I am Just Without Words

Ever have a morning where you just are overcome by our stupidity and cruelty? That would be me this morning. There is no excuse for President Trump. He is a liar, sexual abuser, ignorant fool and he is the President who is doing untold damage to the country and democracy itself. The Republican Party has become a shill for him as long as they can destroy America with their misbegotten policies. Hey, lets throw money at the child abuser Roy Moore who thinks the Bible trumps the Constitution.

I listened to one Republican shill refuse to answers questions about the Russian collusion as the evidence mounts, but wants to go after Hillary for seeking information on Trump from a political consulting firm. Um, you can’t see the difference? One is tit for tat with a foreign government, illegal hacking and targeted use of that information to influence an election, and the other is buying negative information, and through a non-government source. They are not the same. So we have all this false outrage at Hillary clearly as an attempt to not get to the bottom of why in the Russia connection with Trump. How could all this happen? How can we be so blind and partisan on national defense?

In 2008 we elected a black man President and we thought the disastrous ways of the Republicans were behind us. The Republicans were thrown totally out of power. “Yes we can.” And then came Republican obstructionism in the form of the filibuster, a failure to recognize that they were never going to compromise with anything, and a failure to set an aggressive agenda and fight fire with fire. In 2010 they came roaring back and where we are today is because the Democrats let that happen. In 2017 in one short year, Trump has turned over everything Obama did in 8 years, on the climate, on immigration, even on healthcare.

But there was something else going on, and I believe now it played a bigger part than anything else. Oh, we can talk about the unfair representation of conservatives in our government (gerrymandering, 2-Senators from each state, the Electoral College, the use of the filibuster giving the minority control, or the elites in the Democratic Party not recognizing that middle America was being left behind and told them to get educated.

But the other thing was what we see in the support of Donald Trump today, bold racism and cultural wars. Having a black president terrified many Americans. They blamed everything on the upsetting of what they saw as cultural norms, and so out of ignorance and stupidity they voted for and stick with the man who is destroying the country and democracy as we know it.

Republican complicity in this is an astounding recognition that they have an ideology that has become a theology and they have no principles except to stay in power in order to advance their theology. The latest backing of the RNC for Roy Moore makes that point. The tax cut bill that balloons the deficit is just a rouse for increasing economic inequality and an excuse to then gut entitlements like social security and medicare.

We thought the election of Trump signaled the winning of a populist approach to politics where policies would be about helping the working man although most of Trumps policies had no meat and were based upon racism and nativism. You know, cancelling trade agreements (stupid) and bringing back coal jobs (he never said how). But the Saturday Morning Massacre (Passing the Tax Cut Bill) ended that decisively. It was Republican economics of old favoring the wealthy and further rigging the system in their favor.

So here we are, living out a nightmare in a world that is insane. For President we have quite possibly a mentally ill president spewing hate, and distrust of the very institutions that make democracy possible. His America First is really isolationism and a rejection of the ideals of democracy and freedom projected outward in the world. He lies incessantly and displays sheer ignorance on most topics. His speech patterns suggest a brain that is not firing on all cylinders (Billy Bush described it best when he said he continually repeats himself in hopes that his brain can catch up with his mouth), and his provocative style could get us in a nuclear war.

We have a Russian interference scandal where we have seen the White House repeatedly lie about and change their story so many times, that there clearly is something they are hiding. For Congress we have a party so craven to power that they are all throwing their support behind this dangerously flawed president and a candidate whose sexual perversions and history of violating the Constitution make him as unfit as the President, much less as a human being. Then they just pasted the most anti-populist tax bill probably ever passed in a procedure that was so cloaked in secrecy we still don’t know what is in the bill. In one short year they have erased President Obama.

Clearly the only hope for the country is for the people to rise up in 2018. I am not sanguine on this. The level of ignorance and denial in the general population is astounding. People don’t read, and they don’t do the hard thinking required to be citizens of a democracy. When I have discussions (rare) with people on policy, they are ignorant of what is going on and of the basic facts around the issue. You have nowhere to even start.

I had a discussion with a friend the other day on how to fix the unfairness of the system we are now in favoring conservatives. He had a solution that was good if we had a rational system, but he missed the root cause, Republicans. The evidence is all laid out before us that until we remove them completely from power, nothing will change. There are not two sides here and we just need them to talk. That failed a long time ago. Now we need to sweep Republicans out of power so the way is clear to start fixing things. No, we don’t need a balance because unless you have been asleep, balance doesn’t exist anymore. See Mitch McConnell. Will we wake up and save this country and its Constitution by ridding ourselves of these modern day Republicans? Only time will tell, but so far I haven’t seen it. It may take a failure of our economy which is coming my friends. Hold on to your hat (and ass).

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