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A Third Term

Let’s just pretend for a moment. That should not be hard as I listen to Republicans pretend President DFF is normal or that their alternate reality is the real world. Let’s pretend that Barack won a third term (forget the Constitution, and that should not be hard either because Republicans forgot it a long time ago) and now he has brought his two girls into the administration (Pretend they are old enough) and he and they were involved in the same conflict of interest things we see with Jared and Ivanka.

Let’s pretend he squeaked re-election with Russian help (that is a fact for President DFF which also is no longer in question), and then as we find out, they penetrated our voting system and he looks the other way as President DFF has in fact done. Let’s review the real facts, half billion in loans to businesses by people who may be laundering money and want political favors; funding of their businesses by banks who have already been cited for money laundering; Russian incursion into our election process with no response from the White House; the White House in disarray and everyone is bailing out; and Congress does nothing? Did I forget the investigation and the attempt to fire anyone involved? Obama would have been impeached months ago. What does that tell you other than there is rampant racism in this country?

I will tell you what this tells you and no this is not partisanship we expect from politicians. It is co-opting our Constitution and they (Republicans) are long past responsible Americans. In many ways they meet the definition of traitor. What they have done rivals, no surpasses McCarthyism. None of them are redeemable. They are past redeemable and have sold their soul to power, not the Constitution. Let me move on to Exhibit B (the above was Exhibit A).

We have this amazing gun debate going on when there is no debate. I say that even though Republicans in Congress prevented any funding for research into gun violence. But that didn’t stop it, and the latest independent studies once again tells us that more guns equals more violence, and the laws the NRA favors does not reduce it, but makes it worse. Meanwhile Republicans have one answer to gun violence, more guns. This is not rational. Oh wait, let’s talk about bump stocks, arming teachers, or some other moving the chairs around on the Titanic while we do not talk about the root problem, too many guns, and military grade weapons in the hands of anyone who wants one.

Note that discussions of talking heads with he said and she said discussion of issues break down into shouting matches and there is a reason for that, shouting distracts from a rational discussion of the studies and facts. We have a whole party working on ideology (or more cynically, they are bought and paid for) denies a rational approach to finding the facts, and denies them when we find them anyway, why do we re-elect them? Arm teachers has got to be the stupidest thing anyone ever proposed. Hand gun against an AR-15? Wait lets give them their own AR-15s! We could Velcro them to the blackboard (white boards these days) for immediate access (to anyone in the school). That is the stupidity going on right now.

Exhibit C: Let’s assume as in Exhibit A President Obama was thinking about tariffs against steel and aluminum, and then without discussing it with our allies who it might hurt and they might respond, he fails to talk to anyone in his Cabinet to discuss the plus and minuses (ramifications), and did not discuss it with Republican leaders, then tweets out his policy. There are all kinds of ramifications here that could well start a trade war and hurt everyone. The market dipped, and other nations are looking at ways to respond (some have already), and there is no policy yet except a tweet. And again where are the Republicans? If this were Obama they would have their pitchforks and torches out and be marching on the White House. You think this is normal? You think this is just partisan? Then you are brain-dead.

Here is where we are: In any other times, President DFF would have been impeached long ago. We would have returned fire on the Russians and be in full protect our elections mode. The White House would have been hosed out. We would be having rational discussions about a simple approach to gun violence which is to remove military grade weapons from the hands of average citizens and reduce the overall availability of guns to people who should not have it. We would certainly respond to dumping of steel and aluminum, but with a well thought out response that does not alienate our allies and friends, while trying to protect workers. Instead we have Republicans trying to over-shout anyone talking since facts don’t matter anymore. Oh, and they continue to try to normalize President DFF’s racism, ignorance, and outbursts.

So here is my recommendation: It is no longer time to listen or debate with any Republican. They bring nothing to the table. When they are on TV turn them off. We need to look at data and research into various issues and then debate the way forward and there can be plenty of debate on that, but the critical point here is way forward. It is time to talk about rational solutions and no Republican brings any to the table. They are about yesterday. Democrats, if they are smart (and that may be debatable), won’t debate Republicans anymore and move the discussion beyond them to workable solutions. And until voters throw all Republicans out of office, the insanity and lack of movement will continue. It is so embarrassing to be this stupid, but here we are.

The Memo!

Yawn. Here is the thing you have to wonder, who cares if the source was biased if the facts are worth investigating? And that of course ignores the fact yet not in evidence that the Steele dossier was not the only justification for the investigation. You might also ask how much of the Steele dossier was proven false? None. We also know that the investigation into the Russia incursion began long before the FISA court allowed the Feds to wire tape Carte Page. We have a nothing burger, unless of course you check your brain in Republican Land or in the Fox News fog.

Think about it. A person who hates his neighbor calls the cops and says the neighbor is making a bomb in his house. Should the police ignore it because she is biased against him. Of course not. This is about the stupidest exercise I have every witnessed and shows how hysterical the Republicans have become looking forward to 2018.

What you are now watching are Republicans running around making fools of themselves and showing that if a real crisis every happens, we are in real trouble as they run around screaming the sky is falling. But of course this was not aimed at anyone who thinks. It was aimed at the 32% that support Trump and are the difference in whether a Republican will be challenged from the Right. It is again about the impeachment. When the facts come out, Republicans have to fear that 32% so they will never move on impeachment. We no longer have legitimate government.


Many are describing President DFF’s changing stances on immigration, being reasonable to crazy build the wall, as being easily changed by those around him. That is only a small part of it. What is really driving the train is the Mueller investigation and him hanging on to the deplorables (his base) to hold power over Republicans. The Republicans are facing a Blue wave and their only hope is the rabid deplorables vote. So racist, wall building, healthcare killing, immigration blocking policies will continue. It is not about a grand strategy for governing the country, it is about surviving an impeachment.

Speaking of Mueller’s investigation, we all saw a House Intelligence Committee interview Steve Bannon, and then when he stonewalled, subpoena him, yet they have treated no other witness like that and the very next witness (Cory Lewandoski) who pulled the same stonewalling got let off scot free. So what is going on? We all thought, so there, finally the House Intelligence Committee actually wants the facts and then not so much. Well Rachel Maddox offered an answer last night that I might think makes sense.

The Republicans on the committee might be trying to mess with Mueller’s investigation by getting Bannon on record first and in some cases tainting the testimony. That makes sense to me watching their general behavior. I don’t think they got God, I think they just used different tactics to thwart the investigation. Mueller is no fool which is why he dropped the subpoena on Bannon, and now will sit down with him before he testifies in the House.

The doctor who look at President DFF gave him a clean bill of health and now we know the rot extends to military doctors at Bethesda. Of course he does not have a clean bill of health as attested to by many other doctors looking at his LDL numbers. He is obese, eats high fat foods, and does not expertise. He is the perfect candidate for a heart attack. No, I am not going to say it, but I am thinking it. But when medical professionals are also being tarnished and lie for their careers or whatever, it is just so sad to see. Now Medicine is partisan. Try to keep in mind that the facts have a liberal bias in the first place.

Meanwhile in government shutdown land, President DFF apparently threw a wrench into the GOP plan to extend the government into February. He is against the CHIP part. Go figure as almost everyone except probably his band of deplorables support health insurance for kids. That is really good news because that stop gap CR was another poison pill for Obamacare, killing needed funding. Some “moderate” Democrats might have fallen for that. The Progressives seem to get it and there will be no more CRs until DACA gets resolved.

The solution for a Republican led government is simple. Pass the Durbin-Graham compromise and put it on President DFF’s desk. While Mitch, the evil, McConnell pines he does not know what to do because President DFF won’t tell him what he will sign, the government goes rudderless. They won’t do the above because they know it will pass and then it will then put the blame for the government shutdown squarely where it belongs, on President DFF. Of course it would take Congress off the hook, so who knows. Political calculations instead of doing what is right are twisted at best.

One last thing. We have been hearing excuses why these high minded and moral generals (Kelly and McMasters) are staying in the White House to reign President DFF in and it is, how to say this, BS. Kelly showed himself to be a racist in the incident with the Florida Congresswoman where he lied about her and then never apologized, and McMasters was part of President DFF turning right on DACA when everything blew up. Lesson here is generals have no monopoly on ethics or morals.

So the weekend is almost here and the government shutdown is looming. Hopefully people will finally figure out this is what you get with Republicans controlling government. It has always been their way that compromise means capitulation for the other side. Have you woken up yet?

Impeachment and the Failure of Our Constitution

Ezra Klein wrote a piece yesterday that everyone should read on impeaching the President.  At this point most sane people have arrived at the conclusion that having a racist, misogynistic, pathological liar, who is unstable and may be losing his grip on reality for President is a very dangerous situation.  Ezra argues that impeachment should be used more frequently to protect America from temporary moments of insanity. Then he chronicles why it hasn’t.  I will just summarize here.

First the Founders put high crimes and misdemeanors as the justification, and then rejected defining those terms.  To make a long story short, it is up Congress.  We seem to be locked into the idea that it must be an actual crime or mental incapacity (25th Amendment) when in fact, it can be anything they want.  Ezra makes a good case that utilizing the 25th Amendment could cause a civil war as the deplorables who have their own reality, would see this as usurping power by the Republican elites.  It is a good point.

He also points out that the Founders put into place many checks and balances to ensure we would not be found in the situation we re in today, starting with the electoral college where the political elites were suppose to assert their better judgement when the rabble got it dangerously wrong.  Today we have a rubber stamp electoral college that overrides the popular vote.

He also points out that the Founders did not foresee the two Party system we have today that basically protects their own no matter how bad.  He noted that the impeachment process only happens when the opposing party to the President occupies Congress.  Today we see that in operation as a man who even many Republicans are calling unstable, protect him to protect an agenda.  But as Ezra pointed out, the Presidency is not what the Founders envisioned and the amount of power it has today is unparalleled.  In a moment he can destroy the modern world.

Yes, we should use impeachment more often, but as Ezra pointed out, not likely.  I think we are reaching a point where our Constitution does not work anymore.  On the tax cut debate, I listened to Bruce Bartlett, economist, historian, a domestic policy adviser to Ronald Reagan, and Treasury official under George H. W, Bush, ask if we had lost our brains.  He is a traditional Republican who believes in controlling our debt.  He points out that the Republican Congress is in an alternate reality,  tax cuts have never paid for themselves, we are almost at full employment, and business are awash in money. A tax cut is not even called for, but tax reform is.

Further he makes a really insightful observation, the majority of the country is against this tax cut, and Republicans don’t care.  He points out that it is possible under our Constitution for 40% of the population to elect a super majority.  In other words we have a system where our representatives are not responsive to the electorate, but only to their donors with no fear of retribution.  In other words, our system doesn’t work any more, from the electoral college and gerrymandering, to unfair representation by rural states.

I really wonder as Ezra did if we have the wrong system for today’s world and we need a system similar to a parliamentary system where a vote of no confidence would force an election where the people can speak again and not wait 4 years.  We have a lot to fix and it is becoming clear that under our system, we can’t fix it.

There is one bright side, assuming with the latest with Flynn going for a plea bargain doesn’t send the President over the edge and start launching missiles, the Republicans may get their way on tax cuts and other policies, but the result will be a slow crash and burn because these policies don’t work.  See Republican Bruce Bartlett above.  As the nation is wrecked, Americans just might come out to the polls in 2018 and 2020 and turn this around.

I will add this caution. It is clear looking at the contacts with Russians, that there was collusion, they had a hold on Trump, probably through money laundering.  It is no coincidence that Mueller interviewed Kushner just before we find out Flynn pleaded guilty.  He was going to catch him in a lie and probably did.  Our unstable President will get more unstable and hopefully the generals in the White House will have a 24/7 watch on him.  The noose is around the neck and tightening and he could do anything.  We live in very dangerous times. If we get through this, we have a lot to fix.


A Predictable Disaster

No, not Harvey, Donald. Watching this man over the last 200 some odd days he has been President should tell you that he is a despicable human being. And I mean that with no partisan bias. His actions with Obamacare (now gutting money for promoting signups), his firing of honorable people (Comey, Yates), his Boy Scout speech, his continuing lies, Charolettsville, his treatment of transsexuals, the border wall politics, his me trip to Texas after Harvey and then turning to tax cuts for the wealthy with no plan to pay for Harvey, and now DACA, is just despicable. There is no other way to describe it.


He is a detestable man and there is just no way to paint it any other way. As a representative of America, do you remember that book/movie back in the 60s called the Ugly American? That about captures it. The most amazing fact is that he presented all these character traits prior to the election, and many of the people who voted for him are disappointed. Or braindead. Granted the Democrats ran the worst possible choice for defeating him, as Hillary haters are alive and well in the general public and this just got them frothing at the mouth, and ignoring how bad their other choice was.


But the media still tries to somehow legitimize him. Maybe his stance on DACA was just a smart ploy to force Republicans to do something? Ha! They are doing something because like Obamacare, they realize they will get creamed if they actually came through on many of their threats. No, Donald Trump is never going to change and now it appears the noose is tightening on his taxes and Moscow connections. And that my friends explains everything.


Yesterday, a pundit was discussing his attack on innocent kids covered under DACA and noted that 64% of Americans favor DACA and only 32% are against. She could not figure out his politics here since it was a no-brainer to support it. Does the 32% ring a bell? That is about the size of the base that loves all the things I listed above that most of us find abhorrent. His politics are as clear and rational as can be. That 32% is what will keep him from being impeached because Republicans in Congress and the Senate live and die on how they vote in their home states.


So the disasters will continue and they are very very predictable. All the Village Idiot cares about is the Village Idiot. He does not even have any there, there, in terms of policy positions. It was quite clear he had no idea what was in the Obamacare “replacement” and I doubt seriously if there is anything in his tax cut proposal with any real meat other than more tax cuts for the wealthy. He stands for whatever his 32% rabble demand, and he does whatever will sooth his ego and ensure his safety from Congress that refuses to have the moral courage to remove him.


And that totally explains the man. There is no cunning or cleverness. Just lies that the rabble in the 32% want to believe. And people who voted for them who wanted change, action, a businessman in charge, were fools to the nth degree. No I don’t care about their woes as an explanation for their vote. That is bullshit. My argument is being made every day by the Village Idiot as he just makes things worse and worse. And make no mistake, what drives him is survival and that should make us all very afraid. The shit will hit the fan and we will have a Constitutional Crisis. There is no if, but when. Then we will see who has political courage and who does not.


Notes: On the DACA repeal and the treatment of undocumented workers by both Trump and the Governor of Texas, the chickens are about to come home to roost. South Texas will require major cleanup and rebuilding and that workforce will be in hiding, afraid of the Gestapo (ICE). Maybe this will force Republicans to get serious about immigration reform and realize that a healthy input of immigrants is what drives our economy.


On the Wall DHS just released their contracts to build prototype walls down near San Diego. I was interested in what firms were finally selected because many of the big boys decided this was a political nightmare that could affect their access to markets and labor for years to come. It will be interesting to see if the sites become a magnet for protests and resistance.

The Real Crisis or Yes, Republicans are Evil

No it is not global warming, because when we come to our senses, if we can’t stop it, we can get prepared for it and it will create an amazing economy that will help with economic inequality. Assuming the Village Idiot does not start a nuclear war, it won’t be a nuclear holocust and down the road when we have thrown all these jackals out, we can begin rebuilding international relations based upon diplomacy. In fact almost all the damage being done today to transsexuals, blacks, immigrants, Muslims, the environment, the safety net, we can really start to turn around and restore our basic values. We can reacquired the lands he is about to give away to industry and start a smart path to alternate energy and energy independence. No, the real threat is the one Paul Krugman so well described this morning:

As sheriff of Maricopa County, Ariz., Joe Arpaio engaged in blatant racial discrimination. His officers systematically targeted Latinos, often arresting them on spurious charges and at least sometimes beating them up when they questioned those charges. Read the report from the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, and prepare to be horrified.

Once Latinos were arrested, bad things happened to them. Many were sent to Tent City, which Arpaio himself proudly called a “concentration camp,” where they lived under brutal conditions, with temperatures inside the tents sometimes rising to 145 degrees.

And when he received court orders to stop these practices, he simply ignored them, which led to his eventual conviction — after decades in office — for contempt of court. But he had friends in high places, indeed in the highest of places. We now know that Donald Trump tried to get the Justice Department to drop the case against Arpaio, a clear case of attempted obstruction of justice. And when that ploy failed, Trump, who had already suggested that Arpaio was “convicted for doing his job,” pardoned him.

By the way, about “doing his job,” it turns out that Arpaio’s officers were too busy rounding up brown-skinned people and investigating President Barack Obama’s birth certificate to do other things, like investigate cases of sexually abused children. Priorities!

Let’s call things by their proper names here. Arpaio is, of course, a white supremacist. But he’s more than that. There’s a word for political regimes that round up members of minority groups and send them to concentration camps, while rejecting the rule of law: What Arpaio brought to Maricopa, and what the president of the United States has just endorsed, was fascism, American style.

So Paul makes clear what we have here, and for those doubting Toms, if you enable white racist fascist behavior, you are one. Now comes the really important call to arms and what should be causing alarm bells to go off everywhere, Republicans are enabling Trump and failing in their Constitutional duties. They are facilitating the end of democracy and law and order.

Given the powers we grant to the president, who in some ways is almost like an elected dictator, giving the office to someone likely to abuse that power invites catastrophe. The only real check comes from Congress, which retains the power to impeach; even the potential for impeachment can constrain a bad president. But Republicans control Congress; how many of them besides John McCain have offered full-throated denunciations of the Arpaio pardon?

…This bodes ill if, as seems all too likely, the Arpaio pardon is only the beginning: We may well be in the early stages of a constitutional crisis. Does anyone consider it unthinkable that Trump will fire Robert Mueller, and try to shut down investigations into his personal and political links to Russia? Does anyone have confidence that Republicans in Congress will do anything more than express mild disagreement with his actions if he does? [See Paul Ryan]

As I said, there’s a word for people who round up members of ethnic minorities and send them to concentration camps, or praise such actions. There’s also a word for people who, out of cowardice or self-interest, go along with such abuses: collaborators. How many such collaborators will there be? I’m afraid we’ll soon find out.

We are out of control because we have found that those pious and principled Republicans are neither, but craven individuals holding on to power by selling out our Constitution and with it our democracy. Yes Virginia, evil has a name and it is Republican. If you voted Republican you enabled this mess and you are now my public enemy number one. If we don’t figure this out soon, that will be the real disaster. Thanks Paul. Hopefully lots more people read your stuff than my stuff.

Connecting the Dots – The Bomb is About to Go Off

Are you paying attention?  Things are really moving fast.  It turns out that Mueller is deep into the finances of the Village Idiot in Charge (VIC).  Clearly there is the smell of massive money laundering through the Village idiot in Charge.  Instead of the “great businessman” what we probably have is the great crook who is massively in debt and got most of his financing from Russia.  But that is supposition.  Here is what we know.  The President slammed the Attorney General, Sessions, last night and threatened Mueller about getting into his financials.  My guess is he wanted Sessions to quit, and Sessions did not take the bait.  I could have told him that. Why get rid of Sessions?  Because Sessions can’t fire (since he is recused) Mueller so it falls to the Deputy AG, Rod Rosenstein and he said he won’t.

So what about Mueller?  Well the grounds to fire Mueller would be that he has a conflict of interest which of course the VIC was all over in his interview with the NYT, but it is all lies.  So why the red line on finances.  Because that is where the true criminality is, and is the root of all the Russian involvement/leverage, whether collusion or not.  And the many reports of Mueller’s activities makes it clear that he is clearly following the money.

Finally, tonight we know that the spokesperson for the legal team quit after the NYT interview which they knew nothing about, and now the President is asking about pardoning his staff, family, and HIMSELF!  So why pardon himself if no crimes were committed and note that the acceptance of a Presidential Pardon is an admission of guilt. Oh, and the legal team is reported to be looking into ways to try to cast dispersions on the Special Counsel. So that is where we are.  Mueller is finding the dirt and the chief Rat is starting to panic.

Get ready for a giant Constitutional crisis.  In order to get rid of Mueller he would have to get Rosenstein to fire him.  Now he has two options if he won’t, one get another AG that is not recused and that would require Congress to confirm him.  The other option is to fire Rosenstein and go down through the organization to find someone who would carry out the order to fire Mueller (another Bork).  While this is going on, what the fuck are the Republicans doing?

Oh, they are pretending to resurrect healthcare reform which is nothing but a Kabuki dance going nowhere.  Nothing has changed and Republicans have no plans to “fix” Obamacare, only gut it. They have a studied look the other way attitude, and we need to get on to the real problems of the country, when the country is being destroyed by their leader.  I want to remind you that the Trump administration is purging people who stand up for global warming and that runs all the way into the Department of Interior.  The EPA is being stripped of scientists, and the FDA is installing industry flacks to regulate themselves.  Sessions is restarting the Drug War, and resurrecting assert forfeiture without due process.  Who can not overlook his new commission to try to find voter fraud where there is none, and gutting the agency to try to prevent cyber voter fraud. Let’s not forget the destruction of the State Department. The damage is massive.

So where again are the Republicans?  We are going to find out because if you are connecting the dots you know we are rapidly approaching the time when the truth becomes public, and we are going to enter very dangerous times.  If the Republicans won’t support the institution and the Constitution, this could turn very violent.  Republicans, those lovers of our Constitution and freedom, are doing the hard work of delegitimizing our institutions and making the rule of law meaningless.  At that point, we are no longer the United States of America.  Fasten your seatbelts. I have been saying late summer and I think mid September is when we see the real crash.

The Big Cave

The Republican Party is no more.  I think that is now fairly obvious when you listen to Lindsey Graham, incoherent John McCain, or Orrin Hatch.  They don’t stand for anything any more but defending the indefensible, I guess in search of their agenda.  And I think if you think about that, you understand that they no longer stand for anything.  Let me explain.

The Republican Party that no longer exists was one that basically was tough on defense, demanded you take personal responsiblity, believed in personal and professional integrity, and of course smaller government, lower taxes, and less regulation.  The market place will solve most problems.  But they weren’t afraid to acknowledge where the market place did not work, in things like infrastructure, the FAA, and other federal agencies.  Let’s not forget that it was the Republicans who created the EPA.

Now I mention these three example of bipartisan supported government functions because all three are now being dismantled.  Instead of collecting taxes and investing in roads, bridges, trains, water and sewage treatment facilities, dams, water storage, and utility improvements, The ViLic (Village Idiot/Liar in Charge a.k.a. Donald Trump)(a new acronym every day) has decided he will get the Saudis to fund it.  So on the first one we are selling our infrastructure to a foreign country which used to anathema to Republicans.  The EPA is being taken apart and turned over to industry, and the ViLic has proposed we turn the FAA over to the lowest bidder.  This all ought to work out well. Remind me to drive everywhere.

Somewhere along the way, Republicanism became an ideology around low taxes, small government, few regulations, and of course, getting re-elected.  Somewhere in there they forget about their love of the Constitution, fairness, integrity, or the importance of a strong national defense if they could sell those things out for their ideology.  So a Russian incursion into our election is secondary to maintaining a President (and their Party) totally unsuited for the role, in office.  Somehow winning at politics became more important than voter rights and fair representation.  Hate and fear became a useful tool to tear us apart if that met their election aims.

So what we have left is a party with no real moral or ethical values but hate and dissension, playing on racial, social, and religious differences, while undermining our democracy and our Constitution, so they can enact their agenda.  How do you explain the redistricting thrown out by the courts, claims of religious freedom to allow for discrimination, or once again allowing discrimination of gays in the work place?  We have a President who has thrown our ethical rules out the window, earning money with giant conflicts of interest and the Republicans look the other way.  We have a President who lies and for almost certain has committed obstruction of justice, and the real obstruction is from Republicans so we won’t find out about it.  And almost certainly he and his team have colluded with the Russians.

Meanwhile they salivate over their agenda.  They do all this with the justification that the people have spoken so all this is okay.  Well actually they lost the popular vote, and we are a Republic based upon a Constitution, not a pure democracy.  That seems no longer operable in their little minds.  They are redefining the Constitution and look the other way or even aid and abett a president who tries to destroy free speech.

So what of their agenda?  Well so far they are in hiding (in the Senate) creating a bill to gut Obamacare.  No hearings, no daylight, and you can be sure the lies told about a better approach are just that, lies.  The plan will have just enough window dressing so they can then cut taxes for the wealthy.  The refrain you hear is that it is already collapsing (how do other countries manage it?), and that is because they have created so much uncertainty in the markets, the insurers are pulling out.  So whatever they come up with will be a disaster for most of us.  Then there is their push to repeal the financial protections put in place after the financial meltdown in 2008.  Next up will be tax reform to really just give away our treasury to the wealthy.  You can also see a behind the scenes effort to get rid of regulators and regulations.

Now here is the thing.  What we have seen is a Congress who would already be in the process of impeaching a President Hillary, turning a blind eye to the ViLic.  So I think you can say that unless Special Counsel Mueller drags them kicking and screaming into the light, impeachment is off the table.  And Muller’s investigation could take a while.  Meanwhile they will enact an agenda that will fail, and fail miserably for most of us.  Our international reputation and influence could be marked at the laughing stock level.  Global warming will happen and many of those who voted for the ViLic will get hurt the most.  And while the rich get richer, the rest of us will have a smaller share of the pie.  See Kansas for reality.

So they are selling their souls for a false god that will leave the country in shambles, fewer jobs not more, loss of healthcare for many and rising prices across the board, maybe a financial crisis, our infrastructure sold to the highest bidder, and maybe set low standards for ethical and moral behavior for the forseeable future.  Can we recover.  Yes, but make no mistake, these are dangerous times.

With Maryland and D.C. now filing a lawsuit against the ViLic, I still think it will all come crashing down in September.  Mueller just hired one of the best criminal prosecutors in the U.S. so there is certainly real fire where we see smoke. You never know if an avalanche starts, Republicans might find their backbone out of self-preservation. Leaks will continue and multiply as those professionals in government see what is being covered up and can no longer stomach it.  The ViLic will take more hits on his business and if his dealings with the Russians are exposed (financial), he may just walk away.  But there is the other scenario where he could go postal, grant himself immunity, and wag the dog.  Then all we have are the morally and ethically bankrupt Republicans.  Kind of lets you know how important the mid-term is in 2018.  Time to get organized.

Friday Morning (WTF?)

Well, what a mess. I mean really.  The Brits were supposed to have a “snap” election to clarify things and instead there is total confusion about the country’s direction.  Here at home we have a village idiot where it is now common for respected journalists and public figures to commonly call him a liar.  So the British Empire and one of its former colonies is running amok, and France and one of their former colonies, Canada, seem to have young vivacious leaders who have a vision of the future.  WTF.

Our Republican Congress is patting themselves on the back because they passed a bill to repeal most of the protections put in place to try to restore Dodd-Frank after the great financial debacle in 2007 when we thought the banks would not over extend themselves in the hunt for profits.  Like it won’t happen again?  And since corporate profits are higher than ever, where is the need for this?  I kind of look at this as part and parcel of putting a village idiot in charge of the country.  We just de-regulate everything and business will take care of all of us, like they always have.  Again, WTF.

Meanwhile the VIIC (Village Idiot in Charge) really got slammed in the Senate Intelligence Committee yesterday and he responds with accusations of lies, fake news, and vindication.  Boy do we live in two different realities.  Just for a reality check image, if this was Hillary doing this, would the Republicans be claiming that she is just inexperienced to the ways of Washington and did not really mean, “Will no one rid me of this troublesome priest.”  This is laughable.  Paul Ryan is telling us that the VIIC just doesn’t understand the ways of Washington, “He is just new at this,” which might work on the unwashed (his base), but for the rest of us, what he is talking about is ethics and morality.  And no, he does not understand ethics and morality.  If that quote by Paul Ryan was not a WTF moment, there simply aren’t any.

So what to expect after the big day?  Well, the quiet before the storm.  First, I can’t wait for the morning White House briefing to see how they reinvent reality.  Of course they may not turn on the cameras and if that is not a WTF moment about what is happening to our country, there aren’t any.  My guess here is that the VIIC and his minions will claim vindication, that there is no connection between the VIIC and the Russia investigations, and then we are sitting on a smoldering volcano.  That volcano is all the people with security clearances that know what is going on, and know we can’t keep pushing this under the rug and let the VIIC lie his way to giving away the country.  See Reality Winner.

That raises a whole host of WTF questions.  We knew probably back in 2015 that we were being hacked, and by 2016 we knew it was a full blown attack, and we said nothing?  Sorry it’s secret.  We can’t know we are under attack because it might reveal sources?  It raises the question which is worse, the disease or the cure.  So we find out in drips and drabs from leaks or being told by our allies who are concerned about the number of contacts of Trumps people with the Russians*.  We can’t know if there was real collusion because there is an ongoing investigation, while the perpetrators destroy the country?  WTF.  We can’t even know when we will know.  Again, WTF.  Thank god for the leakers.

So we have a President who has attempted to obstruct justice (Ignore Alan Dershowitz.  Like John McCain he is well past his prime).  You know it is nonsense when you Goggle it and all you get are right wing propaganda organizations (Brietbart etc.)), some very obvious collusion, and to nail the VIIC all you have to do is quote his sons or follow the money.  Hopefully that is what special counsel Robert Mueller is doing.  But you have to wonder what the Republicans are thinking (Republicans/thinking, is that an oxymoron?).

The case is getting bigger and bigger and if Mueller does his job sooner or later the truth will out.  And if he does not, there will be a revolt in government to get the truth out.  We may already be seeing the signs of a real crisis in government as those tasked to carry it out no longer trust either their leaders or the VIIC.  So how do they backtrack after all the cover they are providing the VIIC?  Are they so enthralled with their ideological agenda that they don’t care in the short term?  Watching them equivocate about the VIICs behavior is watching fat old white men (usually with a southern accent, but not always) is just another WTF moment except of course for the unwashed who suck in every word as the obvious truth.

And that leaves me with my last WTF thought:  Where the fuck are the Democrats?  Thomas Edsal delivers a devastating analysis of the state of the Party.  Now you can do one of two things with this analysis.  The first is what Democrats have always done and has, in my opinion, destroyed the Party (See Bill Clinton and the Democrats turn to conservative politics) and that is chase the numbers.  By that I mean, well if whites are afraid of immigration maybe we ought to pander to that, you know, be Republican lite.

The other option is to recognize it is a new world out there, understand the message of the young disaffected voter, and turn progressive.  Stand for something in a direction that actually moves the country instead of looking backwards.  Do the hard thing, the right thing and stand for something. So far I have seen or felt nothing.  Clearly we have to get the Clintons off the stage if we want to move forward. She may have been wronged, but moving forward is not opening old wounds.  So all in all we are living in amazing WTF times.  Let’s just hope this is not the new normal and to be WTF, they get even more extreme.

*Ex-Director Comey said in his testimony that these reports of multiple contacts was mostly false.  Nobody knows what he means by that and the NYT wrote a nice rebuttal.  One of the points they raised is that the FBI has a much tighter definition of a Soviet spy than other organizations, meaning they may discount meetings with bank and financial people that are really puppets of the Kremlin.   This is where Comey is his own worst enemy.  He is parsing definitions and loses the big picture, just as he did with the October surprise.

By George I Think They’ve Got It!

Frank Bruni, NYT columnist and liberal, had a long column this morning on my favorite topic, Cheeto-head isn’t shrewd or strategic, he is really just a petulant child:

For all of the negative news coverage that he receives, there has also been a strand of analysis that insisted on, or at least sought, a silver lining to the golden-haired huckster. It reflected all the rationalizations that I heard from Americans who had voted for Trump or were willing themselves to see some upside to his election:

The tweets weren’t merely splenetic. They were strategic, providing distractions when he needed them most. He was amoral, sure, but that was part and parcel of his craftiness, which could do the country some good. He was a liar, yes, but the best deals and the bent truth often went hand in hand — and he was a deal maker above all. He flouted norms, but that might be precisely the purgative our politics needed.

Commentators strained to spot and savor any flicker of something more dignified. Remember the accolades for his address to a joint session of Congress? All he’d done was the commander-in-chief equivalent of chewing with his mouth closed.

…And when I picture him at that Time magazine dinner, with a portion bigger than anybody else’s, I don’t see him on a throne. I see him in a highchair, keeping his audience guessing about just how much ice cream he’ll fling against the wall.

Frank is talking about the reporter dinner where Cheeto-head got served something better than anyone else including two scoops of ice cream instead of the one everyone else got on their dessert.  But the point is there is nothing strategic in his wild outbursts.  They are not to unbalance his opponent for strategic advantage.  They are just wild outbursts.  That ought to really work well when we have a real crisis not caused by Cheeto-head himself.

But wait!  Conservatives are also joining the wake up call.  Here is Ross Douthat, conservative columnist for the NYT:

The reaction to the sacking of James Comey is the latest illustration. Far too many observers, left and right, persist in being surprised at Trump when nothing about his conduct is surprising, persist in looking for rationality where none is to be found, and persist in believing that some institutional force — party elders or convention delegates, the deep state or an impeachment process — is likely to push him off the stage.

…Childish behavior can still lead to abuses of power, of which the Comey firing will not be the last. But liberals need to accept that the strongest case for removing Trump from office is likely to remain a 25th Amendment case: not high crimes and misdemeanors, not collusion with the Russians, but a basic mental unfitness for the office that manifests itself in made-for-TV crises and self-inflicted wounds.

Here is Charles Sykes, conservative talk show host, on what has become of the Republican Party to be able to support the unsupportable:

Rather than defend President Trump’s specific actions, his conservative champions change the subject to (1) the biased “fake news” media, (2) over-the-top liberals, (3) hypocrites on the left, (4) anyone else victimizing Mr. Trump or his supporters and (5) whataboutism, as in “What about Obama?” “What about Clinton?”

For the anti-anti-Trump pundit, whatever the allegation against Mr. Trump, whatever his blunders or foibles, the other side is always worse.

But the real heart of anti-anti-Trumpism is the delight in the frustration and anger of his opponents. Mr. Trump’s base is unlikely to hold him either to promises or tangible achievements, because conservative politics is now less about ideas or accomplishments than it is about making the right enemies cry out in anguish.

…As the right doubles down on anti-anti-Trumpism, it will find itself goaded into defending and rationalizing ever more outrageous conduct just as long as it annoys CNN and the left.

In many ways anti-anti-Trumpism mirrors Donald Trump himself, because at its core there are no fixed values, no respect for constitutional government or ideas of personal character, only a free-floating nihilism cloaked in insult, mockery and bombast.

By George, I think they’ve got it!  And on that note I will leave you with a link to Laurence H. Tribe’s call for Cheeto-head’s impeachment. Laurence Tribe is a Professor of Constitutional Law at Harvard Law School, so he ought to know something about the subject. Here is his conclusion:

It will require serious commitment to constitutional principle, and courageous willingness to put devotion to the national interest above self-interest and party loyalty, for a Congress of the president’s own party to initiate an impeachment inquiry. It would be a terrible shame if only the mounting prospect of being voted out of office in November 2018 would sufficiently concentrate the minds of representatives and senators today.

But whether it is devotion to principle or hunger for political survival that puts the prospect of impeachment and removal on the table, the crucial thing is that the prospect now be taken seriously, that the machinery of removal be reactivated, and that the need to use it become the focus of political discourse going into 2018.

I can’t help but think that if you buy Charlie Sykes’ description of the new Republican Party where there are no principles just anti left anything, then Ross Douthat may have our only way forward, the 25th Amendment.  The guy is bat shit crazy.