Say What?

The Village Idiot in Charge never fails to deliver, day in and day out. Today he signed the Russian sanctions bill passed with a veto proof majority with this:

Trump signed the bill behind closed doors, with no press coverage. In one White House statement released after the signing, referred to as the "official signing statement," the president called some of the provisions "clearly unconstitutional."

So one could argue the merits of Congress doing foreign policy and limiting the President's tools (probably not successfully with this President), but "unconstitutional"? If you felt it was unconstitutional why would you ever sign it?

Then there is the new immigration reform bill, Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy (RAISE) Act, which would slash immigration by 50% and put in a merit system for immigrant applications:

White House staff have been working closely with Cotton and Perdue for weeks on the legislation, which would restrict how the U.S. admits immigrants and move to what Trump has described as a "merit-based" system similar to that used in Australia and Canada.

The proposal "ends chain migration," Trump said, referring to the preference for uniting family members in the current immigration system. It would implement a points-based system for awarding lawful permanent residency, or green cards.

Foreign applicants would receive a higher score if they "speak English," can financially support themselves and have skills that "can contribute to our economy," Trump said.

So don't “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” (From the Statue of Liberty). In fact based upon the State Department we don't five a flying fuck about democracy (yearning to breath free), Maybe we should rewrite the quote on the Statue of Liberty to "Give us your well to do, educated, will skills that will serve our corporate government. One might ask to show us the data that shows this the claims upon which this new policy is based, but all they could tell us was that it was obvious. I am sure that most guys who would work in my vineyard are educated, speak english, and have skills that would never get them near the back breaking work in field. Yeah, say what?

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