Idle Thoughts of a Closed Mind

The TV show Roseanne has been revived. I did not watch the premier, but I read it had a large audience. I was never a big fan. Oh there was an episode here or there that were great like the one she did on PMS that still makes me smile. Some of her humor was cutting to the quick of an issue without all the politically correct baggage. But generally I found their fictional family depicted life fairly crassly. I don’t know, but I always felt there was a level of pandering to ignorance. But that was just me and in all fairness the show took on a lot of issues.

So why did I not at least give the reboot a chance as apparently 18 million viewers did? Well in some sense a closed mind. Eventually I will probably take a peek, but what I can’t get by is maybe the real life dilemma of families split around President DFF. Maybe in a show about a middle American family this division can be explored. Maybe this is an attempt to try to find the bridge to understanding and see President DFF supporters and their real concerns. Maybe it will even work.

But I simply can’t buy it. You know how when you are watching some show and it takes a plot twist that you know would never happen and they kind of lose you? Well that is how I feel about President DFF supporters. It is unbelievable to me anyone could be that stupid. The man is despicable and a lying racist. Not to mention ignorant, spouting things that are so easy to disprove, and yet we have about 30-40% of the nation thinking he is just fine. The man is a walking time bomb for destroying our country and to normalize either him or his supporters as just misunderstood does our intellect and rational debate a great disservice.

So maybe the show will help people cross the divide, but I can’t. To support such a man tells me too much about your own character and ignorance. It is not about respecting someone else’s opinion. We can argue about what is the best way to handle global warming or an approach to poverty, but we can’t claim it doesn’t exist or that it is the fault of laziness. When the facts shine sunshine on a way forward and we deny that reality, we are no longer America. It is not about open debate and respect of your opponents differing opinion. It is about challenging an alternate reality that could destroy who we are as a people and everything we used to stand for.

I am afraid shows like Roseanne that hope to cross that cultural divide and open up people’s minds to their own ignorance and prejudices simply normalizes the rejection of reality and rational thought that should have made a President DFF impossible. We are possibly facing the greatest challenge America has ever faced as we have one political party that is nothing more than a giant con (Paul Krugman), and a President who is a walking bomb to destroy what made America great, diversity, equal opportunity, and a system that leveled the playing field. For me there is nothing funny about those who don’t see that. For me, quite frankly it is a war. If we lose it, we lose the country. And in the last election they won. It is not time to start normalizing his supporters. Just the thoughts of what is admittedly a closed mind or maybe one who sees clearly that we too are facing our “darkest hour”.

Note:  For new readers, DFF is Dumb Fat F*ck

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