Judge Roy Moore

Could just it get any worse? You know that Judge Moore would make a great leader…if this were a theocracy and we all agreed on who God is. Let’s just put aside the sexual allegations for a few minutes and think about how he is everything the Founders wrote the Constitution to prevent. The Founders were sons and daughters (yes women had influence on the men) of the religious wars in Europe. They saw how religious fanaticism wreck countries and led to perpetual war. There goal was to balance power and make no one party supreme. It was a government based on rational discourse and compromise.

Now let’s take that apart. Religious fanatics like Roy Moore live by a religion that cannot be question by man. He made belief in the supremacy of a Christian God over the Constitution the cornerstone of his campaign.

“I want to see virtue and morality returned to our country and God is the only source of our law, liberty and government.”

Now that probably plays well to the religious brain-dead in Alabama, but it does not stand the test of examination. In a theocracy in which Roy is describing, who interprets the word of God, Roy? And what if someone disagrees? Oh heresy. Burn them at the stake. So there is the end to rational discourse and compromise. We don’t need courts or legislatures, just a high prophet, and that would be Roy of course. Now if Roy were a Muslim, that would be Sharia Law, that boggy man that conservative Republicans love to bring out to scare people without brains. Oh, and if you are following Roy’s logic, he just justified ISIS and al Qaeda. It is exactly the same thing except we have Koran thumping Muslims telling the world what the one true word is, and dissent punishable by death.

Moore, who is an evangelical Christian, was removed from the bench in 2003 over his refusal to take down a monument to the Ten Commandments in the state Supreme Court building in Alabama. Last year, he was suspended for the remainder of his term after telling probate judges to enforce the ban on gay marriage, which by then had been struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court. Both fights elevated his profile among religious conservatives in the state and nationally.

The fact that Roy ran and won a Republican Primary shows you how many truly stupid and ignorant people live in Alabama, and dare I say it, religion froze their brains. I would argue as an aside, that conservative religions are antithetical to democracy. It is a belief that cannot be challenged by logic (faith), and as such denies all compromise. Say goodbye to rational thought and finding middle ground solutions. Where it gets really dangerous is when it leaks over into our political thinking, as in conservative Republicans and their conservative beliefs about gays, the economy, immigrants, oh you name it. Once you have a part of your brain that accepts groking, a gut drinking in to believe or understand something, which is what most religion is, say goodbye to rational thought. Who needs facts? There is no coincidence that conservative Republicans are mostly evangelical Christians or Bible thumpers of one sort or another.

Okay so Alabama, and Republicans so craven for holding on to power, were getting behind Roy while in essence, striking a blow to very heart of American and the foundation of our Constitution, when out come the sexual allegations. Now Roy claims these are political lies and attacks on him. But there is simply too much there there and we are in a time when we are starting to listen to women and believe them. Now for my part, this is why Roy is such a holier than thou guy. He knows he is the devil and he compensates by being a Bible thumper to root out evil (his own which you can bet he is in total denial on). But enough about Roy, he is a piece of scum right of the Republican playbook, and he is toast. Let’s focus on the Republicans.

First thing, if you are a hypocrisy buff, is remember when the women came out and accused President Clinton and Clinton did a small-scale Moore defense, but Republicans were all over it taking the side of the women (and correctly). Now they jump on Roy’s defense team? Craven doesn’t even get close.

“Take Mary and Joseph. Mary was a teenager and Joseph was an adult carpenter. They became parents of Jesus,” Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler told the Washington Examiner. “There’s just nothing immoral or illegal here. Maybe just a little bit unusual.”

Um, if you believe this nonsense, then remember the part about immaculate conception. I bet Joseph would have been struck down by a vengeful immaculate conceptor for rubbing her body parts. But that is typical of Republican failure to connect the dots because I don’t want to connect the dots. From the Atlantic Monthly:

Many leading Republicans outside of Alabama said in public statements they would like to see Moore step aside—if the allegations against him are true. On Thursday, The Atlanticreached out to all 52 GOP senators, and the 19 lawmakers who responded said exactly that. That approach would seem to leave room for Moore to deny the report and continue his campaign.

“It comes down to a question [of] who is more credible in the eyes of the voters—the candidate or the accuser,” Jerry Falwell Jr., the president of evangelical Liberty University and a Moore supporter, told RNS. “And I believe the judge is telling the truth.”

Indeed, many Republican officials are still behind him. “I’m not saying I support what he did,” Bibb County Chairman Jerry Pow told journalist Dale. But Pow said he’ll still vote for Moore, simply because he doesn’t want to vote for the Democrat.

Now where is the mentality in, “I would rather have an immoral sexual predator and Constitution denying moron, than a Democrat. Are you starting to see the connection between religion, whether spiritual or political gets us a damaged brain?

So I will just leave you with this: Republicans are evil and the country left in their hands will be destroyed. Sure, some have come out finally against him. They can read polls. But until we rid ourselves of this whole crop, and maybe the states that elect them, we are destined to ignorance, stupidity, and policy that hurts America, not helps it. No we should never compromise with these nut balls.

Oh, and yes I have been missing in action. You know, that work thing. You don’t think the wine I buy is cheap do you.

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