Who Knew?

I just got back from the North Coast so I am a little behind. First the leader of North Korea gives us dotard, which happens to be brilliant, but then the Secretary of State says what we all know, and calls him a “F*cking Idiot. Yes, those who know him best, know him well. The cabinet is afraid to resign for fear of what might happen, and there are few quality people willing to work in his administration. Of course this is a false attack from NBC, right? Of course not except for the little dotards (LDs) that still think having him as a president is a good idea.

They must think throwing paper towels to Puerto Ricans (also known as Americans) was not a “let them eat cake moment” here in the United States. Then there was him leading us in prayer in Las Vegas today, and make no mistake, distract them with Americans preying and coming together is just a smoke screen from actually doing something about guns. I can’t remember the source but someone pointed out the absolute stupidity of the Republican position on guns with a quote that went something like this, “We don’t care if Kim Jong-un gets a nuke, nukes don’t kill people, people do.”

Oh, and really you religious ones out there. Think about it. Does a magical being who knows all and takes care of your lives arm up a nut in Nevada. Don’t forget to thank him for that. At what point do you quit believing in a fairy godfather and get real about the world around us? If I believed in God, I would be running a “dump this God for a better one” campaign except that was already done when they wrote the New Testament. Oh, and lt”s not forget The Book of Mormon.

So we have a narcissistic imbecile for president, a party (Republicans) who can’t quite bring themselves to understand it is guns that are killing people*, and a large part of our population who as near as I can tell is brain dead, yet controls the Republican Party. I think that about sums it up. I think I will head back over to the North Coast where there is no cell reception.

*Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK) baffled MSNBC’s Willie Geist on Wednesday when he said that the type of AR-15 rifle used by the gunman in Las Vegas Sunday night were “not dangerous.” Asked by Geist if he was “alarmed” by the fact that the shooter was in possession of at least 49 such weapons, Cole replied, “I have friends that have that many weapons,” adding, “That’s not uncommon in my part of the country.” The congressman went on to say of the semi-automatic rifles, “When they’re used appropriately, they’re not dangerous.” When Geist pointed out that “they have been dangerous for some,” Cole replied: “So are trucks driving into crowds.”

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