I Said September, Could it be October?

There are two ways to remove a President, either impeach him or use the 25th Amendment to find him unsound. I actually thought he might leave on his own when he found out it was an actual day job and it is really, really hard. The impeachment thing was iffy because that would depend on Republicans thinking about the good of the country over their own party’s success, and if the years of the Obama Presidency have taught us anything, they don’t give a rip for the country. So unless Mueller delivers the goods (which he will) he might get impeached, but with this Republican Party, even that is iffy.

So that leaves the other two possibilities, either he will quit, or the Cabinet might just invoke the 25th Amendment. I thought the 25th Amendment was a reach because he put such toadies into his Cabinet. Who will forget when they went around the table to tell the President how wonderful he was. But recent reporting may indicate that these Republicans are waking up to the fact that the man is truly deranged and unstable. Who can forget or disregard Republican Senator Corker’s comments?

One might wonder why there is all this reporting citing White House sources about the “moron” comment, and so many other things that cast a bad light on just about everything going on there, and the answer is leaks. And these leaks are turning into torrents and the reason is because the people who serve there, yes, even Republicans, are concerned about the DIC’s (Dotard In Charge) erratic behavior.

Well Gabriel Sherman of Vanity Fair produce a piece you should read. Basically the DIC is becoming more unbalanced every day. I had actually thought that if I were a general, I would have maybe committed treason by colluding with my fellow senior officers to block a pre-emptive strike if the DIC tried to order one in a tantrum. Well, Sherman indicates they might have talked about just that. The whole scene there is chaotic with more and more attempts to control his ever increasing impulses.

For my part, the fact that people still try to normalize his behavior and do not see the psychopathy here is kind of amazing to me. We knew before the election that he was a pathological liar and a very ignorant many about the country. But the narcissism has come into full bloom and focus. Who can forget his interview the other day with Mike Huckabee, where he told reverend Mike that the people just loved him on his visit to Puerto Rico (where he was throwing them paper towels). First of all the scene was bizarre because they need a little more than paper towels and he does not seem to get that. Second, you know the “crowd” was carefully selected. And third, what President measure his success by a rabid pack of carefully selected supporters (or needs to?)? Right there was the all you need to know about his unfitness for office. Oh, and now he is threatening to cut off support to Puerto Rico.

The point here is that the man is becoming so unstable, as Bob Corker said, he might just get us in a nuclear war. It is certainly time to act. The question is, will anyone?

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