The Memo!

Yawn. Here is the thing you have to wonder, who cares if the source was biased if the facts are worth investigating? And that of course ignores the fact yet not in evidence that the Steele dossier was not the only justification for the investigation. You might also ask how much of the Steele dossier was proven false? None. We also know that the investigation into the Russia incursion began long before the FISA court allowed the Feds to wire tape Carte Page. We have a nothing burger, unless of course you check your brain in Republican Land or in the Fox News fog.

Think about it. A person who hates his neighbor calls the cops and says the neighbor is making a bomb in his house. Should the police ignore it because she is biased against him. Of course not. This is about the stupidest exercise I have every witnessed and shows how hysterical the Republicans have become looking forward to 2018.

What you are now watching are Republicans running around making fools of themselves and showing that if a real crisis every happens, we are in real trouble as they run around screaming the sky is falling. But of course this was not aimed at anyone who thinks. It was aimed at the 32% that support Trump and are the difference in whether a Republican will be challenged from the Right. It is again about the impeachment. When the facts come out, Republicans have to fear that 32% so they will never move on impeachment. We no longer have legitimate government.

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