The Disaster that is the NFL which Mirrors the Country Right Now

I watched the World Series game today on replay and then later turned on the Dallas/Washington NFL game. Night and day. Think about what pro football has become and college football is trying to mirror. A bunch of guys strutting around beating their chest and going all testosterone crazy. They celebrate their greatness on any play they might make forgetting it is a team effort. They talk trash and demonstrate the sportsmanship of a spoiled nine year old. They attempt to break the rules on almost every play and it is okay if they don’t get caught. And on the sidelines we objectivize women with pompoms. But it must work because the Romans in the coliseum seem to love the violence. Even the DFF told us the love of the game was the crippling hit. All the while the gladiators are ruining their bodies and quite possibly causing themselves brain damage. The perfect metaphor for our election of the DFF and Republicans in Congress. All in all I guess football really is who we are.

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