Dismantling America One Order at a Time

Destruction in the Vineyards to the West, which is kind of appropriate to what the Republicans are doing to the country

The Dotard in Charge (DIC) decided to allow the religious discrimination of corporations and businesses to override the individual right to have access to birth control and personal choice. All those white women who voted for Trump might want to wake up. Why do men get access to Viagra and penis pumps and women can’t have birth control? Can you say second class citizen? Welcome to the Republican Party women. Meanwhile in Scott Pruitt land (EPA) they have decided to rescind  the limits on coal plants emissions. While all this is going on, basically taking the country back to the Dark Ages, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands are screaming for help. The help they need is for us to go in and rebuild the island. What a boon to the economy. Nope, we won’t do that.

In Puerto Rico, what’s the lesson?  Well climate change is bringing more and fierce storms.  You can’t just restore what you had, because it is going to blow down again.  For power, they need a decentralized system and underground distribution lines.  Decentralized would be alternate energy like solar or wind, and good storage.  But we are trying to save a coal industry that does more to cause global warming than any other commodity, not to mention the environmental damage to the ecosystem of blowing off mountain tops.  WTF!  Oh, and save jobs?  Arby’s employs more people than coal.

How can we be so stupid?  How can people be so ignorant they are still complaining about Obamacare?  Anybody really think the Republicans can replace it or fix it?  How can we screw Dreamers who will help, not hurt, our economy for more draconian immigration measures that will stifle our growth?  Bob Corker, Republican from Tennessee, finally tells the truth about the DIC and all the rest are cowering in the corner, terrified of a primary challenge.  This is the greatest nation on earth?  Oh how the Republicans have destroyed us. And make no mistake, this is all Republicans.

Then there is the long awaited tax “reform” which is a giant lie and ticking time bomb.  Only the truly ignorant think this is a good idea (or ideology blinded).  Here is from my favorite thinker from the Baseline Scenario, James Kwak:

My friend and co-founder Marcus Ryu wrote an op-ed in the Times today. Here’s how it begins:

The tax cut framework recently put forward by President Trump relies on a central claim: that reducing taxes on corporations and wealthy individuals will open the wellsprings of entrepreneurship and investment, turbocharging job growth and the American economy. Were this premise true, reasonable people might countenance giving a vast majority of benefits to the very rich, as Mr. Trump’s plan does, in exchange for greater prosperity for all. But it’s not.

Read Ryu’s op-ed.  These are guys who made millions as entrepreneurs, but they can think.  They also explain why lower taxes will not create jobs, nor incur investment because easy credit is already everywhere.  So why do we fall for this nonsense?  Well because few read this blog, think things through, read the links.  Intellectually lazy is the new exceptionalism of America.  We are exceptionally intellectually lazy. I know what I know and I don’t need no stink’in facts is our new creed.  Prime example, the DIC.

Then there was the VP (DIC Jr.) at the Ravens game who walked out when the 49ers took a knee during the national anthem claiming they are disrespecting our fighting men and women and our flag.  ARE WE THAT STUPID!  No they are not.  In fact they are showing great respect for America and its basic values by dissent, reminding us that our country is still flawed and we need to wake up.  They are the patriots, and DIC Jr. is the one disrespecting America, along with the DIC himself and the Republican Party.  Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys (America’s Team?) told his players anyone who knees will be benched.  I hope they all kneel.  I am not sure we have that kind courage anymore.  Maybe they could just all turn their backs.  He didn’t say they couldn’t do that did he?

I am not sure why I write this anymore.  As James Kwak wrote in his own blog, “I haven’t been writing about the Trump tax cut because (a) a bunch of personal reasons, (b) intellectually speaking, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel, and (c) lots of other people with much bigger audiences are doing it anyway. So please read what Marcus has to say.”  I feel the same on almost most topics today.  The press has finally caught on and there are plenty of stories and op-eds about the danger we face, and yet the DIC is allowed to perform his reality TV show every day, and he is everywhere.  Let’s just hope we don’t get used to this.  It is not normal.

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