Who Are We?

David Brooks wrote an interesting piece Friday morning about the Russian investigation, and how the Trumps are a product of years of merciless capitalism until there is nothing left but greed and winning.  Ethics and morality got lost and they see nothing wrong in their dealings, his conflicts of interest, or working with the Russians to take over the American government.  One of his readers, Jill from New Hampshire wrote this insightful comment pointing our David’s blinders:

And how about GOP lawmakers who all voted against revoking Kushner’s security clearance this week? And stole a Supreme Court Seat? And cloak a tax cut for the wealthy bill as a ‘health care’ bill? And still stand by a president who lies multiple times a day, assaults the free press, and most likely allowed a foreign government to help him get elected? 

The moral vacuum of one family is easy to explain; how about the moral vacuum of entire political party? That is what I fail to understand every second of every day since November.

Me either Jill. Joy Reid had an interesting guest on this morning, and he posited that the two partisan sides have really depended on each other for different aspects of our democracy, the Democrats for equality and fairness, the Republicans for Nationalism, security, and patriotism.  He described the now know collusion with the Russians as the perfect foe for the Republicans, and then they did not show up, basically, they went, “Oh well…”

The Washington Post had a wonderful op-ed by Colbert I. King entitled, Americans put Donald Trump in the Oval Office, What does that say About the Country. In this op-ed Colbert asks as I have more than once, knowing what we all knew about this man before we elected him, how could be have possibly elected him anyway?

The vaudeville show that’s running at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue didn’t book itself into the White House. Nearly 63 million Americans sent that burlesque comedy with headliner Donald Trump to Washington. That 66 million other voters thought otherwise is beside the point. Trump didn’t anoint himself president. Millions put him in office.
 What does that tell us about the country?

Was hatred of President Barack Obama, fear of Hillary Clinton, outrage over America’s perceived direction enough to transfer the reins to Trump? 
It’s not as if the Trump on display in the Oval Office is not the same Trump we saw on the campaign trail or on reality TV or out and about touting his businesses. He was, by any yardstick, the most unqualified presidential nominee in modern history.

Then Colbert goes on to document what we knew, not with 20-20 hindsight, but with what we saw at the time and decried, and then once again asks, “Now what does that say about us?” Politicians like to say (and President Obama many times) that our strength is in the people outside of Washington, that there is a basic goodness.  So how do you explain where we are at?

The evidence not only for Donald Trump’s mental instability, but for his conflicts of interest, lack of ethics, and now plain and simple, collusion with the Russians to win the election in incontrovertible and half the nation simply does not believe it.  They tune into Fox News or some right-wing outlet and the story gets downplayed and they are clueless about the real facts, just a media smear job.  The great example this morning was Joy Reid in a debate with a Republican where his argument is nonsensical.  What is going on?

We have gone from nothing changed hands (we simply don’t know that because all the parties at the meeting have lied repeatedly) so nothing happened, to gathering opposition dirt is what we all do, and what’s the big deal about colluding.  This is from Republicans. What happened to us.  Forget all the legalities, if a foreign power wants to help you, why, what is in it for them?  What do they then have on us? Why have we checked our brains at the door.  Oh, and this foreign power murders journalists and opponents, stifles democracy, and wants to destabilize Europe.  How can any of this be good and we should just be transactional?  What happened to basic principles and ethics?

My last personal note here is that I had to unfriend my Aunt on Facebook.  True she is in her 90s always lived in Texas, and basically a nice person, but is she when she reposts fake news from the far right, the last one attacking the Obama’s for doing nothing and wreaking the country?  Yes, there is a ton of racism going on here, but still in the end I have to ask who are we, and maybe did tolerating this kind of ignorant behavior got us here?  At this point with all that is going on it is very hard to tolerate conservative friends as just having another point of view.  I can disassemble their arguments with real fact and they don’t care and they don’t change. As well meaning as we might be, our tolerating them is enabling the dismantling of our country.  I simple do not know how to change that.

Rational dialogue does not work anymore and when you make a great rebuttal argument, they simply talk over you and try not to let you make your point (See Joy Reid ink above). I don’t know who America is anymore and I am profoundly ashamed of Donald Trump and the Republicans who enable him. I do not trust my fellow American and that my friends is the beginning of the failure of democracy.  The implicit contract has been violated.

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  1. fordaveshel says:

    I don’t know where they saying is from, but it’s true: Don’t try to reason with Ignorance, and never argue with Stupid. You often make the remark that in a conversation with Republicans you can debunk their position with facts, but that they don’t believe it. No, they just don’t care. Here are quotes (all of them, in their entirety) from a CBS News story by Dean Reynolds talking with Trump supporters. (I’ve not taken the names out to protect privacy, since they were printed in the article, and these people should be stood up as an example – warning?)
    Brenda Wilson says she is “not at all” troubled by the Russia investigation. “There’s nothing to it,” Wilson said. (She thought that Trump Jr. was doing his best to be transparent).
    “So far I’ve seen enough of Russia to say, ’til something else pops up that’s pretty big, I’m not concerned about that right now,” Fred Wilson said. [Something else pops? It could pop him in the nose and he wouldn’t see it]
    “Russia, Russia, Russia,” said Gary Riggs, who said he’s 200 percent satisfied with the president’s performance. He believes reporters are just getting in the way. “He’s getting a lot done behind the scenes that the media so overshadows on the negative side that it’s just making it twice as hard,” Riggs said.
    “The troubling thing for me is, you know, we need to get behind this president and quit majoring in minor things, in my opinion, and let him do the job he was elected to do,” Fred Wilson said.
    Ignorant and Stupid.