A List of Things I would Like to See In 2018

Here is my wish list for 2018. I kind of ignored that peace on earth thing as that is not ever going to happen. These are just things we put up with that we normalize when we should not. So here goes:

  1. An internet that does not make me wait and wait for a download or stops in the middle of a video clip. This should not be hard as most of the rest of the industrialized world actually has this.
  2. Speaking of the computer, how about ending those announcements when you are in the middle of something to announce an upgrade. Worse, when it just takes over and you know it is not really your computer. Instead of get off my lawn I spend more time hollering get off my screen.
  3. Getting rid of upgrades and “new” improvements to software that give lots more choices you don’t want and complexity you don’t understand. Ever notice with all these new and better improvements, our technology is getting less reliable and it is harder to do things? I am still waiting for a simple keyboard for my iPad Pro that can adjust to any angle and stays connect to the “smart” connector. Is that too much to ask for? Apparently.
  4. Now this one really is in the category of get off my lawn, but why do wait persons in a restaurant wait until your mouth is full to ask if everything is alright? For that matter why do they interrupt conversations to ask whatever they ask? I have always felt if everything was not okay, there would be no need to ask, I would tell them.
  5. Ending selfies and continual self promotion and you know who I am talking about. Last night in Times Square more than half the people were recording themselves at Times Square to later post instead of being in the moment. Also the continuing changing posed picture on Facebook to announce the new same old you. Really? Most actors and actresses have fewer head shoots and they do this for a living.
  6. Making it a capitol offense (life in prison since I am against the death penalty, except maybe in this case) to impede traffic on the freeway while you homestead the left hand lane. Let’s face it, our freeways are becoming more and more like the Autoban (no speed limit) and blocking the fast lane could get us all killed. Watch traffic build up when you have someone holding the left lane as their own and it looks like a commercial for a blocked colon.
  7. And while I am on it, let’s end talking and texting while driving with a cellphone. When a driver is driving erratic, 9 out of 10 times it is because he/she is texting. I know this goes against our freedom impulses, but in public places like a freeway let’s put up cameras and nail those assholes. Cities and counties need revenue and there it is. Did I mention a single driver in the carpool lane? That would put a real dent in the number of people who think they are special. Might rejuvenate the U.S. Post Office sending out all those pictures with a ticket attached.
  8. How about a simplified tax code? If you thought we just got one, think again. I believe the current one now has something like 35,000 pages and nobody knows what all of it really means. If you run two businesses (consulting and vineyard) like I do, just organizing all my stuff takes 2 full days and I am an organized person. Then it is off to the accountant. Just send me a bill. They do that in Finland.
  9. Let’s end news stories that sum up the year. I WAS THERE! Okay, I get it, most of the rest of you weren’t. So just title the story 2017 for Dummies and Those Responsible for President DFF*.
  10. End Sports talk. Instead of just watching the game, it has to be about personalities, blah, blah, blah, blah. If the same knowledge and time that goes into sports talk actually went into something that affects our lives, it might be a better place to live, especially when some of the dumb us things come out of their mouths and no one goes ballistic. Politics like sports talk would be a refreshing change.
  11. Let’s get rid of Football players beating their chest after a play (did we just arrive from the jungle), trash talk, and in general the genuflecting to the heavens in any sport. Yep, I am sure God was helping you hit that long one while he was killing hundreds in a hurricane or starving them to death in Africa.
  12. Let’s end God Bless America in political speeches. Clearly he does not since we got President DFF.
  13. One last thing (13 is my lucky number) and this is my favorite pet peeve. End the 24/7 of some shooter or bomber somewhere. A guy (always a guy like sports talk, I wonder if they are connected) pulls a gun and shoots 5 on a subway and the news is hijacked by an event that is not explainable and cannot teach us anything except there are nut jobs out there. Remember Las Vega. Learn anything except stay away from country music? Do you know it is estimated 88,000 die of alcohol related diseases every year and over 40,000 in car crashes. Think what the news would be like if we covered that. Oh, and if it happens in media central (NYC) the coverage is multiplied by 10 and in the end, we learn nothing other than maybe we have too high a ratio of the number of guns to nut jobs and we do nothing about it.

I am sure I missed some big ones. But I have all year to update this list. No I did not go off on my number one irritant, President DFF*, the Republicans, and to a lesser extent, feckless Democrats who seem determined not to learn anything, but they are at least well meaning. To be mad at them would be to be mad at the stupidity of the people who put them in power and that is a blog for another day, or the next 365. Happy New Year.

*President DFF – Dumb Fat F*uck

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