The Sh%t Hole That is The White House

I believe we have now crossed a line. I am sure you saw that as predicted, the White House will not be releasing the Democrat’s Memo rebutting Nunes. General Kelly apparently got picked off by his whole staff in trying to make them lie about his knowledge of Porter the wife beater. Always trust a man over a frivolous women. It just amazes me that anyone tries to pretend General Kelly is a fine upstanding man. Lazy Dreamers? Wife Beaters? Lying about Congresswoman Frederica Wilson? I am sure he is just fine with the Gestopo we have turned ICE into. We are committing crimes of severe inhumanness and we don’t even blink. Well, I do. There is a sordid feeling about our government institutions, and the number three in the Justice Department bailed out before the whatever night massacre occurs, and it is coming.

We are watching before our very eyes the Republicans, in league with the Sh%tHole White House, destroy the very institutions we depend upon. The attacks on the FBI based upon wild leaps of paranoia destroy the one institution we have left to balance executive power. Justice is lead by a little pip squeak whose moral underpinning was foretold when the Senate refused him a federal judge position. Good people who went to work for government, not for the money, but for the motivation of doing the right thing for the country are leaving in droves. The stink at the top is pervading every single agency. You want government that doesn’t work? Well now you are going to get it.

Probably the greatest failure are the Republicans in Congress not doing what the Constitution required and limiting the damage of one branch of government. They are supposed to take action and yet we watch as they join in on the game of destroy the FBI and release false misleading information to try to protect the Tyrant in Chief. One after another of the “principled” senior Senators (Hatch, Graham, even McCain) enable this rot. They have simply ceased to be an independent branch of government. This will probably be remembered as the greatest failure of American Democracy and principles ever seen and may doom us. Once the majority of people distrust government and government institutions, governing will become impossible.

At this point, with all the evidence that is piling up on us, it is almost impossible to understand, much less tolerate among us, those who support this rot. Now let me define rot. Ignorance, lying, racism, nativism, xenophobia, cruelty and inhumanness, oh and let’s not forget misogyny so on display today. And all of that was on display before he was elected. But some of the people can be fooled some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time. We are into that all of the time phase and those that still support this destruction of our democracy are just deplorable. The one thing you know at this point with all of the destruction and decay spreading around us is to support this you have to be in an alternate universe where facts don’t matter. Rational arguments armed with facts and data do not matter. They are glued to Fox News. They are deplorable. I personally can no longer tolerate them. I know what they are costing our future.

Roger Cohen, who I greatly admire, has written a piece about a man he still respects who supports Trump. Now I get how he could have been fooled and rejected the same old same old from the Democrats. I get how they failed to really understand the anger and despair in the country. I get that. Maybe Trump would reinvigorate our politics. That would be the fool some of the people some of the time category. But what about now? How can he still support him? Here are some excerpts:

If there’s a main source of Kennedy’s anger, it’s that this has become such a quaint, outmoded question in today’s America of lobbyists and line-my-pockets politics. “Trust the Clintons? Not with the Lord’s breakfast,” he says.

He tells me he leans right, but he believes that every American should have a functioning public transit system (“as in Germany and Japan”) and a good national health service. He thought Obama could be “a breath of fresh air,” and was initially in favor of “Obamacare,” until it “went off the rails because the exchanges were not competitive.”

Then along came Trump. “The thing about him,” Kennedy tells me, “is that there’s forward energy. He’s like a horse with blinders at the Kentucky Derby. If there’s another horse in the way, knock it out and ride the rail. I listened to him, on immigration, on draining the swamp, on lobbyists, and I liked that. As I recall, it was ‘We the people’ not ‘We the empowered.’ ”

Immigration was an important factor in Kennedy’s lurch from Obama to Trump. While he favors the Dreamers program, which shielded some young immigrants from deportation, he says, “There are too many people running around who have no business being here.” America First was important: Too many working Americans have lost jobs to unbalanced trade deals.

Now from my point of view his thinking is muddled, not fact based, and irrational. He, I think is the typical Trump voter. And if you actually looked at policy, Trump had none and Clinton offered things he was for. But this last election was not about policy, It was about anger at the status quo and distrust. And here is the part where I part company with Roger:

And what of the president’s racism, lies, warmongering outbursts, vulgarity, and attacks on a free press and the judiciary? “Go beyond the noise,” Kennedy tells me. “Don’t take him at face value. If I thought he was a racist, I’d be off the train so fast you’d have to mail me my shadow. Respect the office of the presidency.”

I disagree. Respect for the office must begin with Trump, who’s sullied it with mendacity, bigotry and autocratic contempt for the Constitution. Still, I respect Kennedy. He’s served his country. He’s a patriot. He’s no “deplorable.” He’s smart. The Democratic Party should listen to him, or risk losing in 2020.

No Roger he is a deplorable. He is an ignorant fool. We need to call him out.  The racism is for all to see and he is in denial. As one commenter on this piece asked, I wonder what news channel he gets his information from. So no I do not respect him. He, in his denial and ignorance, is enabling the destruction of our country. Maybe you are a bigger man than I, but it must be clear to you now that rational argument will not work on this man. What is so blatantly obvious can be so ignored is deplorable. So what is there to respect? These are not differences of opinion, but willful ignorance in service of the destruction of our values. Those who associated with Trump, like General Kelly, are soiled as their worst selves come out. It is our duty to call them out, not enable them with our respect. We have crossed a line.

There is one thing in this article I did agree with though, and it is a warning to Democrats in 2020:

The message is clear. The same old, same old (for example, Joe Biden) won’t work. A whiff of got-the-system-rigged elitism from the Democrats will be fatal. A strong economic program for working Americans is essential. Look to purple-state America, not blue-state coastal America, for a candidate who is grappling with the country’s toughest issues and is strong on can-do, down-to-earth values.

On that one he is dead on.

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