A Third Term

Let’s just pretend for a moment. That should not be hard as I listen to Republicans pretend President DFF is normal or that their alternate reality is the real world. Let’s pretend that Barack won a third term (forget the Constitution, and that should not be hard either because Republicans forgot it a long time ago) and now he has brought his two girls into the administration (Pretend they are old enough) and he and they were involved in the same conflict of interest things we see with Jared and Ivanka.

Let’s pretend he squeaked re-election with Russian help (that is a fact for President DFF which also is no longer in question), and then as we find out, they penetrated our voting system and he looks the other way as President DFF has in fact done. Let’s review the real facts, half billion in loans to businesses by people who may be laundering money and want political favors; funding of their businesses by banks who have already been cited for money laundering; Russian incursion into our election process with no response from the White House; the White House in disarray and everyone is bailing out; and Congress does nothing? Did I forget the investigation and the attempt to fire anyone involved? Obama would have been impeached months ago. What does that tell you other than there is rampant racism in this country?

I will tell you what this tells you and no this is not partisanship we expect from politicians. It is co-opting our Constitution and they (Republicans) are long past responsible Americans. In many ways they meet the definition of traitor. What they have done rivals, no surpasses McCarthyism. None of them are redeemable. They are past redeemable and have sold their soul to power, not the Constitution. Let me move on to Exhibit B (the above was Exhibit A).

We have this amazing gun debate going on when there is no debate. I say that even though Republicans in Congress prevented any funding for research into gun violence. But that didn’t stop it, and the latest independent studies once again tells us that more guns equals more violence, and the laws the NRA favors does not reduce it, but makes it worse. Meanwhile Republicans have one answer to gun violence, more guns. This is not rational. Oh wait, let’s talk about bump stocks, arming teachers, or some other moving the chairs around on the Titanic while we do not talk about the root problem, too many guns, and military grade weapons in the hands of anyone who wants one.

Note that discussions of talking heads with he said and she said discussion of issues break down into shouting matches and there is a reason for that, shouting distracts from a rational discussion of the studies and facts. We have a whole party working on ideology (or more cynically, they are bought and paid for) denies a rational approach to finding the facts, and denies them when we find them anyway, why do we re-elect them? Arm teachers has got to be the stupidest thing anyone ever proposed. Hand gun against an AR-15? Wait lets give them their own AR-15s! We could Velcro them to the blackboard (white boards these days) for immediate access (to anyone in the school). That is the stupidity going on right now.

Exhibit C: Let’s assume as in Exhibit A President Obama was thinking about tariffs against steel and aluminum, and then without discussing it with our allies who it might hurt and they might respond, he fails to talk to anyone in his Cabinet to discuss the plus and minuses (ramifications), and did not discuss it with Republican leaders, then tweets out his policy. There are all kinds of ramifications here that could well start a trade war and hurt everyone. The market dipped, and other nations are looking at ways to respond (some have already), and there is no policy yet except a tweet. And again where are the Republicans? If this were Obama they would have their pitchforks and torches out and be marching on the White House. You think this is normal? You think this is just partisan? Then you are brain-dead.

Here is where we are: In any other times, President DFF would have been impeached long ago. We would have returned fire on the Russians and be in full protect our elections mode. The White House would have been hosed out. We would be having rational discussions about a simple approach to gun violence which is to remove military grade weapons from the hands of average citizens and reduce the overall availability of guns to people who should not have it. We would certainly respond to dumping of steel and aluminum, but with a well thought out response that does not alienate our allies and friends, while trying to protect workers. Instead we have Republicans trying to over-shout anyone talking since facts don’t matter anymore. Oh, and they continue to try to normalize President DFF’s racism, ignorance, and outbursts.

So here is my recommendation: It is no longer time to listen or debate with any Republican. They bring nothing to the table. When they are on TV turn them off. We need to look at data and research into various issues and then debate the way forward and there can be plenty of debate on that, but the critical point here is way forward. It is time to talk about rational solutions and no Republican brings any to the table. They are about yesterday. Democrats, if they are smart (and that may be debatable), won’t debate Republicans anymore and move the discussion beyond them to workable solutions. And until voters throw all Republicans out of office, the insanity and lack of movement will continue. It is so embarrassing to be this stupid, but here we are.

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