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Okay But the Thoughts are All Mine

Okay the Conclusions are all Mine But the Original Thoughts Might be From Some Other Really Smart Person

As an ex-RF4 Backseater, B-52 Bombardier (Radar Navigator), Water Resources Structural Engineer, Navy Public Works Engineer, and Army Corps of Engineers Field Engineer, Field Engineering Project Manager, Chief of Construction Project Management Branch, Program Manager for the Total Environmental Restoration Contract, and Chief of the Environmental Project Management Branch,  I am full of useless ideas that have been ignored by almost everyone.  I read and listen to news and commentary about current events, politics, religion and life in general, I think about them, grow frustrated, and then hammer out this blog almost as a reflex, mainly because no one else will listen to me.

On the Contrary is my progressive look at the ideas that are being bantered around, and hopefully an even handed critique, which any conservative will tell you is not even handed.  My writing is usually accompanied by a glass of wine that makes all things crystal clear and sooths my savaged soul.

Where this thing gets written. Oops, the caffene made me due it.

Where this thing gets written. Oops, I guess the caffene made me write that.

I live on a little piece of heaven in the Sierra Foothills, grow grapes for wine, consult from time to time, and just try to enjoy the days I have left on this earth.

N.I.P.  Stands for No-one In Particular which fairly well describes who I am.

You can find more information about me at http//:www.lightner.us, and about my vineyard at lightnervineyards.com.  You can email me at slighter@onthecontrary.us


  1. Alice Nunnery says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. Obama has already conceded TN, it seems. We are getting all kinds of negative ads from the McCain campaign, and the Obama campaign is so far doing nothing to counter them. To find a Progressive voice I have to log on to NYTimes or Washington Post, or, of course, your blog! We are looking forward to the debates, confident that Obama is well equipped to handle McCain, who appears more and more scripted and robotic these days. Pres. Clinton pointed out that there is a great deal of admiration for McCain for “giving everything a person can give for his country without dying.” I wonder if that will carry him through? You are right when you say that the McCain we admired, for his courage and sacrifice and for the “maverick” stand he took on a few issues early in his career, has almost completely sold his soul to get elected president. Picking Palin surely demonstrates a lack of good judgement at worst, and cynical ambition at the very least.

    Thanks for putting words on all of this! I agree with you 99% of the time:-)

  2. slightner says:

    Thanks Alice. I am very afraid for our future if the 50% of the nation that brought us this present disaster unrepentantly vote for McCain and Palin. One thing that troubles me is the 1% you don’t agree with me. Must be when I launch on Religion.

  3. Frank says:

    I just came across an entry from your blog back in August 2009, regarding the death of Sally Neufeld. Do you know if this is the Sally Neufeld who used to work at the National Renewable Energy Labs in Denver? I’m hoping that’s not the case, but from the information you shared I fear that it could be. If so I will be very sad to hear this. As you say in your blog, she was a very special person.
    Thank you in advance,

  4. slightner says:

    Sorry Frank, one and the same and she is missed by all of us who knew her..

  5. Randel says:

    Thanks for being so normal and level headed. It’s very refreshing.

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