Of Course it is About the Money

This has been the no brainer all along. While the press inappropriately goaded President DFF into a red line if the special counsel went after his finances, and now are trying to make news by asking if Mueller has crossed it (bad journalism at its worst), this was always where the investigation had to end up. While collusion has not been proven yet, at least in public, there is so much smoke the fire will break through shortly. But like any good detective story, you cannot understand the actions and really narrow down the suspects until you know the motive.

We know what Russia’s motives are, that is fairly simple, but if (and I am sure they did) the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians, why? Why all the lying on things that were not illegal? Why, why, why?

Well, I think it is about the money. It is always about the money. Going after Deutsche Bank was always going to happen and of course this is about money laundering and loans to Trump and sons. How do you explain when Trump was defaulting on everything he owned, Deutsche Bank kept lending to him? Here is who he owes money to.

I cannot help but think he has been running a giant Ponzi scheme and it became a big Russian money laundering scheme. Why else collude with the Russians. So it always had to go there. I wonder why it took so long to get here. Or maybe it didn’t. My guess is Mueller is now tying up the details. Tick, tick, tick.

Oh, and Deutsche Bank was being investigated and has paid fines for money laundering of Russian money, but the investigation wasn’t complete.  President DFF fired Preet Bharara, the U.S. Attorney who was conducting those investigations and the investigation has gone cold.  Hmm. What would they say if this were Hillary?

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