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More Hypocrisy

Well you can see what is coming. It won’t be the Democrats rebuttal to the House Republicans Memo. The hypocrisy is ripe. Instead of announcing before they had read it, that they were going to release it  as the did with the Nunes Memo (Had the White House played a role in drafting it?), they say it must be carefully vetted by the head of the FBI and the Intelligence Chef. Do you remember that both of them advised against releasing the Nunes Memo and they did anyway? What do you think they will do this time? Oh we can’t release it or we have to heavily redact it (political) before we do. What a bunch of nonsense.

Now on the central issue that the Steel Dossier was a political hit job by the Democrats and that was not told to the FISA judge, neither is quite true. Let’s take the first, it was a political hit job. Steele was sent out to get dirt on the President and Russia. Dirt isn’t bad if it is true. Most of what Steele has found has been corroborated by other witnesses. Steele gets concerned as a former secret agent and meets with American officials in Rome who summoned him and told them:

The Russians had damaging information about Trump’s personal behavior and finances that could be used to pressure the GOP nominee. What’s more, the Kremlin was now carrying out an operation with the Trump campaign’s help to tilt the U.S. election — a plot Steele had been told was ordered by President Vladi­mir Putin.

Okay, wouldn’t you? Now Steele is a trusted agent and he was reporting what he heard from his sources in Russia. Who cares who it was paid for by, now you have disturbing information, if true, warrant a full blown investigation. Now here is where the Republicans are truly disingenuous. We were already alerted by European Intelligence agencies in two countries that there were meetings going on that was disturbing. So at least from two other sources they had corroborating information that we know of. We also know that the judge in the FISA investigation was told this was a politically funded report by Steele so that argument goes out the window.

And finally, this is about surveillance Carter Page. He has said enough on television to make him a person of interest. The initial FISA warrant came long before the Steele revelations so there was already smoke. And the warrant has to be reviewed periodically before the judge to justify continuing it. It was so there was justification to continue. Said another way, the Nunes Memo was a nothing burger. It was what most Republicans hate, the bad guy getting off on a technicality if true. So why did the Republicans cook it up and support it, and why will the Democratic Memo never see the light of day? Oh wait! Republicans voted to release it! Ha! They know the White House won’t so they can claim fairness.

But back to the central question of why. And the answer is simple:  2018 and impeachment. There is about 30% of the country who are truly deplorables. They are ignorant, racist, and nativists, not to mention xenophobic, just like their champion, President DFF. That 30% will control the next election for Republicans in the primaries. That is what this is all about. The country be damned.

I am reading the book How Democracies Die, and they take a historical look at how demagogues like our present president rise and kill democracy and the parallels to the Republican Party (mob) is stunning. I will write more about this later, but Republicans, when they decided it was in their best interests to become the Party of President DFF, took a large step to destroy our democracy. As his abnormal becomes normal we are slipping down the slippery slope.

I think we get distracted with all the hype.  We know this:  Russians attacked the country and helped President DFF to get elected.  He denies it and has done nothing to prevent further incursions in 2018.  We know that he got dubious loans through banks laundering Russian money and his son bragged of Russian funding, and this was in a time when other banks would not touch him. Finally we have all this confirmed contacts with Russians during the campaign.  And Republicans want to look the other way.  Yep we are on that slide to tyranny.