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The Democrats are Dumber than Snot

Well the Donna Brazile story broke showing how what Bernie supporters thought were all true, the cards were carefully stacked against them by the DNC, and the purse strings controlled, it turns out, by Hillary Clinton. So what did I see this morning? A Democratic pundit telling the Democratic Party and focusing on Bernie supporters, to quit squabbling and come together. How f*cking dumb is that? Come together around what? If you have taken the time to read the Autopsy, The Democratic Party in Crisis, you know he has got it exactly backwards.

One of my insightful friends said to me that we need to be going after the Tax Cut, not revisiting 2016. This is a common theme among Democrats who refuse to really look at what happened which the Autopsy does in detail and data.  And what is tells you is that the Democratic Party after the election of Barrack Obama in 2008 became irrelevant, some of that can be laid at Barrack’s feet thinking that the middle and compromise was the way forward.  We got too aligned with Wall Street and the status quo and abandoned working class people in general of all colors.  Don’t believe me and read the report. So going after the tax cut is another what they are against, not what they are for.  It has to be both.

Here is the thing that everyone ignores:

 “Since Obama’s victory in 2008, the Democratic Party has lost control of both houses of Congress and more than 1,000 state legislative seats. The GOP now controls the governorship as well as the entire legislature in 26 states , while Democrats exercise such control in only six states. Republicans now outnumber Democrats in governors’ offices by more than 2 to 1…In 2009, Democrats controlled both the state senate and house in 27 states, the Republicans 14. After the 2016 elections, Republicans controlled both branches of the legislatures in 32 states to 14 for the Democrats.”

Something is badly wrong with the Democratic Party and they are in denial.  Bernie was not the problem and may have indicated the solution, and neither were the Russians or Comey when you look at the whole period of Obama’s presidency.  The Democratic party failed to stand for anything in most voters minds.  As the report tells us:

Despite this Democratic decline, bold proposals with the national party’s imprint are scarce. Whatever the virtues of “ A Better Deal ” that Democratic Party leaders rolled out in mid-summer 2017, the months that followed gave scant indications that it ignited much grassroots enthusiasm, while one critique after another after another faulted the party’s new manifesto as too cautious, too corporate and too removed from the energizing passions of the current era. The party leadership appears to have concluded, yet again, that major structural changes are not needed, in the party or in the country. Amid all the calls to “resist Trump,” top party leaders seem to have largely pinned their hopes on Donald Trump finally going too far, an ominous echo of an electoral strategy that failed in the 2016 general election.

There are tons in this report to discuss including maybe identity politics is not a bad thing, the way forward developing real grass-roots organizations, bold programs to protect working people, and re-engaging young people who are far more progressive than the rest of the country.  Those that argue Hillary had those, the report responded with this, and I agree:

Democrats will not win if they continue to bring a wonk knife to a populist gunfight. Nor can Democratic leaders and operatives be seen as real allies of the working class if they’re afraid to alienate big funders or to harm future job or consulting prospects.

But I think the real key here is this and it has everything to do with establishment Democrats and increasing economic inequality:

Corporate domination over the party’s agenda — and, perhaps more importantly, the perception of corporate control over the party’s agenda — rendered the Democrats’ messaging on economic issues ideologically rudderless and resulted in a decline in support among working-class people across racial lines.

And what did we here this morning?  Bernie’s people need to shut up and come together.  Failure on a stick.  Unless Democrats come to grips with this report and its reality to a party that is right now irrelevant, well failure is in the Democrat’s blood. It is what they are really good at.  It is time to sweep the streets and get back to our roots, bold programs for the middle class and fighting corporate America, not becoming co-opted by them.

A Trip to Costco and Republican Dissembling

It was time for my monthly trip to Costco to stock up on really big packages of stuff I really don’t need. It was fairly busy as it almost always is, but what struck me was the way people drive their shopping carts with reckless abandon.  It seems to be leaking over from the way they drive their steel cocoons on the freeway.  You know, head down, oblivious to everyone around them, cutting you off, or just ambling in the middle of an aisle oblivious to blocking everyone behind them.

So I decided that I would greet everyone that made eye contact with a smile, and give the right of way to anybody who wanted it regardless of who actually had it.  What a difference it made.  People smiled back, showed appreciation, and in some cases were just plan shocked.  Going up the lines at checkout I let two older citizens (yeah, older than me if that is possible) go in front of me and they were like shocked, and very thankful.  You know a little kindness and patience goes a long way.  Of course there still were those who either were afraid to make eye contact or acted as if your kindness was their entitlement, but I think it rubs off.

Okay now on to Republican dissembling.  “Look the other way, nobody cares, this is an elite media witch hunt, you can’t make assumptions about the meetings, Hillary did it too (no, actually she did not), we need to get back to issues people care about, this is distracting from healthcare reform.”  The smoke is clearing and we can see the fire, and they say there is no fire.  These Republicans who are trying to make you look the other way must know the other shoe is going to drop and they are going to look like fools.

But my favorite of the above is that this is distracting from getting healthcare past.  Really, how?  Trump has no ideas and the Republicans can’t decide among themselves.  There is nothing to prevent Trump from distracting from the Russia invasion by rolling up his sleeves and coming up with a replacement plan.  But he has no idea how healthcare works or how to fix it.  Again, define fix.  That is the issue.  The Russia mess has nothing to do with their agenda, but the problem is their agenda sucks and they cannot get agreement within their own party.

And while I am bashing Republicans, I might as well take a swipe at Democrats.  Where is their alternate agenda?  Where is their plan to fix healthcare?  We also have a too big a tent problem with Democrats.  Yesterday, and in earlier blogs, I have argued a way forward for Democrats, but I am coming to the conclusion there is no hope.  Example:  I was going to use the example that when Al Gore was given stolen a campaign practice debate tape from the George Bush campaign and he did not use it, but called the FBI.  It is called ethics.  See Democrats are so much more ethical than Republicans.  But then I recalled in the Clinton Trump campaign when Donna Brazile, a political consultant and temporary head of the DNC, leaked CNN debate questions to the Clinton campaign, and they called no one.  And remember that is after the head of the DNC was favoring Hillary in the nomination. That is the Democratic Party I want to leave behind in my rear view mirror.  They are over and broken.  They lost everything.

So what to do?  I think the Tea Party actually gave us the way forward.  Study how they took over the Republican Party.  What was right wing radical yesterday is now mainstream Republican Party today.  Now with a few exceptions, only Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are showing us the way forward.  The rest are hiding trying to find some mythical middle ground. So maybe it is time to form a Progressive wing of the Democratic Party, develop the strategic plan (fairness and economic inequality) and start challenging the party not just within the Party, but in elections.  If they did that, it would be the only organized planning ant thinking within the party. The Progressives have to take over the party and replace the leadership we have today.  I wonder how much more of the herding cats will Sanders and Warren take until they do this.  Hopefully not much more.


Remember when Hillary called Trump supporters deplorables?

“You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right?” she said to applause and laughter. “The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic — you name it. And unfortunately there are people like that. And he has lifted them up.”

And the article I am quoting from said this, “Republicans from the presidential ticket on down pounced Saturday on Hillary Clinton’s remarks that half of Donald J. Trump’s supporters fit into a “basket of deplorables,” saying it showed she was out of touch with an economically hard-hit electorate.”   That seemed to be the consensus. She later apologized for the comment.  She was out of touch with economically hard-hit, which is why her message did not resonate with them (and the fact that the conservative hit-machine had so tarnished her that she made a poor candidate), but she was dead on about the deplorable part.

My aunt, who lives in Texas and is probably in her 90’s, posted this on facebook:

Now I am not going to call her out on this B.S. but I will mention it here as a great example of what I call the deplorables. My aunt is a truly nice person to meet and of course a Christian, with a Capital C, but she is clueless about her ignorance, some of it racism, that she would never admit she has.  But she is part of the deplorable tribe.  Hillary was right and this is how they enable a disgusting man.  And the excuse they give, is that their lives suck so let’s vote for a “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, you name it.”  Now what I love about all this is they seem to forget how much total shit and criticism Obama took.  Remember, “You Lie!”  Happily President Obama in the State of the Union did not degrade the office to reply in kind. There was racist disrespect, not to mention the right-wing non-stop attack on how he was wrecking the nation, most of it “fake news”.  Remember “death panels”?  So now when journalists question either outright lies or distortions, they are mercilessly attacking the man?  When they ask about the Russia investigation, they are pushing a false narrative?  Really?

But what is worse is that they don’t seem to understand that a personal attack on citizens is an abuse of Presidential power, unacceptable from our highest office.  It lowers everyone to a new level of dialogue of personal attacks led by our President instead of rational debate about issues.  And just to correct the record, journalists are not complaining about the punch back other than pointing out it is personal, juvenile, and unbecoming the presidency, while their criticism of him was based on his lying, his own behavior, and policies which are based upon false premises.  That is in fact their jobs. President Obama took it in stride and responded with rational debate.  Of course, President Obama was black and that has everything to do with what is going on here.  As one comic said, “We had a cool black guy for a president, so now we are going to try having a white jerk for a president.

I do take exception to President Obama who finds the American People our greatest strength, most of these people seem nice, but then turn away so they don’t have to see what they have unleashed on America. We have a large portion of our population who have got theirs and their attitude is screw everyone else.  How else can you explain repeal Obamacare?  They are quite simply deplorable and there can be no viable excuse for voting for this man.  It was clear who he was from the start, and they voted for him anyway.  As you watch the White House Press staff either lie or badly misrepresent the facts and policies and other journalist say, well their job is to put the best face on a bad situation, it is deplorable.  This should not be legitimized.  What Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Sean Spencer have done is turn the White House into a lying machine where instead of celebrating truth, they try to hide it. They should have walked away.

So right now we are being controlled by the deplorables, from those in Congress who look the other way to get their agenda passed, to those who looked the other way and put this man at the head of the country.  I think we should quit making the excuse that nobody felt their pain so the voted for a pervert.  It is not an acceptable excuse. Look in the mirror.  You are the problem with this country and Hillary had your number.

It’s Outta Here!

I believe Hillary hit a home run today with her foreign policy speech. She finally took Donald apart on foreign policy and what he does not know.  I heard one Republican say he agreed with her accessment of Donald, but…  They always have a but don’t they?  But she did not tell us what her policies would be.  I think that was strategic.  Don’t give the Donald the amunition to frighten his moronic followers or confuse them with simple minded one liners.  Simply point out how he is a threat to world peace and our position in the world.

Hillary is not good at rah-rah speeches, but she fould her stride in this format where she is delivering sound policy critique.  I could not be good at rah-rah speeches and I think she is in the same boat.  We know they are bullshit and we can’t help letting our distain for them show through.  So we come off as false or shrill. But give her a platform where she can stretch her intellectual understanding of policy and the Donald is in deep trouble.  

For sane Americans this week should have told you where this is all going.  We saw Trump exposed in his University scam and his response was a racist rant at a Federal judge.  Basically he is calling on the White Mob to disregard the rule of law and our democratic system if they rebuke him.  My way or the highway and fuck democracy.  How would that work out with China, North Korea, Pakistan, or Russsia?  They all have nukes too.  It is clear that just on character and temperment alone, he should be no where near the oval office.  Would he use the IRS or the FBI or the NSA to go after people who oppose him?

But on policy it should be quite terrifying that he knows nothing.  He had no idea what Brexit was.  He was a business man’s knowledge of economics, meaning he only understands how to make money for himself (and how really good at that is in question).  Making it for a whole nation is called macroeconomics and applying small business microeconomics to the marcoeconomy is how we made both the Great Depression, and the Great Recession worse.  He learned nothing.  Actually he knows nothing and Hillary has now found the platform on which to expose that know nothingness.

With Bernie it was an argument about policies and whose could really work.  Not very exciting and few cared to follow it.  But with the Donald it is about his lack of policies and what he has said already that is ripe for the picking.  I think given this latest speech, she gets that and is going to go after him.  The Donald will respond with personal attacks (he already has) and dig deeper into the mud pit for mud to sling to confuse the real issues.  But if she keeps hammering away on the fact that he and the Republicans in general have no new ideas and what they have been doing is disasterous, this really could be a land slide.

Paul Ryan has now said he will “vote for Trump”.  I guess that is an endorsement, but words are important.  Here is what I think:  I thought originally that Trump would not get the nomination and the White Mob would revolt tearing up the Republican Party.  Now I think general Republicans are going to revolt as we move through the election season and Trump is exposed for the bafoon he is.  Then they are all going to be running for cover and there will be a giant fragmentation of the Republican Party.  The really funny think is that after Romney they all complained that the establishment pushed a moderate on them.  Well they chose Trump.  I wonder who they will blame as the wheels come off?

Some Wise Words from Robert Reich

I have been opining that the Democratic Party doesn’t get it.  Their strengths are their weaknesses.  Good ideas and policies go nowhere and people are rejecting politics as they practice it.  Applying establishment politics to this race is a fatal flaw, both for pundits and candidates.  This is not a me pleading you to vote for Bernie, that game is over.  This is one more in a long list of wake up calls for Democrats and Hillary.  I made this point in my last blog, How to Include Bernie, and by extension the future voters for Democrats.  Robert Reich sums it up this way:

Trump’s rise suggests a new kind of politics. You might call it anti-politics.

The old politics pitted right against left, with presidential aspirants moving toward the center once they cinched the nomination.

Anti-politics pits Washington insiders, corporate executives, bankers, and media moguls against a growing number of people who think the game is rigged against them. There’s no center, only hostility and suspicion.

…By the same token, in this era of anti-politics, any candidate who appears to be the political establishment is at a strong disadvantage. This may be Hillary Clinton’s biggest handicap.

The old politics featured carefully crafted speeches and policy proposals calculated to appeal to particular constituencies. In this sense, Mrs. Clinton’s proposals and speeches are almost flawless.  

But in the new era of anti-politics Americans are skeptical of well-crafted speeches and detailed policy proposals. They prefer authenticity. They want their candidates unscripted and unfiltered.

Here is another from the Huffington Post:

It starts by acknowledging that Sanders has helpfully revealed a lot about the concerns of the younger revelers in the Democratic ranks. As a candidate who’s often depicted as being too rooted in the 1990s, Clinton has a lot to gain from the insights of this new generation of voters whom Sanders has encouraged to become involved in politics.

Here is hoping she starts to understand this.  We probably have two more weeks of “Is Bernie trashing and burning the Democratic Party” stories because they are sexy.  But then things are going to get down to business of destroying Donald Trump, Republicans, and hopefully moderates like Debbie Wasserman Schultz in the Democratic Party.  Progressives either need to take control or kiss the Party goodbye.

Oh, and one footnote.  You can read this as an angry irrational reaction of voters who are fed up with dysfunctional government and things will settle down once their temper tantrum is over.  Or you can read it like I do, a recognition that the system really is broken and traditional ways of thinking and governing are no longer working.  Electing a new President no matter how enlightened will not change anything.  The governing class live in an echo chamber constructed of the money in politics.  This is not just a phase or an angry tantrum, it is a recognition that we cannot go on like this.

Passing in the Night

It truly amazes me that many Democrats, especially older ones, don’t get the great malaise in the country about, well, Democrats.  It was best exemplified by an interview with James Caravelle, a huckster for the Clinton campaign where he explained, “Democrats are on the ascent and they want to throw all that away for someone who is not even a Democrat?”

First of all, don’t vote for Bernie because he is not a Democrat is an argument that speaks volumes about the establishment’s failure to understand  young voter’s disenchantment with the Democratic Party.  Whatever you want to say about all things President Obama and the Democrats were able to accomplished in the last eight years, it is lost in the reality that the House and Senate were lost, and the State Houses went mostly Red. Tactically we won some battles, and strategically we are getting our butts kicked.  The Senate can’t even confirm a moderate to conservative judge.

Barney Frank, another shill for the Clintons, was debating a shill for Bernie whose name slips my mind about Hillary and Bernie.  Barney spread the usual disinformation about Bernie, especially that he would end Obamacare.  What was telling about this debate was how angry the spokesperson for Bernie got as Barney tried to belittle Bernie with half-truths.  Multiply that by about 100 and you get the feeling many young people feel about establishment Democrats who tell us we should just anoint Hillary.  Oh, and going negative is not critiquing her votes, positions or her taking money from the financial sector in the past.  It is an honest discussion of her past establishment credentials.

What I think you are seeing among the young is a feeling that business as usual will not work.  Roger Cohen in a NYT piece this morning put it like this:

Hillary Clinton’s chief predicament, apart from the trust issue, is that she represents the past in a world where the post-cold-war optimism that accompanied her husband’s arrival in the White House almost a quarter-century ago has vanished. To embody continuity these days is political suicide.

And if she keeps playing traditional politics by sending out the establishment to attack Bernie, she is losing the battle to win the war.  It is truly amazing to me when you try to explain why Hillary might be a liability or that she is part of the establishment Democrats who got to the top playing in a system we think is the fundamental problem, and it is like they didn’t hear you.  Usually you get something like “She is an experienced politician who is tough and earned her stripes.  She is best equipped to take on the Republicans.”  That sentence sums up what they don’t get about a system we don’t think works anymore.  Once more Mr. Cohen:

 There is a global backlash against rising inequality, stagnant middle-class incomes, politicians for sale, social exclusion, offshoring of jobs, free trade, mass immigration, tax systems skewed for giant corporations and their bosses, and what Pope Francis has lambasted as the “unfettered pursuit of money.”

The backlash takes various forms. In the United States it has produced an angry election campaign. The success of both Donald Trump on the right and Bernie Sanders on the left owes a lot to the thirst for radical candidates who break the mold. Trump is unserious and incoherent; Sanders is neither of those things. But they both draw support from constituencies that feel stuck, reject politics as usual, and perceive a system rigged against them.

Hillary is perceived as part of that system by many young Progressives.  The latest leak in Panama was not so shocking that the rich and famous hide their money and don’t pay taxes, but that our governments for the most part look the other way.  To get ahead and rise to the level of Senator one has to play in that sandlot and Hillary’s comment about accepting quarter of a million dollars in speaking fees because “that’s what they offered”, again speaks volumes about her obliviousness to being part of the system of pay to play that young people reject.  Or oblivious to the fundamental changes necessary to restructure our government.

I think there is a real anger out there and instead of harnessing it, Hillary is stoking it to her detriment.  It is because she, like many people in the Democratic Party are oblivious to the real problem, politics as usual.  Wheeling and dealing in a broken system, no matter how good a wheeler and dealer you are, still gives you broken policies. The Democrats have another problem in their Super Delegate system which further exacerbates the perception that politics are rigged.  And the most amazing thing of all is that Hillary and many of her supporters are blind to this perception by the voters of the future and it could well be the Democrats downfall.

Is Bernie perfect? No.  If he fails the voter revolution can he change anything?  Yes, because he is finally leading the nation and making the argument that half a loaf is not good enough.  He is finally saying we have to get money out of politics and he has not been a primary beneficiary in the pay to play rigged system we have.  It puts progressive policies on the front burner instead of moderate Democratic establishment politics that have slowly turned the nation red as we compromised away what we stood for.

Hillary and Bernie

So what are the differences?  Well, in a nutshell, to many of us Hillary is starting to look like an establishment Democrat.  May play well to little old Democratic ladies, but to young progressives, this looks like more of the same where we don’t see real change.  That I think in a nutshell is why she is loosing ground and she seems to be doubling down on that image.  So here are some of the major differences, which probably seem small, but to the young progressive, the middle class blue collar worker, it could be the difference in change and more of the same.

  • Taxes – Hillary has pledged to not raise taxes on anyone making less than $250,000.  A prime example of that is both Hillary and Bernie want to expand paid family leave.  Hillary wants to pay for primarily by taxing only rich, while Bernie believes there is no free ride, even for the middle class and would pay for it with each employee and employer contributing .2% of their wages per month.  To put it bluntly, Bernie believes we as a country need to jointly pay for things that are worth paying for.  Hillary’s plan, it might be argued, requires the wealthy to start paying their fair share, but it also is more of soak the rich that may not fly and fails to recognize our joint responsibilities which are critical to our future
  • Regulating Banks – The question is not whether to get tough on banks, but whose plan will be more effective.  Bernie wants to restore Glass-Steagall which separates shadow banks from traditional institutes and breaks up too big to fail banks.  Hillary wants to get tough through new regulations. Both would work, but there is the question of Hillary’s close connections with the financial industry in the past. One is a structural approach that does not depend on regulators enforcing what they could lobby not to enforce.  Mrs. Clinton claims to have a broader and more comprehensive set of policies, and some concurred.  Some have suggested that we combine the two proposals.  Here is a good summary from The Week:

 Clinton’s ideas, leveraging her command of the intelligent but timid Democratic Party policy apparatus, focus on a fine-grained understanding of the financial sector and empowering the regulatory apparatus to control it. Sanders mainly wants to bludgeon Wall Street with a cricket bat — crushing Big Finance’s political power by slashing bank size and attacking their profitability with deliberately onerous regulation…  While both perspectives have merit, there is a real difference in outlook. Just as in those days, Clinton is much more sympathetic to the general idea of high finance, while Sanders views the entire enterprise with his trademark acidic skepticism.

There I think is the crux of the issue, sympathy for the banks and high finance that many Progressives are truly distrustful of.  In my mind we need both, not bashing each other for their plans weaknesses

  • Health Care – This one is crazy. Both have supported a single payer system, but now Hillary is attacking Bernie on costs and uses scare tactics to claim all the other health care people have will go away.  It is purely a political ploy to scare voters to vote for Hillary in the primaries.  There are of course many issues with instituting a single payer system, but this attack is not a policy disagreement about the best way to do something as is regulating banks debate, it is a political ploy to tarnish Bernie to gain some separation for the primary.  It is old Hillary politics that failed her before and is definitely turning off young voters she needs.  If she really believes what she is saying, we don’t need single payer health care right now, but tweaks on the existing system, then this is status quo politics which is not the change we are voting for
  • Being a Democrat – Hillary or her surrogates are now raising this one as Bernie, while caucusing with Democrats has never really been a Democrat, and Democrats in the Senate are lining up behind her.  Again, I think she misreads the dissatisfaction of voters.  We have had all those people for years and nothing has changed.  That may not be fair, but that is the perception.  While she and her surrogates see this as an advantage, it may in fact align her with status quo politics in Washington that many Progressives and independents want to see go

So from a policy point of view, Hillary probably lost ground on the taxes thing and for sure health care.  On the banking regulation, she loses not because she really does have a tough plan, but because Bill aligned himself with the banks and they are perceived as overly friendly to financial players.  Same with the being a Democrat thing.  I think her team and Hillary misunderstand the electorate.  The are running too far to the middle right now and they may pay dearly for it.  Right now many Progressives see Bernie as bringing real change, and Hillary at least not a Republican, but ho-hum. Hence Bernie’s bump in the polls and Hillary’s slide.

If I were Hillary, I would get back to the vision thing which President Obama did so well on in the State of the Union.  That would include moving to a single payer health care system.  Then argue with Bernie on the minor policy issues that inform us all, but sell herself as the one most electable and able to make those changes.  It remains to be seen if that is the case anymore.

Don’t Run Joe

The press is all a twitter about Joe Bidden’s possible entry into the 2016 presidential campaign.  Will he, or won’t he?  Hillary is falling in the polls, so does Joe need to jump in, assuming Bernie can’t win a national election?  Joe has great approval ratings, even better than Hillary so shouldn’t he jump in and save it for the Democrats? Joe travels, like all politicians, in circles where speaking truth to power is a rare thing. So I will speak truth to him.  Don’t do it Joe.

From my perch on my hill above my vineyard with a wine glass firmly grasp in my hand (full disclosure), I think this would be a grand mistake and probably fracture the Democratic Party.  Let’s assume for a minute that there are really three and only three candidates, Bernie, Hillary, and Joe.

Have you watched a Bernie campaign event?  Do you get who he is energizing.  It’s the young and progressive that will need to come out in November 2016 for a Democratic win.  Joe has no draw in this crowd.  What that says is that Joe and Hillary will split her support and strengthen Bernie.  So if we assume Bernie maintains or grows his support, Joe and Hillary are splitting the rest and hurting each other.  Attacking Bernie’s progressive ideas could alienate many young progressives.

The next thing to consider is the polls.  What do they mean right now?  Nothing.  It is mostly name recognition.  Once Joe enters the race, his numbers will fall as the reality of very little difference between his positions and Hillary’s, while Bernie has a much more aggressive progressive approach.  While they can both attack Bernie, and alienate the young crowd, their real contest is to attack each other about who is the reliable candidate since their positions are almost identical.  That just helps Republicans.

Finally, there is the issue of Hillary’s falling numbers.  Get a grip.  This is a tough woman who will turn this around.  She has already started to.  There is no there, there on the emails and the Republicans admitting to the political nature of the Benghazi hearings is just the break she needed.  In a real fight she will come out on top.

Sure I have real concerns about Hillary.  I don’t think she gets it yet about economic inequality and how it cannot be turned around with just minimum wage and equal pay legislation.  I will write more about what a true threat to our democracy economic inequality is and what a systemic change in our tax and trade laws would have to be made to address it, but Bernie gets it.  But in a national election, I still believe Hillary has a better chance.  Somehow, Hillary is going to have to co-op many of Bernie’s ideas if she is going to pull in the young Progressive vote she will desperately need to win.  If she takes them for granted, we could have a Republican President in 2016.

So no Joe, don’t do it.  It is lose lose.  You need to throw your support behind Hillary and help her.  The old middle of the road Democrat that will just make everyone work together is not going to fly.  The country is screaming change and our politicians better wake up to it.

Hillary Losing the Thread

Oh, how sad.  Bernie is moving up on Hillary for really one reason.  He offers real believable change.  He is laying out a real attack on the system and the way it works.  My hope was that Hillary would channel that thought and be more like Bernie.  My fear was that she would pull a Bill and go middle of the road.  It worked in the 90s, but it will not work now.  

The one thing that Bernie and the Donald have in common is they are telling it as they see it. They are coming off as both truthful and sincere.   Now Bernie actually has a plan to fix things, while the Donald has a plan to fire incompetent people.  All the rest of the candidates, whether you are Republican or Democrat, look like more of the same.  In other words, very little movement in making real change whether you think that change should be in the conservative direction or the liberal one.  These two candidates (Bernie and the Donald) certainly offer real change.  For Bernie we know what that is.  For the Donald, we can only guess.

So along comes Hillary, panicking because Bernie is making real progress and she decides it is time to differentiate herself from Bernie.  The strategy showing she has learned nothing, is to paint Bernie as a wild eyed ideologue who will bring more gridlock and she says the following:

You know I get accused of being kind of moderate and center.  I plead guilty.  I think sometimes it is important when you are in the elected arena to try to bring people together to get something done instead of just standing on the opposite sides and yelling at each other.

Oh shoot me.  Did she learn nothing from the last 8 years of trying to work with the other side.  Kiss the youth vote goodbye.  Kiss my vote goodbye.  People are yearning for a new direction and trying to work together with what we all know are failed ideas is failure.  The Achilles Heel of Barack was that it took him so long to figure out they were not intersted in working with him.  She is learning nothing from how times have changed or what is  resounding with both the Sanders and Trump campaigns.  If Democrats sleep through the next election, and that is what this middle ground moderate stance forebodes, they will lose.

Oh, Hillary, Hillary, Hillary

Answer the mail Hillary or you just give the credence to your gaming the system and the trust worthy issue.  She dodged the Keystone Pipeline and the TTP question on what her position was.  She said she was the Secretary of State and she should not pre-judge them as she had a hand in them.  And further, we don’t know exactly what is in the TTP.  On the Secretary of State thing, you are not deciding this issue like a judge, we are judging you as a political aspirant.  Answer the damn question.

On the TPP, I will give her a pass.  We don’t know what is in it.  I was totally against giving the President Fast Track Authority on the TPP because it is like approving it before you know what you are buying.  But we are past that now.  But her answer left you wondering if she is waiting to see which way the wind is blowing.  

She could have said that if it is like earlier agreements that shipped jobs off shore and basically protected the transfer of wealth to the wealthy, then she would be against it, but if it had appropriate safeguards, she would be for it and we just have to wait and see what it says.  It puts her on the hook.  It lets us know where she will likely go.  But her answer gives you real pause with that ringing question, can we really trust you Hillary to be a Progressive?

On the Keystone Pipeline, I believe her answer was a total punt.  And that scares me.  Either you believe in global warming and the science or you don’t.  It is not something that you can punt on.  If we really are (WE ARE) facing rising sea levels of 3′-10′ in the next 50 years, then this is a no brainer.  As hard as it will be, we cannot continue to take carbon fuels out of the ground and burn them.  Yes there is the argument it will just go another way so we might as well partake, but that is like saying, the Titanic is going to sink so let’s dance the night away.

Then there is that other little problem, running a ticking time bomb through our most precious resource, water.  Pipelines will break and if you have not figured it out yet, the really precious resouce out there that is getting harder and harder to come by is water.  Do we really want to put our aquifers at risk to pump a very dirty fuel that puts our climate at risk?  

Again, you can argue that there are court cases about right of ways and property rights and maybe you can dodge the question until these are resolved, but it is dodging the question that makes us wonder if you really understand the threat from climate change and how our behavior has to change.  It makes us wonder if you are saying all the right things and nothing changes.  There has to be there there, Hillary.

So here we go again.  This election is for her to lose and she seems determined to do that.  You either energize the voters or you leave them wondering if they can trust you and they don’t get to the polls.  Take a page from Bernie, Hillary, stand for something and fight for it.  It is the details of how you reach the goals that count, not the goals.