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The Sh%t Hole That is The White House

I believe we have now crossed a line. I am sure you saw that as predicted, the White House will not be releasing the Democrat’s Memo rebutting Nunes. General Kelly apparently got picked off by his whole staff in trying to make them lie about his knowledge of Porter the wife beater. Always trust a man over a frivolous women. It just amazes me that anyone tries to pretend General Kelly is a fine upstanding man. Lazy Dreamers? Wife Beaters? Lying about Congresswoman Frederica Wilson? I am sure he is just fine with the Gestopo we have turned ICE into. We are committing crimes of severe inhumanness and we don’t even blink. Well, I do. There is a sordid feeling about our government institutions, and the number three in the Justice Department bailed out before the whatever night massacre occurs, and it is coming.

We are watching before our very eyes the Republicans, in league with the Sh%tHole White House, destroy the very institutions we depend upon. The attacks on the FBI based upon wild leaps of paranoia destroy the one institution we have left to balance executive power. Justice is lead by a little pip squeak whose moral underpinning was foretold when the Senate refused him a federal judge position. Good people who went to work for government, not for the money, but for the motivation of doing the right thing for the country are leaving in droves. The stink at the top is pervading every single agency. You want government that doesn’t work? Well now you are going to get it.

Probably the greatest failure are the Republicans in Congress not doing what the Constitution required and limiting the damage of one branch of government. They are supposed to take action and yet we watch as they join in on the game of destroy the FBI and release false misleading information to try to protect the Tyrant in Chief. One after another of the “principled” senior Senators (Hatch, Graham, even McCain) enable this rot. They have simply ceased to be an independent branch of government. This will probably be remembered as the greatest failure of American Democracy and principles ever seen and may doom us. Once the majority of people distrust government and government institutions, governing will become impossible.

At this point, with all the evidence that is piling up on us, it is almost impossible to understand, much less tolerate among us, those who support this rot. Now let me define rot. Ignorance, lying, racism, nativism, xenophobia, cruelty and inhumanness, oh and let’s not forget misogyny so on display today. And all of that was on display before he was elected. But some of the people can be fooled some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time. We are into that all of the time phase and those that still support this destruction of our democracy are just deplorable. The one thing you know at this point with all of the destruction and decay spreading around us is to support this you have to be in an alternate universe where facts don’t matter. Rational arguments armed with facts and data do not matter. They are glued to Fox News. They are deplorable. I personally can no longer tolerate them. I know what they are costing our future.

Roger Cohen, who I greatly admire, has written a piece about a man he still respects who supports Trump. Now I get how he could have been fooled and rejected the same old same old from the Democrats. I get how they failed to really understand the anger and despair in the country. I get that. Maybe Trump would reinvigorate our politics. That would be the fool some of the people some of the time category. But what about now? How can he still support him? Here are some excerpts:

If there’s a main source of Kennedy’s anger, it’s that this has become such a quaint, outmoded question in today’s America of lobbyists and line-my-pockets politics. “Trust the Clintons? Not with the Lord’s breakfast,” he says.

He tells me he leans right, but he believes that every American should have a functioning public transit system (“as in Germany and Japan”) and a good national health service. He thought Obama could be “a breath of fresh air,” and was initially in favor of “Obamacare,” until it “went off the rails because the exchanges were not competitive.”

Then along came Trump. “The thing about him,” Kennedy tells me, “is that there’s forward energy. He’s like a horse with blinders at the Kentucky Derby. If there’s another horse in the way, knock it out and ride the rail. I listened to him, on immigration, on draining the swamp, on lobbyists, and I liked that. As I recall, it was ‘We the people’ not ‘We the empowered.’ ”

Immigration was an important factor in Kennedy’s lurch from Obama to Trump. While he favors the Dreamers program, which shielded some young immigrants from deportation, he says, “There are too many people running around who have no business being here.” America First was important: Too many working Americans have lost jobs to unbalanced trade deals.

Now from my point of view his thinking is muddled, not fact based, and irrational. He, I think is the typical Trump voter. And if you actually looked at policy, Trump had none and Clinton offered things he was for. But this last election was not about policy, It was about anger at the status quo and distrust. And here is the part where I part company with Roger:

And what of the president’s racism, lies, warmongering outbursts, vulgarity, and attacks on a free press and the judiciary? “Go beyond the noise,” Kennedy tells me. “Don’t take him at face value. If I thought he was a racist, I’d be off the train so fast you’d have to mail me my shadow. Respect the office of the presidency.”

I disagree. Respect for the office must begin with Trump, who’s sullied it with mendacity, bigotry and autocratic contempt for the Constitution. Still, I respect Kennedy. He’s served his country. He’s a patriot. He’s no “deplorable.” He’s smart. The Democratic Party should listen to him, or risk losing in 2020.

No Roger he is a deplorable. He is an ignorant fool. We need to call him out.  The racism is for all to see and he is in denial. As one commenter on this piece asked, I wonder what news channel he gets his information from. So no I do not respect him. He, in his denial and ignorance, is enabling the destruction of our country. Maybe you are a bigger man than I, but it must be clear to you now that rational argument will not work on this man. What is so blatantly obvious can be so ignored is deplorable. So what is there to respect? These are not differences of opinion, but willful ignorance in service of the destruction of our values. Those who associated with Trump, like General Kelly, are soiled as their worst selves come out. It is our duty to call them out, not enable them with our respect. We have crossed a line.

There is one thing in this article I did agree with though, and it is a warning to Democrats in 2020:

The message is clear. The same old, same old (for example, Joe Biden) won’t work. A whiff of got-the-system-rigged elitism from the Democrats will be fatal. A strong economic program for working Americans is essential. Look to purple-state America, not blue-state coastal America, for a candidate who is grappling with the country’s toughest issues and is strong on can-do, down-to-earth values.

On that one he is dead on.

Super Bowl

Remember when I said I would watch no more football to encourage young men to wreck their bodies. Well I lied. I did watch the Super Bowl, and I watched it at home since my Shingles is not something you want to take into a crowd. Also, except for she who must not be mentioned here, I had control of the clicker. That was probably the best football game I have ever watched. Especially the punts. I think there was one.

Now I have this strange idea that there should be a balance in nature, karma maybe. I just thought it was time for someone else to be on top besides the Patriots so I was for the Eagles. And I was impressed. Trick plays in the Super Bowl? Wow. And what a finish because as much as I wanted the Eagles to win, giving the last shot to the Patriots put you heart in your throat. What a magnificent game. I would like to say politics aside, but with Brady and owner such Trump and pseudo science believers, I think nature took its course.

That said, I did not want to leave the TV at commercials. Too bad they can’t all be this good, but I understand why. If the writing for the commercials is better than the show you are waiting, then you would take your potty/food breaks during the show, not the commercials. The Dirty Dancing scene by Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. still makes me laugh this morning. The Amazon and Tide commercials were right up there. That is an advantage of watching at home, no one changes the channels or engages you in conversation, when in many Super Bowls, the commercials are the best part. In this one it was just non-stop fun.

Finally there was the halftime show, and I just read a piece in the Washington Post that slammed it. Now I have watched a lot of half time shows and I was entranced. This was the first time I think they took in the nature of the venue and really used it. Movement and dancing I enjoyed, I loved the eclectic outfits, the marching band dressed as an orchestra, and the energy of it. I did not think the ode to Prince was too much and yes he sang old songs. I like old songs. I really enjoyed it. Of course, I am an old guy which could, if he wanted to afford to go to a Super Bowl and wasn’t that really the crowd he was aiming at? But what do I know, except what I like, and I liked it.

Okay, now I can go back to bashing football, but last Sunday was a really fun day where the world is once again in balance and the underdog won. Karma.

Hypocrisy in Spades

I am one who has never been afraid of he debt. You know one of those crazy liberal tax and spend. The operative word in that statement is TAX. Increasing the debt in times when we need investment whether in a recession or when we need to upgrade our infrastructure for the future is quite normal and what we should care about is that it does not overly raise interest rates or spur inflation if we print money. Our present debt has done neither and with corporations fat with cash, borrowing, government versus the private sector, is not an issue. So debt is a relative term, and a necessary evil of investment in the future. The question is how much debt and remember debt is meaningless as a number until you compare it to GDP.

Okay, but our Republican friends who claim that debt is the devil just cut massive taxes for the wealthy. The Stock market is quite happy and President DFF waves the flag of how he, the biggest DFF in the room, has finally given us an economy that can grow (it already was and has been since 2009). But here is the thing, just like in the Bush days before the big crash, we got lower taxes and spend, spend, spend. Then we had the crash in 2008. Well here we are again. This is the Treasury Departments forecast for this year on our deficit because of the decreased tax revenues of the tax cut:

Now there are several things to note here. In 2009 it really spiked after who again wrecked the economy? Republicans. All that spending was to save the banks, activate the safety nets for all those who lost their jobs, and a small stimulus package to try to get the economy going again. Do you remember where the Stock Market Dow Jones was then, the Holy Grail of Republican metrics? $6500±. Note also that our deficit has steady dropped and then the spike for the Tax cut. Funny President DFF did not mention this in his State of the Union. Where is all the supply side new revenue? Non-existent. Sadly running up the debt to make rich people richer is a much different thing than running up our debt to invest in our future (infrastructure, education, healthcare). Oh and on that liberal tax and spend thing. Yeah, if you want to spend, and a tax cut is spending, you have to tax to afford it. You go there Tax and Spend liberals/progressives. Meanwhile the fear the debt Republicans are historically famous for running it up.

What’s Worse than Listening to All that Nonsense From Republicans About the Memo? Getting Shingles

If you are and if, then kind of guy/gal, you know that even the cherry picked information in the “Memo”  doesn’t go anywhere. I am not going to take you on logic trip as the networks, except Fox Lies of course, are eating it alive, but if you are a Republican it proves there is a Democratic plot to overthrow the nation, black helicopters are everywhere, and if anything bad happens, it has got to be Democrats. Hillary! Obama! Does anyone wonder at how a minority party with the chiefs of all the agencies they are now attacking appointed by them are suddenly tools of the nefarious Democrats? You remember Democrats, very similar to a herd of cats? Who was it who questioned if they were an “organized” party? Will Rogers. That is how absurd all this is.

But all that is a side-show to my latest adventure, Shingles. Destroy the nation! I don’t care! I am in pain! Fix it! I got an ear ache about a week ago, so I got a prescription for an antibiotic. Then a small rash appeared near my ear running down toward my jaw. That should have been the wake up call, but I and my doctor missed it. As the rash worsened and grew, we decided it was a reaction to the antibiotic and changed out the drug which I should have known was wrong because I have a high tolerance to all drugs. It got worse, a lot worse. Painful is not even getting close to describing it. Either your face is on fire, you get a stabbing pain, or it starts itching wildly. Then it cycles. I am a guy who has ruptured his collateral medial ligament of his knee, fractured his knee, fractured his wrist, had a ruptured patella tendon, a fractured skull, and a knee replacement (not to mention having my big toenail pulled off). I know pain. This is an 8-9 that shows no sign of abating.

I figured out it was Shingles when my son and she who must not be mentioned here both suggested it and this morning with the pain and rash getting worse, I went, as instructed if it got worse, to the ER. Now I have Kaiser, and they are wonderful. I have this serious guilt thing about ever going to an ER unless I am on a gurney (which was the last time I was in there with emergency surgery on my knee). But I could not believe how sympathetic and helpful they were. Of course my face looks like WWIII so you get bonus points for that. When the triage nurse call back saying they were sending back a 71-year old male, I wonder who the hell was the old guy going in front of me, and then realize I am the 71-year old male. She could have said buff 71-year old male. Okay, I quibble.

The doctor really took his time to get my history, drugs (when you have advanced staged prostate cancer there are drugs), progress of the symptoms. I was impressed. He was worried about had it damage the nerves on that side and ask me to smile (looking for asymmetry). “Smile,” I said, “Your kidding.” Bottom line, he told me sadly that it was Shingles, and if we could have picked it off in the first couple of days there are antivirals that can be effective. But I was in day seven. You are now in for the ride. How long? Well….Depends. Probably another week anyway. They did give me a pill to try to control the nerve pain (which is what all the pain is), but takes a day or two to kick in and if it is not too effective call your GP to up the dosage. I have him on speed dial and put him on notice. The other good news is you probably won’t ever get it again and before you ask, yes I did have the Shingles booster, but some of the meds I take for my cancer may have suppressed my auto immune system allowing the Shingles to attack.

Why am I telling you all this? Want to hear about the Memo? It is a nice diversion kind of like stabbing your eyes out. Who cares if Republicans are destroying the country. Oh, and if you get a rash and it is only on one side of your body and seems to travel down nerves, especially on your face or head, suspect Shingles and move quickly. Then you do not have to take the full ride. I figure by about the time this goes away, so will have the Memo. Life is such an adventure.

The Day After

And you might ask after what? Exactly. In the run up to the State of the Union and afterwards, there is nothing there. It is like tasting a big fruity upfront wine with no finish (Sorry, I was watching Sideways for the 100th time). There is nothing there. It is all posturing and lies. Talking about the posturing and lies afterwards is also hot air. Nothing moves, nothing changes, and nothing gets done. Remember when it was Barack and the Republicans shouted you lie? Now it is President DFF and it wasn’t necessary to shout it out, we all know he does.

First, the President has little to do with the economy except to wreck it. See Bush and Republicans (with help from Democrats who leaned right) in 2008. If you really wanted to note anything you should read the quotes from some economists after Davos, commenting that this feels like 2008 when nobody thought anything could go wrong. It is the herd mentality. He is riding on a curve established in the Obama Presidency, and it may be hitting its peak. Second, talking infrastructure makes me want to throw up. The plan is partnerships, public and private, where we get all this stuff free (You don’t really think Republicans are going to put tax cuts at risk for infrastructure funding do you?), which means welcome to higher cost for everything while some businesses profit exorbitantly. If you like toll roads and pay as you go, everywhere, turn our infrastructure over to profit making institutions.

Meanwhile the Republicans get in a train/truck conflagration (train wins) and it is like the story of the hour. Well so far it has been most of the day. Again, the only news here is that we have so badly underfunded train travel that we do not have proper controls at crossings (or elevated crossings). Some are so traumatized they may just go home instead of their gaggle to plan destroying America. What does that say about these guys connection with the real world. Their votes on healthcare and the safety net have killed thousands. Light rail hits man on tracks and guess what, we all still go to work. Think about that.

But the best part of the day where you should be drinking wine instead of watching any news is that the FBI director came out and said that the Nunes Memo is so flawed and misleading that it should not be released. Guess what they will do?

The “F.B.I. was provided a limited opportunity to review this memo the day before the committee voted to release it,” the F.B.I. said in a statement. “As expressed during our initial review, we have grave concerns about material omissions of fact that fundamentally impact the memo’s accuracy.”

That is the America we are now living in. You know I got to thinking about how so many Republicans now can really just toss their country for a racist, lying pig, and it finally occurred to me that they live in such a conservative bubble, that they really believe their own shit. I can’t help it, I can’t help thinking there is a big crash coming as you can not be this stupid for this long and not be involved in a major disaster. Larry, Moe, and Curly have nothing on us.

Old Man Grousing (You Kids Get Off My Lawn!)

I tried to watch the Grammys last night, looking for new young talent and beautiful music, but failed to get through the hip-hop, rap, or whatever they call it these days. Yeah, I know, old man move on with the times. But it is not like I am pining for Glenn Miller, but I am looking for haunting melodies that lift me or take me to another place, and what I got was chanting with bad grammar. Do we really think street smarts and fake gangster persona is wisdom on any level? The free spirit/nonconforming soul is really just a carbon copy of the last one.

Watching the spectacle itself was disturbing. Everyone out there trying to be look at me, look at me, look at me. Oh, of course there were exceptions, but I think we have gone over the cliff. Do we need a piano covered by feathers for Lady GaGa to make her point? Sometimes the music itself, not the spectacle is what it should be about. But back to the rap, where was the music? Oh sure, some of the chants have social or political messages. But really? On a 8th grade level maybe. Try reading Robert Frost. Oh wait, that would take some intellectual discipline which seems to no longer exist.

I think maybe it is a sign of our times. Reading Facebook is like a me, me, me experience where self promotion is the name of the game. All right, I do post these blogs there and that is a form of self promotion, but it is not my self I am promoting, but my ideas. That is a whole other ball game where having ideas is like bad manners. Don’t disrupt my need for continuous stimulation, glitz, or cute pictures of a cat with wanting me to slow down and think something through. That takes work and I would rather be distracted by the next shiny object instead of thinking deeply about where we are going or who we have become.

Leonard Pitts Jr. is a writer for the Miami Herald and put this idea forward, how much shit would we be in if President DFF were actually smart? President DFF is doing immense damage to our democracy, but with no real end game. What if he had one and was crafty? Then he points out how or ability for critical thinking has been pretty much co-opted by social media which allows a nut job like our President to reign and get nonsense out there, unexamined by the me generation. His solution I found interesting besides purging Facebook and Twitter of false junk and hate speech:

Now would also be an excellent time for schools to beef up their teaching of philosophy, history, civics and social studies. Teach those things as a means of helping people to think critically, value truth and internalize the ideals that are supposed to make America America.

Ha! I wish. Philosophy, history, civics, and social studies requires us to think deeply beyond the words and into what is it we want, what is life about, what are the deep implications of a society whose measure of success is told in their portfolios. And the other part of it is that for most of us, it is hard work. I read very slowly, sadly. Getting through some books with profound ideas about who we are and where we are going is a long slog for me most times. But it is worth it as you start to see the road ahead more clearly, and understand what is going on around us. Marvel comic books is no substitute. I would suggest along with all that philosophy, history, civics and social studies, we throw in some of the great literature that brings these ideas alive. If you don’t think Animal Farm is about the Trump administration your are denser than a rock. Actually George Orwell had a lot to say about the times we live in.

I guess I should not despair. Some of the movies nominated for an Academy Award this year do in fact take us deep into our soul. While you may have loved Francis McDormand’s toughness in Three Billboards, there was something much deeper going on about life, chaos, cruelty, justice, and moving on. Darkest Hour’s best line was when Winston had rallied the government to fight the Nazis, one of his opponents (Halifax) commented, “He just mobilized the English language and sent it into battle.” The Post gave us a lesson in free speech and about women and how we have treated them in our culture. Dunkirk made me think about life, death, and forgiveness. Note I did not find Shape of Water to be anything but a comic book, but maybe I missed something. So I should take heart that thinking is going on or at least we are getting a respite from car chase scenes and spectacular special effects going nowhere, with dialogue aimed at the 4th grader.

But I do worry. In the 60’s people came out into the streets, but then the men at least had skin in the game (draft). Today we can look away and distract ourselves, and except for the Women’s Movement (they really do have skin in the game), I see intellectual and political laziness. I guess I knew we were doomed when NASCAR moved in to the mainstream along with country music. Now it is just a slow slide into oblivion.


The Senate got a deal.  Is it a good deal?  I would say in normal times yes.  These are not normal times.  I am still trying to find the details.  Here is what I think:

  • They got a 3-week CR. Another kick the can down the road
  • They got a “promise” from Mitch McConnell to put a DACA bill on the floor allowing open debate and amendments “next month”

Was CHIP in it?  I don’t know yet.  Has anything changed so that the CR is not just another delay that we will once again face shutdown?  Will DACA actually come up?  Will Paul Ryan bring it up in the House even if McConnell does? Will the President even consider a DACA bill?  Will the House tube the whole thing?  I think this is a long shot and Progressives are smart to walk away from it (not vote for it).  We will get three weeks of posturing and then once again we will be looking into the abyss.  It would be interesting to see if the McConnell actually keeps his promise and DACA is attached to something that either has to pass or stand alone.  I don’t think we really have a resolution and the Democrats may have caved.  I hope I am wrong.

But here is the thing you really need to think about.  The people who made this happen, regular order, are not going to be around in the future.  Progressives need to learn from what happens in the next few days.  The establishment Democrats blinked.  Maybe they are right, but that is not what history tells me.

Update: Here are a few comments from others that kind of expresses my feelings here:

Mike from Kansas: Accepting this compromise may be the best the Democrats can do at this time, but I don’t believe either President Trump or the Republicans can be trusted, at all. What will the Republicans demand to pass the dreamer protection and path to citizenship, an end to Medicare and Social Security?

Sooner or later, we will need to take that stand.

Laurence from California: You’re a good man, Charlie Brown! (And a Democrat, for sure.) Now get ready to kick that football.

The Press is Failing Us Again

I watched the morning news and they are all salivating and frothing at getting the government open again. Oh the damage it will do. Why can’t they just compromise? This is hurting the country. Get a deal (any deal). How does that inform anyone? A deal at what cost? Is the CR the way we are going to operate? What about CHIP and DACA. Clearly the Republicans held out not fixing those two programs that they all agree to fix because they wanted to hold them hostage. Where is the media narrative about that? That is not an opinion or a partisan side, it is the truth. Why when Claire McCaskill offered an amendment to fund the military, and those wives and parents of fallen veterans, did Mitch McConnell say no? To hold them hostage. Who is it that went to the White House and cut a deal with the Wall on the table, and then hours later, had the goal posts moved on him again?

And caving to get the government open makes all the media’s friends in the stock market happy but just solidifies this as a tactic that works so well for the Republicans. Sure you can report on all those who will be hurt, that is easy, but there is something important at stake here and you are missing it. Reminds me of Chamberlin wanting to sue Hitler for peace, any peace (see The Darkest Hour). Is that the government we want? Get a grip media and get the facts straight. Pass DACA and CHIP as separate actions. Then settle on the budget. It would be easy if Mitch McConnell would put them up for a vote, but he won’t. Who is a fault is that again? And of course you have forgotten that we have no idea what the idiot sitting in the White House will do, but it is time to find out. Whose at fault again? Open the government at any cost? Over my dead body.


I am listening to the news as I work and the bias is they must reach a settlement. It is foolish to shut down the government. And what that means is the Democrats have to swallow the poison pills in the CR and without a DACA resolution and no indication that 30 days from now we won’t be in the same position where the Republicans can put more poison pills in the “compromise” and still not resolve DACA. Just when Dick Durbin was taking the floor of the Senate to explain why dealing now is no deal and this time it is worth shutting down the government so that Democrats do not have to be the cave party again, the coverage switches over to highly partisan and untruthful statement from the White House. How again is that even balanced coverage. SHUT IT DOWN DEMOCRATS. NO DACA NO NOTHING. Try to focus here. There was a compromise President DFF tore up. SHUT IT DOWN.


Many are describing President DFF’s changing stances on immigration, being reasonable to crazy build the wall, as being easily changed by those around him. That is only a small part of it. What is really driving the train is the Mueller investigation and him hanging on to the deplorables (his base) to hold power over Republicans. The Republicans are facing a Blue wave and their only hope is the rabid deplorables vote. So racist, wall building, healthcare killing, immigration blocking policies will continue. It is not about a grand strategy for governing the country, it is about surviving an impeachment.

Speaking of Mueller’s investigation, we all saw a House Intelligence Committee interview Steve Bannon, and then when he stonewalled, subpoena him, yet they have treated no other witness like that and the very next witness (Cory Lewandoski) who pulled the same stonewalling got let off scot free. So what is going on? We all thought, so there, finally the House Intelligence Committee actually wants the facts and then not so much. Well Rachel Maddox offered an answer last night that I might think makes sense.

The Republicans on the committee might be trying to mess with Mueller’s investigation by getting Bannon on record first and in some cases tainting the testimony. That makes sense to me watching their general behavior. I don’t think they got God, I think they just used different tactics to thwart the investigation. Mueller is no fool which is why he dropped the subpoena on Bannon, and now will sit down with him before he testifies in the House.

The doctor who look at President DFF gave him a clean bill of health and now we know the rot extends to military doctors at Bethesda. Of course he does not have a clean bill of health as attested to by many other doctors looking at his LDL numbers. He is obese, eats high fat foods, and does not expertise. He is the perfect candidate for a heart attack. No, I am not going to say it, but I am thinking it. But when medical professionals are also being tarnished and lie for their careers or whatever, it is just so sad to see. Now Medicine is partisan. Try to keep in mind that the facts have a liberal bias in the first place.

Meanwhile in government shutdown land, President DFF apparently threw a wrench into the GOP plan to extend the government into February. He is against the CHIP part. Go figure as almost everyone except probably his band of deplorables support health insurance for kids. That is really good news because that stop gap CR was another poison pill for Obamacare, killing needed funding. Some “moderate” Democrats might have fallen for that. The Progressives seem to get it and there will be no more CRs until DACA gets resolved.

The solution for a Republican led government is simple. Pass the Durbin-Graham compromise and put it on President DFF’s desk. While Mitch, the evil, McConnell pines he does not know what to do because President DFF won’t tell him what he will sign, the government goes rudderless. They won’t do the above because they know it will pass and then it will then put the blame for the government shutdown squarely where it belongs, on President DFF. Of course it would take Congress off the hook, so who knows. Political calculations instead of doing what is right are twisted at best.

One last thing. We have been hearing excuses why these high minded and moral generals (Kelly and McMasters) are staying in the White House to reign President DFF in and it is, how to say this, BS. Kelly showed himself to be a racist in the incident with the Florida Congresswoman where he lied about her and then never apologized, and McMasters was part of President DFF turning right on DACA when everything blew up. Lesson here is generals have no monopoly on ethics or morals.

So the weekend is almost here and the government shutdown is looming. Hopefully people will finally figure out this is what you get with Republicans controlling government. It has always been their way that compromise means capitulation for the other side. Have you woken up yet?