Spinning in Circles

You think banning the “Bump” will solve anything? Nothing new was learned here. We need to outlaw assault weapons. We need to control and track ammunition. We need to limit clip size. We need to track multiple weapon purchases. Oh, I know, big government. Tell that to the surviving loved on of the 59, or the 50, or the 23, and it goes on an on. Democrats who think outlawing the bump is just a step are deluding themselves. See Australia for how to do this. They did it.

Will Trump step up? The great leader is taking a poll. But the real issue is his dotard base (Little Dotards, LDs). Since he needs them to control the Republicans in Congress when the other shoe drops on the Russian investigation, nothing is going to change. Like climate change, the solution to guns is right out there and done by other countries demonstrating how to do this. But we do nothing. If you want change, you don’t vote Republican, you don’t sit on your ass for some third party candidate that can’t win, you vote for progressives.

Try to keep in mind that progressives are free to change policies if they don’t work. Republicans, have you been watching, can’t because they are wedded to loser ideology and a base stoked with lies and ignorance. So nothing happens and you get mad? Look in the mirror, you are the problem.

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