Fast Trials and the Death Penalty!

Okay, the nut job in NYC is obviously guilty so why not? After all he killed 8 people and injured others. It was a wonton act of terrorism so let’s fry his ass. Or not. First, remember back in 1989 when the DFF took out a full page ad to call for a return to the death penalty after a female jogger was beaten and raped in Central Park. He helped with the hysteria that convicted five innocent young men who spent years in prison before DNA exonerated them. He still thinks they are guilty which tells you all you want to know about how his brain works (or doesn’t).

But in this case why not? We saw him do it. Because the death penalty won’t discourage another religious nut and by using the death penalty instead of life in prison without parole, we give an easy out as we martyr him. If he were just sentenced to life in prison, he would quickly disappear from public view. Think of Ted Kazcynski (the Unibomber). He rots away in a prison and there is no attention. But an execution,? It puts him on a pedestal for his nut job followers and justifies further attacks on the United States as killing their symbol of religious righteousness.

So what does putting him to death do for us. Is it cathartic? No, it is not. It is our impulse after seeing the carnage he left behind, but then lowers us to his level. In one way or another killing another human being just makes kill easier. Sometimes it has to be done, either in self-defense or in war, but it changes us forever. And as noted above, it is counterproductive. What if in a perfect world we put him in a prison that showed him kindness and respect, and he was forced to come to grips the horror and pain he has caused his fellow human beings? Now that would be a real living hell.

Oh, and fast trials and the death penalty by another name is a lynch mob. That is exactly who President DFF is.

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