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Many are describing President DFF’s changing stances on immigration, being reasonable to crazy build the wall, as being easily changed by those around him. That is only a small part of it. What is really driving the train is the Mueller investigation and him hanging on to the deplorables (his base) to hold power over Republicans. The Republicans are facing a Blue wave and their only hope is the rabid deplorables vote. So racist, wall building, healthcare killing, immigration blocking policies will continue. It is not about a grand strategy for governing the country, it is about surviving an impeachment.

Speaking of Mueller’s investigation, we all saw a House Intelligence Committee interview Steve Bannon, and then when he stonewalled, subpoena him, yet they have treated no other witness like that and the very next witness (Cory Sadowski) who pulled the same stonewalling got let off Scott free. So what is going on? We all thought, so there, finally the House Intelligence Committee actually wants the facts and then not so much. Well Rachel Maddox offered an answer last night that I might think makes sense.

The Republicans on the committee might be trying to mess with Mueller’s investigation by getting Bannon on record first and in some cases tainting the testimony. That makes sense to me watching their general behavior. I don’t think they got God, I think they just used different tactics to thwart the investigation. Mueller is no fool which is why he dropped the subpoena on Banner, and now will sit down with him before he testifies in the House.

The doctor who look at President DFF gave him a clean bill of health and now we know the rot extends to military doctors at Bethesda. Of course he does not have a clean bill of health as attested to by many other doctors looking at his LDL numbers. He is obese, eats high fat foods, and does not expertise. He is the perfect candidate for a heart attack. No, I am not going to say it, but I am thinking it. But when medical professionals are also being tarnished and lie for their careers or whatever, it is just so sad to see. Now Medicine is partisan. Try to keep in mind that the facts have a liberal bias in the first place.

Meanwhile in government shutdown land, President DFF apparently threw a wrench into the GOP plan to extend the government into February. He is against the CHIP part. Go figure as almost everyone except probably his band of deplorables support health insurance for kids. That is really good news because that stop gap CR was another poison pill for Obamacare, killing needed funding. Some “moderate” Democrats might have fallen for that. The Progressives seem to get it and there will be no more CRs until DACA gets resolved.

The solution for a Republican led government is simple. Pass the Durbin-Graham compromise and put it on President DFF’s desk. While Mitch, the evil, McConnell pines he does not know what to do because President DFF won’t tell him what he will sign, the government goes rudderless. They won’t do the above because they know it will pass and then it will then put the blame for the government shutdown squarely where it belongs, on President DFF. Of course it would take Congress off the hook, so who knows. Political calculations instead of doing what is right are twisted at best.

One last thing. We have been hearing excuses why these high minded and moral generals (Kelly and McMasters) are staying in the White House to reign President DFF in and it is, how to say this, BS. Kelly showed himself to be a racist in the incident with the Florida Congresswoman where he lied about her and then never apologized, and McMasters was part of President DFF turning right on DACA when everything blew up. Lesson here is generals have no monopoly on ethics or morals.

So the weekend is almost here and the government shutdown is looming. Hopefully people will finally figure out this is what you get with Republicans controlling government. It has always been their way that compromise means capitulation for the other side. Have you woken up yet?

What Happened to Ethics?

Of course we have all seen Republicans, and sadly it is most of them, either lying or keeping silent in order to support their President after he made racial comments. Note that the profanity is not really the point, it was how it was used to express a racist point of view that is so damning. But what of other government officials and career civil servants that go along to keep their jobs?

I am talking specifically about A new Justice Department report issued Tuesday quoted by President DFF that suggests that, since 9/11, 73 percent of terrorism convictions in the United States have involved individuals who were born in other countries. If this were true, it would be a damning report against our immigration policies and support President DFF’s move to curb immigration. Except it is not true. It so selectively used the numbers that you could have made it say anything you want. As the Washington Post reported after showing how badly the numbers are skewed:

Senior Democrats on two House committees accused the Trump administration of misrepresenting terrorist crimes to fit anti-immigration policy goals.

Reps. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) and Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) called the report an attempt “to vilify the immigrant community and justify an exclusionary immigration policy,” adding in their statement, “The American people will not be fooled by such naked bigotry, and we should not allow this administration to get away with its abuse of the facts to further its extremist, xenophobic agenda.”

The top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), said in a statement that the report “confirms what we already know: our current immigration system is broken, and it fails to protect the American people.’’

Now when was the last time we jiggered with the data to make what we wanted to believe true? Oh, you remember, when we invaded Iraq. My that turned out well. If you did not think we had entered George Orwell’s 1984, think again. We have now turned our government into agencies that produce reports that ignore science and data and just report what supports President DFF’s policy. That ought to work out just as well as the Iraq invasion. What’s next, global warming doesn’t exist and we can take out North Korea with few casualties?

Now you know how Republicans believe what they believe, they live in a fantasy bubble that creates the reality they need. Except the rest of us don’t and their policies could destroy us all. But what is really bothering me here is where are the civil servants who will either expose or say no to this nonsense. We know that the professionals are leaving in record numbers at EPA, State Department, and CDC, but where are the brave souls who will stand up and probably get fired or shuttled off into a closet office?

I only faced this dilemma once in my life and if you think it is easy, you are crazy. I knew Vietnam was wrong but I convinced myself that as a military officer my sworn duty was to follow the Constitution and its duly constituted government. I was wrong and it was really the easy way out. Most of my fellow civil servants now face that same problem. When do we risk our families, jobs, and future to stand up for our ethics and morality? When it rises to the level of fighting for the very existence of our country and its fundamental values do we draw a line?

UPDATE:  9 of the 12 members of the National Parks Advisory Board quit in protest because the Trump administration is making them irrelevant.  Maybe it is starting, but note, these are not civil service employees.

I just saw The Post and one very brave man (Daniel Ellsberg) and one very brave woman (Katherine Graham) did just that and printed the truth. Right now our real news is under attack by this President as “fake news” and The Post not only tells the story of that struggle in our history, but that struggle today, not to mention a world controlled by white men who delegated women to bangles.  The really interesting dialogue came from Nixon which was his actual voice recordings from the Nixon Tapes.  The part where he banned the Washington Post from the White House because they were printing things unfavorable to him resonates with Trump today.

One last thing before I go.  I listened to two Yale Professor talk about the characteristics of a tyrannical leader and how only two in our history have shown these traits, Richard Nixon and Donald Trump.  So what is it again about the Republican Party that we get these tyrants?

UPDATE TO YESTERDAYS BLOG:  Yesterday I wrote that it was time to draw a line and shut down the government.  Today the Republicans have offered a deal, you get CHIP (Healthcare for kids) and we will discuss DACA later.  Why worry, it does not expire until March.  The deal is no deal.  Once you don’t have the budget to negotiate with, you have no leverage.  So give the Democrats something everyone wants, and then pull the rug out from under them in March while kids are being deported.  When do finally stand up and when do figure out they cannot be trusted?  Shut it Down.  Think of the damage Trump can’t do with the government shut down.

Shut It Down

It is a terrible thing to shut down the government. People like me will suffer as we won’t get our retirement check. Some people on disability who live from pay check to pay check will even suffer more and that is just the tip of the iceberg. But still shut it down. Now think about that. Who is in charge of Congress? Republicans. Can’t they pass something? Why couldn’t they just vote on the Durbin-Graham compromise? Because they won’t. So it is clear whose fault it will be, but that is not really the question.

The issue is DACA. It is now clear there will be no DACA deal. Remember last week when President DFF said he would sign whatever brought him and he would take the heat? The Washington Post told us what really happened and it turns out the Right-wing nuts got to Trump (Cotton & Purdue) plus those like Stephen Miller on his staff. Then we had the shithole meeting that Republicans are now all lying about. And that should tell you everything. They are not to be trusted. We watched Kirstjen Nielsen Homeland Secretary lie through her teeth about what she heard and it was under oath and so transparent.

But what else we found out was the deal gave HSA everything they asked for, but after the meeting they up their demands for assurances for full funding of the wall. In other words it is the same thing we saw in the Obama Administration where they kept moving the goal posts, and sadly Democrats moved right with them.

Well not this time Democrats. There is no deal and you will get nothing and fail again unless you finally say DACA or no deal. No more CRs, put up or shut up. Yes, that will shut down the government and no one is sure who will get the political blame, but at this point it is time to do the right thing and get on a soap box and should your lungs out. SHUT IT DOWN! There really is no other way to deal with these people.

Facts are Partisan?

I listened to two talking heads yesterday before I watched the Saints go for the prevent defense that has never work anywhere.  Okay, I get distracted by abject stupidity from abject stupidity.  The talking heads were talking about the Republicans who have come out and claimed Senator Durbin is lying about what President DFF said about “Shithole” countries.  Then they launched on how partisan politics have hijacked the DACA compromise. If you want to know if he is a racist, here is a nice summary of his racism.

I think I wanted to rip the TV off the wall.  Maybe get my Dad’s old WWII Colt 45 and shoot their images on the TV.  I wanted a bigger TV anyway and that would be highly satisfying.  Sheet rock is easy to repair.  Okay, what was wrong with that statement.  BECAUSE THE FACTS ARE NOT PARTISAN!  He either said it or not.  Since Lindsey Graham already confirmed it indirectly, and Senator Durbin is not known for his misstatements of facts as these two Senators alleged, it is not a partisan fight because there are not two sets of facts.  One side is lying through their teeth.

The problem with the partisan narrative is that it is another form of both sides do it and blame is everywhere, when in fact that is not the case.  Global warming is not a partisan issue.  Flow down creates wealth for all of us is not a partisan issue.  All Mexicans are rapists is not a partisan argument.  The fact that the President is racist is not a partisan issue.

And until we finally start mediating these debates with  the facts, not hide under differences of opinion when the facts are right there for us to examine, we fail to point out where the problem lies.  It is true that when you inject facts, it does make you look biased.  Republicans don’t have any.  For the DACA debate it is critical to understand that racism informs all of President DFF’s immigration policies.  We could have a really good debate about how to reform immigration if we stuck to the facts.  Just like we could have a really good debate about the way forward to deal with climate change if the other side acknowledged the science.

Now I will propose what I think the Democrats should do.  If they get a reasonable DACA bill with the Wall in there, one of the things they have to understand is that Republicans will never pay for it.  So settle on some border fence and protect these kids.  But this time, if they don’t get something fair, shut down the government.  It is time to take a stand about what is right and wrong.

Republicans Making Excuses or Just Lying

Well they were out in force today reinventing reality about Donald Trump when we have all seen who he is from his campaigning. HE IS A RACIST and of course he said those things. But let’s just agree for arguments sake that they are shithole countries. Calling them that does not make him a racist, but judging all people who come from there in the same light does. Let’s just be clear, a person who discriminates based on color, sex, religion, whatever, is bad and ignorant. A person who discriminates (stereotypes) based on skin color is a racist. Donald Trump in his many statements that they are all trying to normalize now has shown that is just exactly what he is. His immigration policy is an extension of that belief. All Haitians have AIDS? Mexicans are rapists and murders? Algerians live in huts (implying ignorant savages)? Barrack Obama’s birth certificate? It is pure racism.

So the Republicans are now about reinventing reality and I don’t think it is going to wash. In fact, I think it is going to backfire except for the their ignorant and racist base. You watch the Christian Right normalize it and you wonder what is Christian about their religion and beliefs. There is no coming back from what they are doing right now. It is a demonstration that the people who inhabit most of the Republican Party these days do not deserve our respect or vote. I hope you are getting the message.

We are All Going to Die!

Somebody hit the wrong switch and Hawaii (Oahu) got a false warning of an imminent nuclear attack (what else would be on a ballistic missile?). There are pictures of some running madly around. I commented yesterday on Facebook that on a small island about to be hit by a nuke, best you could do is pop a cold one and paddle out for the biggest wave of your life. Okay, lacked a little sensitivity, but it was honest. There is nothing you can do. Remember (if you are old) duck and cover? Just means you die under your desk at school cowering. And if you survive, survive in what kind of a world?

I have kind of a warped attitude about nuclear weapons as I spent six years baby sitting 12 (4 gravity and 8 cruise missiles) on a B-52 to deliver them to China when we destroyed the human race. I often wondered what I would do if we were launched and crossing the North coast of California to go annilate a couple million people while in our rear view mirror, everything I know and love was being destroyed. Back in the day when I was flying in Korea in RFs, tactical nukes were the weapon of choice if the North came South. All of it, of course, is madness. But the difference between then and now is that it is clear that most people, at least those running around on Oahu looking for cover, are clueless about what these weapons could bring us. Back in the day, we had very responsible people in charge because we knew what their use meant.

My point is simply a life lesson. When and if the unimaginable happens, you are going to be toast. Hug the ones you love. It is kind of like those movies where passengers in an airplane are hysterical about a potential pending disaster. Really? That is the way you want to end your existence when there is nothing you can do, being a hysterical nut job screaming we are all going to die? I would order from the bar and savor those last moments. Maybe it is because I did a lot of dangerous things when I was an aircrew member and developed a theory that when you can’t control the outcome, enjoy the ride.

But there is another way more important lesson here. Preflight, preflight, preflight. Planning was and is everything. That was your control. You could imagine possible scenarios and then plan your reactions. The most fast, quick thinking people I know didn’t really do it on the fly. They had processed just such a scenario in their minds and had a plan for it. Even for the worst one when in a moment or two you are going to be a smoking hole you had thought it through.

So what does all this have to do with Hawaii and panic? We as a nation are not preflighting and planning. We face real threats from our own President and rogue nations like North Korea. Our response has been to ignore it, to pretend he has a new way to govern, or laugh at his crudeness. To put it out of our minds and not worry about it. But a nut job Presidents like Trump makes the Hawaii scenario much too likely and we really did not think it through. We are in a state of denial about what is going on around us. We have to get engaged again. Sure if they nuke Oahu, you are dead meat, but what are you doing to make sure that does not happen by having the people in charge that have a brain and are thinking of realistic (no John Wayne) ways to reduce the threat? Elect President DFF and put incompetent people in government to decimate each branch?

The people who elected Donald Trump were of two types, dumber than snot (in Hillary’s words deplorable) or in complete denial. They wanted to shake up the system. Yep, here are the nuclear launch codes, let’s shake up the system. They were either in the first case unable to think it through, or in the second case, just in denial and impulsive. Back in the day in my world, impulsive got you killed. Now it is time to think it through and have a plan. Mine is to remove all Republicans from office, what’s yours?

Just a Few Short Words…

Those that attempt to normalize President DFF have tried to use the salty language defense. You know, he just talks like the rest of us, or like a fighter pilot. I spent my early life in a fighter and the F-word was a favorite, but not used in a way to express extreme racial prejudice. That’s really the thing here isn’t it? It is not the salty language/profanity, it is the ideas his use of profanity contained and made abundantly clear. He is a racist. Of course I have been telling you that for years, but now he told you. I guess what is so interesting is watching Republicans and Tumpets try to tell us he is not one or those who actually agree with what he said. You want to have a conversation on racism, well there it is.

Stereotypes like all Haitians have AIDS or Nigerians need to go back to their huts are the very basis of racism. It is also the very basis of ignorance, and an ignorant and racist man he truly is. I guess once again what is so disturbing is this is not a surprise since all you had to do was watch the lies, racism, and xenophobia he spread during his campaign. Sadly we have normalized stuff like that as just campaigning to the base as though that excuses it. And it worked. But now he is President and he is tearing down everything America stands for. Whoever thought the President of the United States would not be welcome in Britain? And make no mistake. His racism and ignorance is putting many Americans at risk of retribution.

But of course the most chilling thing is to watch Republicans twist. Paul Ryan tells us this was very “unfortunate” and “unhelpful”. Say what? They were disgraceful. In other words, it does not help his strategy, not that the comments were unacceptable and deplorable. Then he highlighted “friends” from Haiti that were doctors. Reminiscent of Roy Moore’s wife claiming they were not racists because their lawyer was a Jew (he wasn’t by the way). Nichole Wallace on MSNBC, ex-Republican who wants her party back, wondered what happened to Paul Ryan. And there my friends is the problem with “moderate” Republicans. They never even saw that Paul Ryan who pretended to be a policy wonk for conservatives was nothing more than a flim flam man. They see what they want to see, not what is.

But now it is out there for all people who can see to see. Our immigration policy is not based on what is good for our country or our economy, but pure and simple racism. That may sway courts in the future as that fact is now quite clear. But in the short term we may see a benefit from all this in that Republicans may need cover and now will deal on DACA. On the other side, maybe this is a wake up call to Democrats that there can be no wavering here. If this really is a country whose basic fundamental foundation is equality and justice for all, that diversity is our strength, then Donald J. Trump is a wrecking ball and now is the time to stand tall. See you at the Woman’s March next week.

Why Should We Accept Immigrants from Shithole Countries?

Yeah! Why not more from Norway? So I thought I would do a little homework. How many immigrate from Norway these days. In 2010 it was about 1000. Well they certainly are not in the top 100 countries and to be quite honest, I have considered immigrating to Norway. You know, better standard of living, good guaranteed retirement, free education and healthcare, better social mobility. Of course the answer to the question is in the question itself. They want a better life and opportunity, just like all our relatives did. Yeah, you too American Indians. Anybody walking across the Bearing Straights is definitely looking for something better. And of course those are just the ones we want to immigrate, people who are will to risk everything to come to a new country and start a new life.

Of course this was a racist rant from a racist little man who can’t hide how small he is. And now today, although he said it in front of lots of people who reported it, he says he did not say that. I wonder if he knows what he said or if lying is just all he does actually know. According to the Washington Post he has 1950 false statements in 347 days so far, that is 5.6 lies a day. And speaking of shithole places, why are Puerto Ricans moving to South Dakota to work at a Turkey processing plant? Both kind of qualify in my mind after we did nothing to help our fellow American citizens in Puerto Rico, so they were forced to find a home in a slightly less “shithole” environment. There might be a lesson there for President DFF if he could learn which he has now proven is a lost art to him. Wouldn’t reading be a prerequisite to learning?

Some other fun facts about President DFF from the news today. He has cancelled his trip to London for the opening of the new Embassy with the excuse that it was a bad real estate deal. No, I am not kidding. Of course the real reason is that no one over there wants him in their country and would have put up some great demonstrations had he shown up. Mr. Tough guy is hiding behind his desk right now. Too bad Americans cannot take a que from the British and give him the same welcome everywhere he travels.

He also boasted that he had a very good relationship with Kim Jong-un, you remember the guy with the smaller nuclear button than he has. Define relationship. Really? What relationship? If you want to see someone who leads a country but lives in an alternate reality, read the newspaper about President DFF. And let’s just say if he did. Kim Jong-un is a murderous dictator. Maybe they could form a club with Vlad. Of course, I am not going to mention that he watched a Fox News show spewing falsehoods about the deep state and then tweets out his lack of support for the bill he does support on warrantless searches. Oh those freedom loving Republicans.

Nope, we are in really good hands with our racist, nativist, xenophobic, ignorant pathological liar of a President. I want to again thank those morons in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin for this disaster. Oh, and a special shout out to Florida, but hey, you won’t have drilling rigs off your coast will you? I think the word shithole states comes to mind, but shithole I guess is in the eye of the beholder.

Another Day in Dystopia

What can I say? If you are paying attention, and most aren’t because they can’t stand it anymore, President DFF had the press in on the negotiations about DACA and then gave a little press brief after his meeting with the  Prime Minister of Norway and in the words of Ann Coulter, who I really never agree with, said:

She also wrote that Trump’s plan for the meeting — “to prove he doesn’t have dementia” — ultimately backfired and that he verified claims put forward in a recent book, “Fire and Fury” by Michael Wolff, that he was not mentally fit to hold office.

“Trump was more than willing to sell out the base to solve a personal problem of his — the Michael Wolff book — but managed to not convince a single American that he’s articulate, bright or a good leader,” Coulter wrote.

Yeah it was pretty much all that. But then we come to his rambling statements with the Prime Minister of Norway about the Russia investigation:

“There was absolutely no collusion. Everybody knows it,” Mr. Trump said, claiming the real collusion was between Russia and Democrats.

“There is collusion, but it is really with the Democrats and the Russians far more than it is with the Republicans and Russians,” he said. “So, the witch hunt continues.”

Say what? Two of his campaign/administration people have already plead guilty to lying about such meetings, and then there is Donald Jr and his meetings with the Russians. And on the Democratic collusion, that was the false narrative that the Republicans were pushing about Fusion GPS as the Democratic hit piece to force the FBI to investigate the connections, which with the release of the Fusion GPS transcript of the testimony, it is clear that this was just further identifying what our allies were already telling us. So you need any further proof the man is brain-dead?

The Democrats are finally realizing they are in a war, not a partisan pissing contest. First Dianne Feinstein and now the rest:

Senior Democratic officials in the Senate, frustrated by what they consider a Republican campaign to discredit the law enforcement and intelligence agencies investigating the president, cleared their members to release the interview transcript of one of the Russia investigation’s most sensitive witnesses and, separately, to publish a report detailing the disinformation and intimidation tactics the Kremlin deploys against democracies globally.

Partisanship getting in the way of the investigation?

We political up here pretty quick . . . and we’ll fight among ourselves what oversight looks like” at every stage of the investigation, Judiciary Committee member Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) predicted, “as long as there is breath in us all.”

You remember Lindsey, who was trying to smear the Fusion GPS report until the transcript was released, then ho, ho, ho, us politicians will be politicians. Which is total bull shit. They are being treasonous not partisan. Here is E.J. Dionne this morning describing what I have been saying for years:

There is a reason bipartisan government is so hard these days. It’s not because “both parties” are intransigent or because “both parties” have moved to the “extremes.” It’s because what were once widely seen as moderate, common-sense solutions are pushed off the table by a far right that defines compromise as acquiescence to its agenda.

No Virginia, it is not both sides. One side has been at war with both Democrats and the nation, and maybe Democrats finally work up. It is not your father’s Congress anymore and there are no moderate Republicans.

Oh, but it gets better. Apparently ICE is raiding 7-Elevens trying to round up undocumented workers. We now have our own Gestopo. We have a problem with the lack of workers and ICE is taking hard working undocumented workers off their jobs and this is helping how? Kind of like in my vineyard where the line of white boys willing to work is zero deep. Meanwhile our Gestopo is now chasing ambulances and sending ill children back across the border. How did we get her, and who would do this job?

More evidence is that President DFF suggested rationally that we raise the gas tax to fund infrastructure improvements, which GOP leaders quickly shot down. I know! Infrastructure will build itself if we just remove some more regulations and cut more taxes. Hey! Toll roads for everyone where the 1% can drive and the rest of us look for alternated rutted roads and byways.

Then we have two stories that tell us the business is against the Trump immigration policy, and why they are as it will grossly hurt our economy. You know those damn facts just keep getting in the way of Republican hate ideology. The real question here is why they vote for the man. Oh, I remember, tax cuts for the wealthy.

And this is just the headlines from the WaPo. I haven’t got a chance to read the NYT yet. But hopefully I connected a few dots for you. We are up shit creek, but maybe, just maybe, we have a paddle if Democrats finally find their backbone. But tomorrows Friday and then the weekend. Remember when you used to love having the whole morning to read the Sunday edition of the paper. Now it scares the crap out of you.

Thank You Dianne

As some have noted, extraordinary times require extraordinary measures and that is what one of most traditionalist Senators did yesterday.  She realized that the Republicans were being totally disingenuous about what was said in the Fusion GPS transcript, cherry picking data out of context and then claiming this was a plan to smear Trump by the Democrats that then started the FBI investigation.  They also characterized, Glenn Simpson the head of Fusion GPS as being evasive.  Neither are true and you can read the interview yourself.  Bottom line here is that the Fusion GPS was just one more data point that the FBI had received (others from foreign intelligence services) that Trump and company were having disturbing contacts with the Russians.  Note that almost everything in this report has turned out to be true

It exposed Senator Graham and Grassley as lying sacks of shit as they totally misrepresented what was said and tried to bring criminal charges against Mr. Steel the former British spy hired to investigate the campaign’s ties to Russia for lying when it is clear he did not and the whole thing was bogus attempt to distract from the Russia probe.   So that is what we have from Republicans in Congress.  There are no more honorable Republicans who put their country before party.  The nice thing is that it is now out there for all to read, you know, it’s called transparency. something those freedom loving Republicans want to throw mud on.

But it gets better.  Senate Democrats put out their own report on Russian interference in the election on day after Senator Dianne Feinstein releases the Fusion GPS transcript.

Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee issued a 206-page report that said President Trump’s failure to recognize the danger or to challenge Putin means Russia is likely to interfere in the next U.S. presidential race in a repeat of the 2016 campaign.

The key finding is that we aren’t doing anything.  As Republicans try to deflect on the Trump collusion, they fail to follow-up on the known facts:

U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded that a Russian intelligence operation, approved at the highest levels of the Kremlin, used hacked Democratic Party emails, phony social media accounts, disinformation and other tactics to try to help Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 race. The agencies did not look at whether the Russian effort affected any votes.

So who are these Republicans?  Traitors to the United States of America.  We are at war with them and extrodinary times require extrodinary actions They are all evil.