What’s Worse than Listening to All that Nonsense From Republicans About the Memo? Getting Shingles

If you are and if, then kind of guy/gal, you know that even the cherry picked information in the “Memo”  doesn’t go anywhere. I am not going to take you on logic trip as the networks, except Fox Lies of course, are eating it alive, but if you are a Republican it proves there is a Democratic plot to overthrow the nation, black helicopters are everywhere, and if anything bad happens, it has got to be Democrats. Hillary! Obama! Does anyone wonder at how a minority party with the chiefs of all the agencies they are now attacking appointed by them are suddenly tools of the nefarious Democrats? You remember Democrats, very similar to a herd of cats? Who was it who questioned if they were an “organized” party? Will Rogers. That is how absurd all this is.

But all that is a side-show to my latest adventure, Shingles. Destroy the nation! I don’t care! I am in pain! Fix it! I got an ear ache about a week ago, so I got a prescription for an antibiotic. Then a small rash appeared near my ear running down toward my jaw. That should have been the wake up call, but I and my doctor missed it. As the rash worsened and grew, we decided it was a reaction to the antibiotic and changed out the drug which I should have known was wrong because I have a high tolerance to all drugs. It got worse, a lot worse. Painful is not even getting close to describing it. Either your face is on fire, you get a stabbing pain, or it starts itching wildly. Then it cycles. I am a guy who has ruptured his collateral medial ligament of his knee, fractured his knee, fractured his wrist, had a ruptured patella tendon, a fractured skull, and a knee replacement (not to mention having my big toenail pulled off). I know pain. This is an 8-9 that shows no sign of abating.

I figured out it was Shingles when my son and she who must not be mentioned here both suggested it and this morning with the pain and rash getting worse, I went, as instructed if it got worse, to the ER. Now I have Kaiser, and they are wonderful. I have this serious guilt thing about ever going to an ER unless I am on a gurney (which was the last time I was in there with emergency surgery on my knee). But I could not believe how sympathetic and helpful they were. Of course my face looks like WWIII so you get bonus points for that. When the triage nurse call back saying they were sending back a 71-year old male, I wonder who the hell was the old guy going in front of me, and then realize I am the 71-year old male. She could have said buff 71-year old male. Okay, I quibble.

The doctor really took his time to get my history, drugs (when you have advanced staged prostate cancer there are drugs), progress of the symptoms. I was impressed. He was worried about had it damage the nerves on that side and ask me to smile (looking for asymmetry). “Smile,” I said, “Your kidding.” Bottom line, he told me sadly that it was Shingles, and if we could have picked it off in the first couple of days there are antivirals that can be effective. But I was in day seven. You are now in for the ride. How long? Well….Depends. Probably another week anyway. They did give me a pill to try to control the nerve pain (which is what all the pain is), but takes a day or two to kick in and if it is not too effective call your GP to up the dosage. I have him on speed dial and put him on notice. The other good news is you probably won’t ever get it again and before you ask, yes I did have the Shingles booster, but some of the meds I take for my cancer may have suppressed my auto immune system allowing the Shingles to attack.

Why am I telling you all this? Want to hear about the Memo? It is a nice diversion kind of like stabbing your eyes out. Who cares if Republicans are destroying the country. Oh, and if you get a rash and it is only on one side of your body and seems to travel down nerves, especially on your face or head, suspect Shingles and move quickly. Then you do not have to take the full ride. I figure by about the time this goes away, so will have the Memo. Life is such an adventure.

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