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Democrats Just Don’t Need This Right Now! BS!

From the WaPo:

At a minimum, the unfolding controversy among Democrats is a distraction they don’t need right now. But it could reflect deeper differences inside a party that can’t shake off 2016 and is still searching for a comeback strategy that goes beyond being anti-Trump.

Actually it is exactly what they need right now and should have happened a lot sooner. They establishment Democrats nixed the idea of looking back, kind of like Barrack did with torture and now it is raising its ugly head again.  In a Washington Post-ABC news poll last summer, “it asked whether people thought the Democratic Party stands for something or just stands against Trump, and people chose the latter by a 52-to-37 margin. So that is a majority of registered voters who think the opposition party isn’t defined by anything except opposition — that the Democratic Party has no real message.” And the Democrats are whining about just holding hands and fighting Trump?

In the article starting this blog, the writers cited a new study that looked at who actually came out to vote. And in that it is insightful, but once again misses the big point, root cause, why did blacks, white educated voters, the young, stay away from the polls? Understanding who did and did not vote is of course important, but the why is the real problem. While understanding voter profiles is important to understand who to profile, it is worthless if you do not know what do you pitch to them? Think about it. Hillary should have been the perfect candidate, if the establishment Democrats were on the right track, and Donald Trump beat her? Forget about Russians and Comey because they just entered an arena where the table was already set for failure and took advantage of it. And don’t blame Hillary. There was a revolt in the country and establishment Democrats and Republicans were clueless.

So this argument about what happened is really important. Democrats are placing all their bets on Mueller and then they can just return to business as usual and this is a recipe for failure. Presiden Ryan will just continue wrecking the country with no organized Democrat push back. When more than half of registered voters don’t think you stand for anything (part of the problem), and independents are growing, you have even a bigger problem. And what is missing is the fight for who we are. Wait you say! Trump (DFF*) is a threat to democracy and America as we know it and we have to put our petty squabbling aside to defeat him! Defeat him with what? Who are we and how do we mobilize voters to support us? Until we have this fight, we actually enable the DFF.

Now my biases are quite clear if you are a reader of this blog. But my biases are not formed by ideology, but by what has failed and what works, with those conclusions arrived at through facts, science, and data. More importantly, my ideas can change as those facts, science, and data change. I would be all for tax cuts for the wealthy if they in fact did raise all boats.  But it doesn’t. Conservatives have a failed ideology. Going slow sometimes is good, but not when you are about to be run down by a speeding truck called denial. Global warming anyone? Progressive solutions are not perfect and there will be unintended consequences that will have to be dealt with.

Look at Obamacare. Not my choice (Medicare for everyone phased in appropriately), but when it had problems they could not be fixed because conservatives needed it to fail to satisfy their ideology, and all they had to offer was return to the old failed system. Democrats could not win elections so they are stuck while the majority of Americans now support Obamacare. It is a step on the way to universal healthcare as a right, which conservatives deny. My point is to show that there is rot in the Democratic Party that makes them ineffectual and until we face that rot and deal with it we can not grow.

What I find interesting in all these media stories about not looking back at the election and the dissension in the Democratic Party is the failure to even mention the Progressive autopsy (Autopsy:  The Democratic Party in Crisis) that nailed it. It must be too left-wing. Yet if you read it (it is only 32 pages and large type, or you can just read the Executive Summary), it is based on facts and data and it nails the why. Here is the short version: There is a sense among the 99% that the economy is rigged against them and they see Democrats as co-opted by the present system, corporations and Wall Street. They don’t fight the hard battles that represent working America against corporations and Wall Street. And that crosses all color lines, even rural America.  You can’t even get the party to say they favor universal healthcare or Medicare for everyone because they might offend some conservative leaning Democrats.  Conservative leaning districts are not ready for it so you don’t try to convince them it is the only way to solve our healthcare problem?

So that is what is wrong with the Democrats and the Autopsy offers some ways forward. But we are not discussing it, and every discussion about the dissension ignores it. Let’s just move on. Ever been in a marriage where you keep sweeping the big stuff under the rug. There is going to be an explosion and the longer you wait the bigger the explosion. After you read it, you say, yeah, we need to discuss this.  But we don’t because the establishment does not want to do that.  It would end them.  So what needs to be done.

Well, our work has been done for us if you take two documents, the Autopsy and the Roosevelt Institute’s Rewrite the Rules  which gives an in-depth look at how we change the rules of capitalism in this country to work for all of use. I will give you the short version after you buy into the idea the system is rigged for the wealthy.  Democrats have to decide to stand for something and quit calling our goals pie-in the sky.  The country is becoming more liberal and especially Democrats.  Embrace it. It is not about being more liberal, it is about solutions that work for all of us. Okay here is the To-Do list:

  1. Shake up party leadership, whether it is Pelosi, Schumer, or the DNC.  They have worked hard, but they are representative of the establishment and are never going to be believable leaders. They are associated with the failure of the Democrat Party and the massive losses over the last 10 years.  They need to be moved to the background. Remember “A Better Deal”.  It fell like a thud, not that it did not have some good ideas, but nobody believes this bunch really believe in it.
  2. Get rid of Political Party Pundits that show up to discuss politics on TV and get some real Progressives.  What you get is the old establishment clueless about our future.  Ed Rendell comes to mind as one example.
  3. The Democratic Party needs to come out with a New New Deal.  Roosevelt had it right and Rewrite the Rules lays out the data and changes that have to be made in our economic rules on trade, tax policy, intellectual property, etc.
  4. Here are some policies that they should fully embrace and warn those who can’t support these, will not be receiving Democratic Party Support
    1. A Woman’s Choice is not negotiable.  If you think government can make decision for women, you don’t belong in the Democratic Party.
    2. Equal Pay for Equal Work.  Again women in bondage and it is not to be tolerated in the Democratic Party.
    3. A Livable Minimum Wage.  This is not hard.  It may not be $15/hour in Mississippi, but it is probably more than that in San Francisco.  So the party should stand up for a base livable wage, and a COLA to adjust across the country.  No this is not complicated.  Federal workers already have this.
    4. Universal Healthcare.  Probably the easiest way to get there is to do a phase implementation of Medicare for everyone which would cause the least disruption to our private health insurance industry.  But there are other solutions and we can debate them, but one way or another, the government is going to fund universal healthcare through taxes.  Not negotiable.
    5. Global Warming and Infrastructure improvements.  Again fuck you coal states.  You are killing us.  Global warming is here and coal is such a small part of the economy it is a joke. The Democratic Party should be for the future.  That does not mean we won’t debate transition programs, make sure those impacted get help, but we need to take effective action now.  Infrastructure is part of this and will create jobs.  If you have not figured it out, our infrastructure needs to be hardened and improved, NOW.
    6. Free College Tuition.  Many countries do this so we can too, and the education of everyone is in our best interests.  We can debate how we get there, but the first thing we need to do is wipe out all student debt. If you take a deep look at the student loan program, we are robbing our children to subsidize our treasury and tax cuts.
    7. Strengthing and making Social Security a retirement system for all Americans based upon what they pay in.  Democrats should stand for financial security in retirement not dependent on the stock market.
    8. Immigration is the life blood of our economy.  Quit pandering to secure the borders and note they are already as secure as they are ever going to be, recognize the boon to our economy by immigrants from all economic and education levels and simplify the law to let people come and go as the work dictates.  Make sure that we do not allow corporations to use these immigrants to lower wages or get rid of senior more high costing people.
    9. There is systemic racism across our policing system and Democrats will not tolerate it.  Craft legislation to ensure that funds training and allows the Justice Department to act when local and state agencies don’t.
    10. Religious Freedom.  Make it clear that our Founders wanted religious concerns out of our government.  Religion will never be allowed to be used as a tool for discrimination.  American citizens have the right to believe what they want, but cannot use the force of government to force that on others.  In all levels of government, the Democratic Party stand s for the freedom from religion.
    11. Finally a real tax reform.  That doesn’t mean lower taxes, it means fairer taxes.  Tax reform will be recognized as a long-term process, but we need guidelines about fairness that drives this reform.  Reinventing the rules lays out the details.
    12. Stand for small businesses over corporations.  This would be especially effective in rural farming states where corporation farming is eating them alive.
    13. Finally, not Big Government, but Smart Government.  An across the board review of rules and regulations that looks at what works and what does not and simplifying many of them.

Okay that is my list.  This would be a party that takes on Wall Street and corporations and stands up for all Americans.  It would not define its basic beliefs by polls or short-term tactical elections.  It would be about reforming America to be a fair place.  Until the Democratic Party embraces these ideas and fundamental principles, they will remain obscure and aimless.

*Dumb Fat F*ck a.k.a. Donald Trump