Super Bowl

Remember when I said I would watch no more football to encourage young men to wreck their bodies. Well I lied. I did watch the Super Bowl, and I watched it at home since my Shingles is not something you want to take into a crowd. Also, except for she who must not be mentioned here, I had control of the clicker. That was probably the best football game I have ever watched. Especially the punts. I think there was one.

Now I have this strange idea that there should be a balance in nature, karma maybe. I just thought it was time for someone else to be on top besides the Patriots so I was for the Eagles. And I was impressed. Trick plays in the Super Bowl? Wow. And what a finish because as much as I wanted the Eagles to win, giving the last shot to the Patriots put you heart in your throat. What a magnificent game. I would like to say politics aside, but with Brady and owner such Trump and pseudo science believers, I think nature took its course.

That said, I did not want to leave the TV at commercials. Too bad they can’t all be this good, but I understand why. If the writing for the commercials is better than the show you are waiting, then you would take your potty/food breaks during the show, not the commercials. The Dirty Dancing scene by Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. still makes me laugh this morning. The Amazon and Tide commercials were right up there. That is an advantage of watching at home, no one changes the channels or engages you in conversation, when in many Super Bowls, the commercials are the best part. In this one it was just non-stop fun.

Finally there was the halftime show, and I just read a piece in the Washington Post that slammed it. Now I have watched a lot of half time shows and I was entranced. This was the first time I think they took in the nature of the venue and really used it. Movement and dancing I enjoyed, I loved the eclectic outfits, the marching band dressed as an orchestra, and the energy of it. I did not think the ode to Prince was too much and yes he sang old songs. I like old songs. I really enjoyed it. Of course, I am an old guy which could, if he wanted to afford to go to a Super Bowl and wasn’t that really the crowd he was aiming at? But what do I know, except what I like, and I liked it.

Okay, now I can go back to bashing football, but last Sunday was a really fun day where the world is once again in balance and the underdog won. Karma.

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