He is Batshit Crazy

Yes, I am talking about you know who, President Dumb Fat Fuck (DFF). In case you are on a news blackout, the President is acting strangely and the news media is nervous, asking why he is now becoming more unstable. So let’s clear the air, and note I have written this before, he is the same DFF we elected back in 2016 and nothing has changed. He has always been unstable and unsuited for the Presidency. So what’s he doing now?

Well to begin with, there was the release of videos that are hit pieces on Muslims by an anti-Muslim right wing group in England, totally unsubstantiated, and even England severely criticized President DFF for their release. The piece was pure racism. Then there is the fact that he regrets disavowing his claim that President Obama was not born in this country (he was). Then even more bizarre, he has been making statements according to reports from the White House, that that was not his voice on the bus when he admitted to sexual assault (grab their ….). Roll the tape where he admits to it and apologizes. In Missouri today he issued one lie after another about his tax plan and rambled on forever. Oh and brought up the non-existent war on Christmas. Bat shit crazy.

So the media is asking why the decompensation now? I have told you why. Mueller is getting close and Trump knows it. And he is panicking. Remember he is telling everyone the investigation will be over by the end of the year and he will be fully exonerated, and it sounds like a giant desperate lie. But remember that whatever Mueller finds, we still have to have Republicans step up and do the right thing, and so far, they have not shown they will. Trump gets that and he knows why. It is not just their agenda that could go down, but their re-election in the next election is at risk. Republicans are terrified of further challenges from the right, and their future is in the hands of the wing nuts that Trump appealed to in the election.

So Trump is going home. He is coming up with the lies and hate stuff that so appealed to his base before, hoping he can leverage them to terrify Republicans into not impeaching him when the truth comes out. That is what you are seeing going on. As I said in this blog on the 25 of November, “Can’t wait to see how he reacts as he sees Finley talking to the Feds and knows the jig is up.” Or said more directly, we are moving into really dangerous times and Republicans still have not stepped up to the plate.

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