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In the Vein of I Told You So

Special Counselor Robert Mueller had impaneled a Grand Jury. Why would you be presenting evidence to a Grand Jury if you did not have evidence? This is not like St. Louis (Darrin Wilson shooting Michael Brown) where they impaneled a Grand Jury to get the heat off of the prosecutors and control the evidence so they cold drop the charges. This is a tipping point. Who is the target? That is the million dollar question. Could be Flynn, could be Manafort, but I doubt it. It could be Kushner or Donald Jr. Again, maybe, but I doubt it. They are players in a bigger game. No, if I had to place a big wager, it would be on the Village Idiot in Charge. That is where the focus is. Is it collusion? Is it obstruction of justice? Is it both. I think it is both. One begets the other. Is there underling money laundering and illegal financial transactions? That would be the reason for all of it.

Now we will see what the VIC does to change the subject and to fire the special prosecutor. We will also see if Republicans still are part of this country, its laws, and its Constitution. Some opined that Mitch McConnell was hurrying legislation because he knew this would happen. To me it is obvious. Too many lies, too many changing stories, too many Russians. I said September. My guess is we are still on track. No the investigation will not be over, but we are going to see a reaction as the noose tightens that will force action in September.

Baltimore is Not Ferguson

Maybe Baltimore is not Ferguson.  That would be a refreshing thought.  At least we are not seeing the good old white boy system in action attempting to tarnish the victim and circle the wagons around the police.  When you saw the knee-jerk reaction to get behind Officer Derek Wilson and raising funds for his defense as though he was the injured party, you knew we have a real problem in America.  With a quick charging of mistreatment by police officers, the Prosecuter in Baltimore set a real example for what kind of police brutality will not be tolerated as business as usual.

As I like to say, this is a no-brainer.  A man died of a broken neck and was refused medical treatment and there is no way to say mistakes weren’t made and this is not a systemic problem.  The real question is where we go from here.  That requires us to really understand what the problem is and I think it can be stated in very non-racist terms, the dehumanization of our fellow man.  Color just makes it easier.  It is all part and parcel of how we justify economic inequality based upon perceived merit.  Once you can dehumanize your fellow man, it is easy to see how you deserve “stuff” like polite and fair treatment from the police, and those “others” don’t.

So how do we fix it?  Well, it starts by recognizing we are all in this together.  Policing as we have seen it in the black community is just the end of a long chain of policies and behaviors that treats the poor as lessor human beings.  How we get institutions to change their policies and procedures to recognize all of us of deserving of a chance, and providing for those who are less fortunate is the real question.  It doesn’t mean we let victimhood justify illegal actions, but it means we don’t treat everyone poor or black as lazy and deserving of their fate.  Note this is a fundamental contradiction to conservative mythology about deserving your wealth.

Finally we have to remember that policing is a priviledge and it takes a special kind of person to do it right.  We have been giving the “hero” label to anyone wearing a uniform and that is part of the problem.  We see good policing in action almost everyday where a police person respectfully treats people in the street and does not respond to abuse.  That is hard, but that is what we need.  He needs to be seen in the black community as part of the solution, not THE problem.  What we have seen, is that the force is attracting way too many bullies who should never be given the special priviledge of being a police office.

It will be interesting to see if this time, things might actually change.  I mean we have had riots since the 60s and nothing ever really changed.  So maybe this time it is time.  It would be a kinder and gentler America if we did.

UPDATE:  Oh, on more thing.  The latest theory is the injuries were done in the van.  The disconnect here is that from the video we have seen, he seemed to have no use of his legs when he was dragged into the van.  This to me says there could be another scenario here.  It will be interesting to see if the police circle the wagons or recognize they have a major problem.  If I were a police officer, I would demand it.