De Flood, De Flood (De plane, De plane)

You remember that show, Fantasy Island, where Tatoo announces the arrival of the plane and rings the bell. Then there is de flood, de flood. I have many questions about this one. Foremost is that the flood was forecast and few seemed to get out. Maybe they couldn’t. Maybe it was not practical. One thing I do not see is indepth aftermath planning. You are going to have tens of thousands that cannot go home, or can go home, but can’t live there. What are Texas and the Feds planning? If we had a competent President, he would have convened a task force to plan this and another for lessons learned. Oh I know! What was I thinking.

This is a president who has proposed to cut FEMA’s and other disaster response agencies budget in his plan to afford tax cuts for the wealthy:

The proposed cuts would include programs run by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, whose new administrator was praised by Trump in a tweet last weekend for “doing a great job”; the Department of Housing and Urban Development, which helps rebuild homes, parks, hospitals and community centers; the National Weather Service, which forecasts extreme storms; and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, whose research and community engagement help coastal residents prepare for disaster.

Certainly Congress will change its tune after this, right? Sandy only happens to those East coast elites right. How short their memory is. I would bet if California ever gets the big one (earthquake) we would see Ted Cruz screaming pork and fat again. Even Chris Christie called this one (for Sandy) detestable lies and reprehensible. If you are wondering, this is typical Republican conservative bull shit. If it is funding for someone else, it is waste, pork, and graft. He will sing a different tune for Texas.

But it gets better. The Village Idiot in Chief and his Republican cohorts have petitioned and successfully removed an Obama era rule to do more cautious flood plan planning:

Just 10 days before Hurricane Harvey made landfall, the White House rescinded one of the most progressive flood-risk management tools on the books, an Obama-era executive order that added caution when building structures in flood-prone areas.


This issue was handled deftly by the Obama administration. In January 2015, Obama issued Executive Order 13690, which established the new Federal Flood Risk Management Standard (FFRMS). In brief, this standard called for a more cautious approach to construction at the boundaries of flood hazard zones. The approach was flexible and didn’t even require an admission of climate change as being the cause—just more caution.


Within days, eight Republican senators sent a letter opposing the new standard as an impediment to land development and economic growth. Among the signatories was John Cornyn of Texas. Within three months of sending that letter, large areas of Cornyn’s district were underwater, including damage to new buildings that may not have been there had the FFRMS been in place earlier. Then severe flooding happened again in 2016 on the Brazos River. And now Harvey is wreaking havoc.

Oh, don’t you just love these people? But it is cheaper with less “gov’ment regulations”! And dumber than a rock. I get this reaction all the time as people who hate government because it interferes with their life style and taxes their hard earned money. Yet when shit happens, and it will, they squeal the loudest. Small government is really nice when we were a rural nation with a small population, oh, and before global warming an global market places, but now we really need it to be effective and Republicans and conservatives continue to try to gut it.

Let’s face it, Republicans are not long term planners. They look for short term cheap. See our investments in infrastructure (Democrats also have played this game, but any infrastructure bill in the last 9 years had to get past the filibuster and Mitch McConnell). When everything is fine and dandy, works out well, but when shit happens and it always will, it leaves us exposed. Sure there are dumb rules, but that does not mean that regulations are bad, just not smart. It would be easy to put together panels of stakeholders (small and large business, scientists, and workers) to review and adjust, but it is so much easier just to rant. Government is bad! Regulations are bad! Well those two might have saved some lives in the past and certainly are saving some today.

So let’s look at Houston. Did they use global warming warnings and data to project future floods and regulate growth and plan for water runoff? Ha! Right now a chemical plant is blowing up because of the unforeseen flooding and loss of power. Will Texas put into effect regulations for the future that take these new trends into effect. Oh, that would be the government messing in business. North Carolina and Florida, two states who will be greatly impacted by rising oceans have banned the use of global warming data in planning. Yes Virginia, not only are they evil but stupider than a rock. Even our military plans for global warming, but out Village Idiot in Chief and his brethren continue to deny it, even though it is smacking them in the face.

Maybe they will learn something and change their ways? Ha! Why would you leave people in charge who are this ignorant? I wouldn’t and neither should you. So let’s watch what happens when they actually have to spend money and do the responsible thing. I will give you a hint. What was the Village Idiot in Chief out selling yesterday? Unrealistic tax cuts for the wealthly. At least I live on high ground.

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