How Can They Get It So Wrong?

Ever noticed that when you are watching a Republican on TV rebut some obvious truth about the fallacy of their ideas they hog the microphone, and then when the other person tries to speak, they constantly interrupt? It is one of two things, they either think your ideas are so stupid and to not be worthy of listening to, or they know they are wrong and are trying to simply block the obvious facts from getting out. One of the things that I have maintained for years is that Republicans have just about everything wrong. It comes from the fact that they have this base ideology about the market place, government, and the basic nature of human beings that then results in trying to twist the world into knots to fit into that ideology, instead of questioning that ideology when it fails.

Oh, and there is another factor here, a basically fearful nature and lack of empathy that drives selfishness, and racism. Then they cloak all that in “common sense” which is code for unexamined beliefs. Look away from the actual data. It is no coincidence that this is the party that ignores science.

We saw that on display yesterday when Stephen Miller, an advisor to President Trump, aka the Village Idiot in Chief (VIC), presented the administration’s new plan for immigration which cuts immigration in half and puts into place a merit system to select “Foreign applicants who would receive a higher score if they “speak English,” can financially support themselves and have skills that “can contribute to our economy,” It is called the RAISE Act introduce by two sterling Republicans, Tom Cotton of Arkansas and David Perdue of Georgia (why is the South always implicated here?).

When Miller was pressed by reporters about where was the data that showed this would help, and not hurt us, “my god man, it is common sense”. Well actually not so much. The Washington Post had the real data this morning and the facts show that this will hurt us, and could hurt us very badly. Here are some excerpts:

A Washington Post survey of 18 economists in July found that 89 percent believe it’s a terrible idea for Trump to curb immigration to the United States. Experts overwhelmingly predict it would slow growth — the exact opposite of what Trump wants to do with “MAGAnomics.”

“Restricting immigration will only condemn us to chronically low rates of economic growth,” said Bernard Baumohl, chief global economist at the Economic Outlook Group. “It also increases the risk of a recession.”

…”This legislation demonstrates our compassion for struggling American families,” Trump said Wednesday. He believes immigrants — both legal and illegal — take jobs from Americans, even though the jobless rate in the country is incredibly low.

…In April, over 1,400 economists from across the political spectrum sent a letter to Trump urging him not to cut immigration. The letter said there was “near universal agreement” on the “the broad economic benefit that immigrants to this country bring.” Thomas Simons, senior economist at Jefferies investment firm, said a 50 percent reduction would be “absolutely harmful to an economy with a population undergoing the demographic transformation.”

You get the drift. While the basic idea of immigration reform is a good one, it is then applied in a way that hurts not helps the economy and notice that if you wipe out most immigration from low skilled workers, our agricultural economy would collapse. The point here is not to argue the RAISE act or the merits or problems of immigration reform, but to point out why the Republicans always get it wrong. They get it wrong because in reality this is all about White Nationalism born of fear and needing a scapegoat. This bill is going nowhere as there are already Republicans against it because the reductions hurt businesses in their states.

But the arguments are always interesting, eschewing data and facts in a complex issue and reverting to common sense. Note that that common sense is born in an alternate reality created to justify the continued efficacy of their ideology. In this case immigrants cause all our problems and they are mostly the wrong color. When the facts and data don’t support your ideas, create an alternate reality populated with alternate facts and bingo, the ideology is once again proven correct and everyone who disagrees is a biased elite moron. That is what was going on here and watching Stephen Miller attack the press and talk over them demonstrated for all to see (except the base who are blinded by the light) how conservatives, and in this case, White Nationalists, try to argue insanity and how they get most things wrong.

Just another day in Trump created America. Or maybe it was another bone thrown to rile up the base so when Mueller gets done, he is hoping Republicans will cower in the corner and do nothing. We will see.

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