Today’s Wake Up Call

Did you know that it may have been a balmy 35º at the North Pole the other day? Never happened before. Gee, could it be global warming, that weather phenomenon that Republicans claim is just normal changes in the weather? But let’s deport more Dreamers and ignore all that. I read in my local paper that ICE (the Gestopo) was conducting raids in Sacramento. They are mad because we don’t cooperate with them. Why would we, they are deporting our hope for the future. In Afghanistan, the war goes on and we ignore it. And the funny thing is that it is a Civil war backed by Pakistan. Why again do we not finally pack up and go home. We could offer asylum to all the women who actually want to be free. Oh, wait, I forgot, we hate immigrants.

Meanwhile the Trumpees continue to quietly kill healthcare as the make subtle moves under the radar that will deny 9 million healthcare next year. But the best today is a comparison I found in the Washington Post comparing Mueller to Trump and noting that their battle is a battle for the soul of our country. Those that voted for him ignore the cesspool the man came out of (President DFF). Here is Mueller who is and has been everything that a Republican of old pines for:

Mueller was born to wealth and attended elite institutions — St. Paul’s School, Princeton University, the University of Virginia School of Law — but felt compelled to serve his country. During the Vietnam War, when most of his classmates were avoiding the draft, he volunteered for the Marine Corps and earned numerous decorations leading a rifle platoon in fierce combat. Returning home, he became a prosecutor and eventually ran the Justice Department’s criminal division. In the 1990s Mueller went into private practice. It was lucrative, but he hated it. Watching the spike of drug-driven murders in the District of Columbia, he volunteered to become a line prosecutor in the U.S. attorney’s office. It was as if a retired general had volunteered to serve as a private in wartime.

Later, as FBI director under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, Mueller became the embodiment of the old-school G-man who only wore a white shirt with a red or blue tie — never a blue shirt, because that would signal dangerous frivolity. He “avoided the limelight” and “frustrated his speechwriters by crossing out every ‘I’ in speeches they wrote for him. It wasn’t about him, he told them: ‘It’s about the organization.’ ”

Mueller embodies the ideals of probity, service and self-sacrifice that trace back to the Pilgrims who came to America in search of a “city upon a hill.” The Puritans preached devotion to the Almighty and had nothing but contempt for vanity and luxury — no blue shirts for them. Over the centuries, their religious fanaticism leached away, leaving behind in American culture a residue of obligation to serve not just God but also mankind.

Here is President DFF who is everything Republicans vowed they hated until recently when they became the embodiment of all they hated:

Trump combines the hedonism of the 1970s with the bigotry and sexism of the 1950s: the worst of both worlds. His consciousness was not raised in the 1960s, but his libido was. He did not take part in the civil rights or antiwar movements and won five draft deferments — including one for “bone spurs” — so that he could devote his life to the pursuit of women and wealth. He later said that fear of catching a sexually transmitted disease was “my personal Vietnam.”

Trump is the embodiment of what Christopher Lasch in 1979 called the “new narcissist” who “praises respect for rules and regulations in the secret belief that they do not apply to himself”; whose “emancipation from ancient taboos brings him no sexual peace”; and whose “cravings have no limits,” because he “demands immediate gratification and lives in a state of restless, perpetually unsatisfied desire.” A product of the “me decade,” Trump is a “me first”— not “America first” — president whose speeches are full of exaggerated or falsified self-praise.

Mueller is the best of America; Trump the worst. All you need to know about the diseased state of today’s Republican Party is that it reviles Mueller and reveres Trump.

The worst of America is now in charge of America and nothing will change and nothing will get done as long as we leave Republicans in charge. It really is as simple as that. Teenagers in Florida are calling bullshit. As they say, they are coming for them. They will finally hold them responsible for their votes. I hope the rest of us will do the same. I know I will. I would also like to hold responsible the people who voted for Republicans and Donald Trump. It was no secret who and what he was long before he became President on a rigged election. they have one chance to redeem themselves in 2018.

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