The Internet Sucks and It’s Going to Get Suckier and Other Sucky Things

Have you noted that connecting on the internet this weekend sucks.  Everyone is shopping, but that is no excuse.  If you are in constant traffic on the highway, it is the same phenomenon, we have failed to keep up and invest in tomorrow, and now it is tomorrow.  Now I have the suckiest internet on the planet, satellite, which they over sell and most days it slows down to a crawl.  But this week I was in San Diego working off my hotel’s wifi and it sucked too.  Is that what we are now, second class citizens in a third-rate country?

Then there are the pop-up ads.  You are in the middle of something and suddenly your screen is taken over by some ad.  Now, I get this on free sites that have to make a living.  But I don’t get it on my subscriptions, like the NYT, the WaPo, or the Guardian.  Am I not already paying for this service? So get your shit off my screen. Oh, and in the middle of important work, whatever utility you are using decides to upgrade?  Fuck them, do it at 3 am in the morning.  Oh, and those little updates eat up my already paltry satellite bandwidth.

But it is going to get suckier as the Trump (President Dumb Fat Fuck) Administration does away with net neutrality.  That means the providers can decide what you can see and what you cannot see, and their decision is based on profit.  Do we really want corporations using the profit motive to decide what we get to do on the internet?  The fact that there are not riots in the street tells you how much we have been seduced by corporations and the profit motive.

She who must never be mentioned here thinks the slow down on the net is a planned strategy to make you want to go buy their service providing guaranteed faster connectivity, but limiting what you can see to the big boys that are willing to grease palms for what comes to you.  Again, why are we not in the streets burning down internet monopoly companies?

Okay some other bones I have to pick.  First is football.  As I watch the games I am becoming more and more appalled by the trash talk, strutting, and in general poor sportsmanship.  But the brutality of the game has gotten out of control.  I feel more like a Roman watching Christians being sacrificed for our entertainment.  Okay, but they choose it right?  And it is a national pastime.  Well here is what stops me and my vow to no longer watch any football:  A tragic death and college football’s reckoning over brain injuries amid a new class-action lawsuit.  How any parent can let their kids play football is beyond me. 

And then there is this about the tragic injury/death of two border patrol agents who President DFF and his Republican build the wall cronies used to protect from “bad hombries”:

Once again President Trump showed his willingness to appropriate an American family’s tragedy for his own political gain. Just a few hours after Martinez was declared dead, POTUS took to his preferred platform for addressing the nation.

“Border Patrol Officer killed at Southern Border, another badly hurt. We will seek out and bring to justice those responsible. We will, and must, build the Wall!” he tweeted.

But Trump wasn’t the only one linking the agent’s death to a call for the wall.  Texas senator and one-time Trump punching bag Ted Cruz seized the occasion as well. “This is a stark reminder of the ongoing threat that an unsecure border poses to the safety of our communities and those charged with defending them,” he tweeted.

Even Texas’ sanctuary-city-killing governor, Greg Abbott, got in on the act, citing the occurrence as part of a thinly veiled plea for additional federal security funding.

…Speaking on Monday, President Trump indicated the men had been “badly beaten” and again called for the wall. Meanwhile, a representative of the Southwest branch of the National Border Patrol Agents Council has publicly suggested the officers could have been attacked by assailants hurling stones.

“[Stoning is] the only thing they can think of,” said Council vice president Art Del Cueto. “There is nothing else there on the scene.”

Here’s the problem.  There were no gunshot wounds and they were found at the bottom of an irrigation ditch they may well have fallen into: “The reason the men were found lying at the bottom of a high banked drainage ditch is because they fell into it in the dark”…The injuries to [Martinez], after talking to his doctors, were consistent with a fall,” the sheriff told The Dallas Morning News,  “Very consistent with a fall.”

And now once again you see how people and most dangerously President DFF, sees reality in terms of what he wants to believe and how it is useful to his ideology, not reality.  Now you know how evil he and his minions are and why you should be very worried he has his finger on the nuclear launch button.  Can’t wait to see how he reacts as he sees Finley talking to the Feds and knows the jig is up.

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