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Once again I sit here at a loss as to where to start. The DFF’s call to send the NYC terrorist to Guantanamo has now been withdrawn and as Rachel Maddow pointed out last night, the court “system”, you know that thing Lindsey Graham championed, is in a shambles, not to mention it would violate almost everything in our Constitution. Just try to keep in mind that if they can do that to him, they can do that to you. Once you throw away our rights, you never get them back.

Next up is a really good piece by Andrew Rosenthal about the Seven Bizarre Notions Trump and His Team Have About America. It is really worth a read. What you get out of this is how ignorant yet arrogant these people are (or how dangerous their ignorance makes them). When I watch Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her ignorant arrogance saying things like you can’t question a four star general in the face of video showing he was lying, I know what is going on here.

“If you want to go after General Kelly, that’s up to you, but I think if you want to get into a debate with a four-star Marine general, I think that’s something highly inappropriate.”

So in a democracy it is wrong to speak truth to power.  Some democracy. They are on a religious mission. These are evangelical Christians who believe Trump has God’s authority and was chosen by him. Said another way, they checked their brains at the door. That is what makes this whole administration so scary, their lack of understanding of the Constitution and how it is supposed to protect us from people like them. It would if Republicans were not such a craven and evangelical lot themselves. Please, somebody send in some atheists to straighten this mess out. My favorite came from Andrew when he said this about keeping women sacred:

It might be tempting to write Kelly’s remarks off as the ravings of a man whose boss must drive him crazy on a daily basis and who had earlier talked of a mythical time when women in America were held “sacred” (by blocking their career aspirations and paying them less than men, denying them birth control and access to abortions, and refusing them the right to vote for more than a half-century after the Civil War).

Meanwhile there is was really interesting testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Committee from Thae Yong-ho, a former diplomat in North Korea’s Embassy. He defected so his sons would not be slaves as he was. He noted that the world is intruding in on North Korea, and free markets are springing up and unless Kim changes his way, there is a good chance there could be an uprising of the people. Now you can take all this with a gain of salt, but the thrust here is that we are playing into his hands by being belligerent instead of tightening sanctions and waiting him out. I would argue that that is our only viable option unless you want to kill about 20 million people. Of course the DFF is traveling to Asia on a long trip and he needs a distraction from the tightening net on his finances and collusion with the Russians, so hang on to your hat. What is the death of 20 million people as a distraction if you are on a mission from God. Just ask the latest NYC terrorist.

Finally I will leave you with this: I listened to a discussion on NPR yesterday (driving to a colonoscopy, cancer boy came out just fine) about the new study of the Democratic Party’s failures, Autopsy: The Democratic Party in Crisis. It is a steely eyed look at how they need to change and in the interview you saw the problem. Clearly, 2016 was a total shellacking and yet no one was willing to look deeply, so Progressives did. And the report is damning to today’s Democratic Party. The thrust was wake up, stand for something, and that something is a progressive way forward. But they also had Michael Tomasky, arguing that to win in conservative districts, Democrats have to hew more to the middle (note the middle is now to the right in today’s politics). That might be smart tactics to win a battle, and bad strategy to win a war. That is how we got here and as the study noted, most people can’t really name what Democrats stand for (Note Tomasky was a Hillary supporter).

In one exchange where a caller indicated that with Hillary it was unclear what she stood for or whether she was progressive at all, Tomasky replied that Hillary did a poor job of messaging, but if you look at her policies, they were more liberal than Barrack Obama (I would hope so). What I love is that they can’t see the fatal flaw in this argument, where was the central theme instead of a bunch of policies. Then there was the argument that you can’t argue for a single payer system and expect to bring in moderates. Once again I have to ask, if you don’t, what does the Democratic Party stand for. How do you convince people that the way forward is universal care if that is not your goal?

The report is great reading and I strongly recommend it. The sad thing is Democrats seem to be ignoring it, with let’s convince people we can work with the other side bull shit. It has worked so well for them.





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