needs to be shaded to make the VIIC happy.  There will be a revolt and it turns our agencies against the Executive Branch, not serve as a partner.

Second, we are going to see massive leaks as those in the trenches see their bosses compromise the truth or try to hide.  The hearings for Coates and Rogers was Exhibit A.  Sessions is Exhibit B.  Most of us are starting to wonder why what we know about the Russian attack on America is still so classified.  Why should not we who vote know what the threat is and understand and ask questions about why the VIIC continues to call this much to do about nothing.  Leakers like Reality Winner may be more of a patriot than a criminal as many believe the true problem is being hidden for political reasons, not protecting intelligence sources.  Coates and Rogers almost make that point.

Okay, on to the hearing today with ex-FBI Director Comey.  My thought is that it was fairly damning.  There were two camps as always.  The Democrats wanted to know what happened, and the Republicans are trying to either sully Comey (subtly) or make the interpretation of what happened just a misunderstanding (the ignorance excuse for the VIIC).  It is bull shit and obvious bull shit.  The President clearly asked for his loyalty (to take orders over and above the Constitution), asked him to end the Flynn investigation, and lied about both.

But there were some other things that should really get your attention.  The first one is about whether the President was or was not being investigated.  Comey clearly told him he was not, and that is the only truthful thing the VIIC has said about the whole affair.  But there was a big caveat and that was when Comey explained about the meeting of the senior leaders and there was dissent about whether they should tell him that based upon two reasons.  The first was that they were investigating the Trump campaign/administration and it could lead to him.  The second was that there is that problem of once you make that statement, you then have the responsibility to notify them if it changes.  Remember for Hillary and the October surprise?

The second was that ex-Director Comey telling us that he briefed President Obama multiple times on the Russian incursion into our election, and has never been requested once to brief the VIIC.  That about says it all.  We have a president who has and is lying, and does not seem interested at any level in pursuing the Russians and protecting our institutions.  Republicans can dissemble all they want, the pile of shit is growing and so is the smell.  If what we know about Mueller (the special counsel) is true, at some point, he will be fired.

Listening to the VIICs attorney, he heard a totally different hearing than I did.  And of course as I noted earlier, words matter.  He claims the president is not under investigation.  We don’t know that.  His people are and if there is a trail to the top, it will be followed until the VIIC then fires the special counsel.  The claim about Comey being the Leaker-in-Chief is just ludicrous in that the notes were not classified, nor were they held back by asserted executive privilege (which probably would have failed in the courts).  The VIIC already told us his version and Comey simply replied.

So here we are in a true Constitutional Crisis where the Republicans have basically abdicated their responsibly for the Constitution and their Congressional duties.  We have the heads of many of the VIICs executive agencies hiding facts from Congress.  There is no longer just smoke, but a raging fire.  I stand by my prediction he will be gone by September.  Stand by.  The Twitter rant will eventually come out.

One last thing.  Comey explained why in July he came out to explained why he was dropping charges against Hillary instead of just dropping charges without commenting.  I bought it.  He saw the meeting with the then Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton as tainting the whole process and felt unless he came out with a full explanation, their would be doubt cast against both the Justice Department and the FBI.  I get that.  That was a colossal blunder by Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch.  In many ways, that move ended Hillary’s campaign.

However, I don’t buy the second part, that because he had announced the investigation was over, when they found what they thought were additional emails on Anthony Weiner’s computer, he had to announce he was reopening it.  There was policy at that point that said don’t do it, but he still felt that the Justice Department and the FBI would once again in jeopardy of appearing biased.  That was wrong and he changed who was elected president.  But in the end, Bill Clinton and sex have done immeasurable damage to this country and  I wish the Clintons would just go away.

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  1. fordaveshel says:

    I had the opinion the other day that unless Comey (or Coates) came in and dropped a bombshell, that nothing would change from the Senate hearings. Start with Jonathan Turley’s (Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington Univ.) remarks: He’s willing to accept Comey’s testimony as truth, but it didn’t “describe a crime or impeachable offense.” Add in a op-ed that the Republicans are acting like the robots in HBO’s Westworld – anything “modern” that they don’t recognize elicits a response of, “It doesn’t look like anything to me.” The author believes the Republicans have lost the ability to actually see the information amassed in front of them. Put in a dash of Paul Ryan as he buries his head excusing Trump: He’s “new to this”. What do we have? Republicans who will privately admit that Trump is unqualified to be President and may be an idiot, but he’s our idiot. They still think they can control him to advance their own agenda. What will it take for them to realize that it actually “looks like SOMETHING” to me?