The Destruction of America

Well, I guess you saw where that little pipsqueak, Jeff Sessions, at the Village Idiot's (VIC) command, is going to investigate colleges and universities for discriminating against whites. White nationalists arise. One has to wonder if the VIC is that smart or whether this is the agenda of minions around him. Make no mistake, this is an attempt to put all those other off color people in their place. One thing we know for certain is that when we live, work, and learn as an integrated society, we become more empathetic and connect. We will have none of that in this nightmare that a minority white mob have brought us.

Of course, who could forget the Boy Scout speech where for the first time in history of the United States the President politicized the speech and attacked his enemies. Again white nationalism at work with no understanding of the norms or standards that keeps us united.

Then the VIC got caught (Fake News!) lying about knowing about the meeting last year with the Russians and the Village Idiot Jr. We now know he dictated a false and misleading statement and you have to ask why, unless you are part of the white mob who just thinks this is peachy. Add to that a White House that has become a laughing stock for its abuse of the truth and an expert at misdirection, and you wonder what ever happened to the shining city on the hill.

The VIC stands before police officers and encourages violence and then calls this humor. Humor that legitimizes violence toward suspected offenders is not the America we live in, and he as leader of the country should be setting standards, not tearing them down. Say your kid gets picked up at a party really doing nothing wrong and gets "roughed up", is that okay? Is our justice system just to become the Gestapo? In some parts of the country blacks already think so and he wants to make it worse?

Then there is their Director of "Communications" who gives an obscenity filled interview with lots of sexual allusions. Hate and venom pouring out of the White House against…wait for it…other White House staffers. Is this the standard of conduct for a democracy which demands respect to opposing points of view?

Now I hear that while the VIC and Tillerson are dismantling the State Department (who needs experts when you already have an opinion?) is taking the "promoting democracy" out of the State Department goals. Who are we again? Certainly not the shining city on the Hill.

Meanwhile, the VIC, whose wife, Melania, was going to represent the fight against cyberbullying, is cyberbullying his Attorney General and those who voted against the healthcare abortion the Republicans put forward. And let's not forget the cruel tweet to say transgenders could not serve in the military, backed up by no data and a lie about the costs. His trips to Florida cost more than transgender medical needs.

And this is all within one week. Yeah, thank you white mob. You have destroyed what used to make America Great. Oh, and you have to be a moron to think this is okay. You certainly are not an American who shares basic American values. How are those coal jobs coming along? A dull and fading city on the hill is what you and your Republican enablers have brought us. This is the new and great America the white mob brought us. Isn't it time to do something about it?

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