Words Mean Something and Hyprocrisy

This morning the TV cut away to President DFF’s comments after some meeting.  First he comment on DACA saying we just need a few Democrats?  Say What?  A clean DACA bill would get 100% of all Democrats.  Then he launches into problems at the border.  First thought is what problems at the border?  Crossing are way down, but then he brings us a drug epidemic in America, conflating it with the border,  Say what?

Our drug epidemic is opioids and guess who manufactures them and lobbies against enforcement of laws to curb their easy access and over prescribing?  Oh, and as an aside, as anyone knows, opioids cause constipation, so now who is making a fortune on drugs for that symptom?  The opioid crisis is a real money maker for drug companies.

Then you get it.  DACA, a few Democrats, be afraid of drug mules, it is about a compromise that includes a stupid and frivolous wall.  The Press ignored all of that and failed to fact check his bullshit and false conflating, because they wanted to see what he would say about Steve Bannon.  SQUIRREL!

Meanwhile in hypocrisy land (Republicans), the Attorney General, little Jeffey Sessions, wants to take our drug policies back to the dark ages as he is rescinding an Obama executive order putting a cabash on federal prosecution of marijuana violations.  Note the Feds have put marijuana on the Schedule 1 list of drugs like heroin and cocaine.  Its beyond stupid and science, but that is Republican these days.

But the hypocrisy comes in when the boys and girls of the stupid Party used to shoot states rights because they liked that states were restricting freedoms like voting, gay rights, civil rights, but now when 30 states have reach sanity, they want to drag us back to the drug wars.  Of course Congress could do something about this, but who are they controlled by again?  It is like free speech and love of democracy for Republicans.  Everyone should have it unless you disagree with them.

Yes words mean something and we ought to pay attention to them.  Do we really think the White House is getting rid of personal cellphones for national security or is it because the truth is damning?

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