Another Day in Dystopia

What can I say? If you are paying attention, and most aren’t because they can’t stand it anymore, President DFF had the press in on the negotiations about DACA and then gave a little press brief after his meeting with the  Prime Minister of Norway and in the words of Ann Coulter, who I really never agree with, said:

She also wrote that Trump’s plan for the meeting — “to prove he doesn’t have dementia” — ultimately backfired and that he verified claims put forward in a recent book, “Fire and Fury” by Michael Wolff, that he was not mentally fit to hold office.

“Trump was more than willing to sell out the base to solve a personal problem of his — the Michael Wolff book — but managed to not convince a single American that he’s articulate, bright or a good leader,” Coulter wrote.

Yeah it was pretty much all that. But then we come to his rambling statements with the Prime Minister of Norway about the Russia investigation:

“There was absolutely no collusion. Everybody knows it,” Mr. Trump said, claiming the real collusion was between Russia and Democrats.

“There is collusion, but it is really with the Democrats and the Russians far more than it is with the Republicans and Russians,” he said. “So, the witch hunt continues.”

Say what? Two of his campaign/administration people have already plead guilty to lying about such meetings, and then there is Donald Jr and his meetings with the Russians. And on the Democratic collusion, that was the false narrative that the Republicans were pushing about Fusion GPS as the Democratic hit piece to force the FBI to investigate the connections, which with the release of the Fusion GPS transcript of the testimony, it is clear that this was just further identifying what our allies were already telling us. So you need any further proof the man is brain-dead?

The Democrats are finally realizing they are in a war, not a partisan pissing contest. First Dianne Feinstein and now the rest:

Senior Democratic officials in the Senate, frustrated by what they consider a Republican campaign to discredit the law enforcement and intelligence agencies investigating the president, cleared their members to release the interview transcript of one of the Russia investigation’s most sensitive witnesses and, separately, to publish a report detailing the disinformation and intimidation tactics the Kremlin deploys against democracies globally.

Partisanship getting in the way of the investigation?

We political up here pretty quick . . . and we’ll fight among ourselves what oversight looks like” at every stage of the investigation, Judiciary Committee member Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) predicted, “as long as there is breath in us all.”

You remember Lindsey, who was trying to smear the Fusion GPS report until the transcript was released, then ho, ho, ho, us politicians will be politicians. Which is total bull shit. They are being treasonous not partisan. Here is E.J. Dionne this morning describing what I have been saying for years:

There is a reason bipartisan government is so hard these days. It’s not because “both parties” are intransigent or because “both parties” have moved to the “extremes.” It’s because what were once widely seen as moderate, common-sense solutions are pushed off the table by a far right that defines compromise as acquiescence to its agenda.

No Virginia, it is not both sides. One side has been at war with both Democrats and the nation, and maybe Democrats finally work up. It is not your father’s Congress anymore and there are no moderate Republicans.

Oh, but it gets better. Apparently ICE is raiding 7-Elevens trying to round up undocumented workers. We now have our own Gestopo. We have a problem with the lack of workers and ICE is taking hard working undocumented workers off their jobs and this is helping how? Kind of like in my vineyard where the line of white boys willing to work is zero deep. Meanwhile our Gestopo is now chasing ambulances and sending ill children back across the border. How did we get her, and who would do this job?

More evidence is that President DFF suggested rationally that we raise the gas tax to fund infrastructure improvements, which GOP leaders quickly shot down. I know! Infrastructure will build itself if we just remove some more regulations and cut more taxes. Hey! Toll roads for everyone where the 1% can drive and the rest of us look for alternated rutted roads and byways.

Then we have two stories that tell us the business is against the Trump immigration policy, and why they are as it will grossly hurt our economy. You know those damn facts just keep getting in the way of Republican hate ideology. The real question here is why they vote for the man. Oh, I remember, tax cuts for the wealthy.

And this is just the headlines from the WaPo. I haven’t got a chance to read the NYT yet. But hopefully I connected a few dots for you. We are up shit creek, but maybe, just maybe, we have a paddle if Democrats finally find their backbone. But tomorrows Friday and then the weekend. Remember when you used to love having the whole morning to read the Sunday edition of the paper. Now it scares the crap out of you.

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