President DFF Had a Fine Day

Well let’s see if I have this straight:

  1. President DFF beats up on Amazon (Jeff Bezos) as an example of gross abuse of Presidential power and he has his facts wrong, probably from some of his cronies at Margo Lago. Amazon does pay state taxes (third-party sellers don’t, but they are supposed to) and Amazon is in favor of a federal regulation to make just one rule regarding the collection of taxes, instead of the mess from state to state. That is probably too much information for President DFF. Oh and the Post Office is giving away the delivery of packages, except it is a negotiated deal, is reviewed each year, and the Post Office by law cannot not make a profit on these contracts. Again, probably too much information for the dimwit and his followers. Besides this is really about an abuse of Presidential power to go after the Washington Post for, oh my god, publishing the news and investigating President DFF. Reporting his lies is a mortal sin in his little mind, if it exists at all.
  2. President DFF is at the annual Egg roll today with all the kids and he launches on Democrats and immigration, oh, and all the great things he is doing for the country. Maybe he doesn’t know 8-year olds can’t vote and he will be long dead before they do. Oh, and they could give a shit. They really were there for the eggs.
  3. President DFF starts a Tweet storm on DACA, the mass of refuges coming across the border, and how Democrats have opened our border. All those people are coming North to take advantage from DACA. Methinks this is his cronies again that are as stupid as he is. DACA does not apply to anyone after 2007, Obama was tougher (to his discredit) than any other President on deporting illegal immigrants, and illegal immigration is way down from even the Bush years. So what the hell is he talking about? They just love to hate and blame. It is what they are really good at. Not much else.
  4. The stock market cratered about 2% today, you know that economy that is better than ever before and getting better and better. And Why? Because of his attack on Amazon that cost the company billions (and by extension what could happen if he attacks other companies for political purposes) and his trade war he has started, with China responding accordingly. See my earlier blog. The market is sensing he is a bull in the economy shop. Who needs stable markets?
  5. Finally, in Oklahoma and in other red, red states teachers are walking out because while those states were cutting taxes in their Republican way for business, they were gutting their schools and not paying teachers a living wage. Funding tax cuts on the backs of kids, kind of like the federal Republicans, gutting kid’s futures on their college loans so they can also cut taxes for their business cronies. What one might want to think about is who needs smart citizens if to be President you can be a walking talking moron? Oh, and the necessary voters to sustain President DFF can’t be too smart, right? Finally teachers have had enough. We are eating our young and they are done with the martyr thing.

So how is this all working for you President DFF supporters? Getting a hint you might have made a catastrophic mistake? Not yet? Okay, it will be coming.

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