Shooting in Washington, Julius Caesar, North Korea, and Little Jeffy Sessions

I am not surprised.  Sadly sooner or later someone was going to go postal as the Republican Party did their damage to lives and our country.  Of course it will just make the situation worse, and like all or at least most Americans, hope no one was seriously hurt.  This is how one loses a democracy because as bad as I and others think Republicans are, violence just begets violence.  One of the representatives at the GOP softball practice that was not shot, who, according to reports, was helping the wounded said this:

“My adrenaline is raging. It’s not easy to take when you see people around you being shot and you don’t have a weapon yourself.”

Softball uniforms with guns.  Perfect.  They will never see the connection between their hard hearted policies and more guns for an answer to everything. We still don’t know who the shooter was or what was his motive so all of this is just supposition.  But the irony here is ripe.  If it is a disgruntled constituent, it was not the Democrats who were pushing violence and 2nd amendment solutions to take back their country.  We will certainly get the both sides do it argument again, but after this election, that is hard to justify.  

All of this again plays into the ongoing brouhaha about Julius Caesar in the park:

Delta Air Lines and Bank of America drew headlines this week for pulling their support from New York’s Public Theater in response to criticism about its production of “Julius Caesar,” in which the titular character — made up to look like Mr. Trump — is assassinated.

Apparently most people only got the scene where they killed Caesar, not how it destroy the democracy they were trying to save, and let slip the dogs of war.  It is a warning tale not a prescription.  Oh, and whether you remember or not, a few years ago they had an Obama like character play Julius.  Where was the false outrage then?  It is just a dramatic ploy to try to make the play more contemporary for those who can’t draw the obvious lines.  Also clearly as even Ross Douthat noted:

The theater goers who show up to watch a Shakespeare play in Central Park are — I hope — not high on the Secret Service’s watch list. And the play’s tragic arc does not exactly make tyrannicide look like the wisest of strategies…

Enough said.  It is nice to know that companies like Delta and BofA are looking out for our best interests by dumbing us down.  Let’s talk North Korea.  Again it is truly sad about young Otto Warmbeir, but, and a big but, what was he thinking going to North Korea.  I spent some of my young life flying reconnaissance along the DMZ and I was well versed in just who they were.  Otto learned the hard way.  I cringe when I see his sobbing plea for leniency which of course they will not grant.  One, if one could, should spit in their eye and die quickly rather than be used as a pawn in their games. At least that was my thinking back in the day. I cannot recommend The Orphan Masters Son enough.  It is fiction and a fantasy, but captures the inhumanity and insanity perfectly.

Finally, just some  thoughts about Little Jeffy Sessions.  Little because of stature and heart, he is very little.  I think Frank Bruni caught it perfectly when he said:

But as I watched him, a flustered Gump in the headlights, I saw a broader story, a dark parable of bets misplaced and souls under siege. This is what happens when you draw too close to Trump.

You’re diminished at best, mortified at worst. You’ve either done work dirtier than you meant to or told fibs bigger than you ought to or been sullied by contact or been thrown to the wolves.

One day, you’re riding high on the myth of Trump as a transformative figure and reasoning that some tweaking of norms and maybe even breaking of rules are an inevitable part of the unconventional equation.

The next, you’re ensnared in his recklessness, at the mercy of his tempestuousness and quite possibly the butt of his rage…

And we as a nation, thanks to those who did not vote, voted third party, or were stupid enough to believe his lies, are also diminished at best.  When will this nightmare ever end?

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  1. fordaveshel says:

    Speaking of Jeff Sessions…. I was listening to All Things Considered on NPR yesterday. The interviewee was a legal person (I forget his credentials that were given in the intro). When asked essentially, Where do we go from here – regarding Sessions and his bogus claim of executive privilege – he basically threw up his hands and said I don’t know. “We’re in uncharted territory” was his response. This is essentially giving up, and it angers me nearly as much as the Trump situation itself. It means in the short term, Trump (and his minions)is getting away with lying and bullying his way through the law, morality, ethics and anything else that stands in his way. It merely emboldens him to do more. I can’t believe that there isn’t SOME legal remedy and SOMEONE with the guts to stand up and use it to stop this man.