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Impeachment and the Failure of Our Constitution

Ezra Klein wrote a piece yesterday that everyone should read on impeaching the President.  At this point most sane people have arrived at the conclusion that having a racist, misogynistic, pathological liar, who is unstable and may be losing his grip on reality for President is a very dangerous situation.  Ezra argues that impeachment should be used more frequently to protect America from temporary moments of insanity. Then he chronicles why it hasn’t.  I will just summarize here.

First the Founders put high crimes and misdemeanors as the justification, and then rejected defining those terms.  To make a long story short, it is up Congress.  We seem to be locked into the idea that it must be an actual crime or mental incapacity (25th Amendment) when in fact, it can be anything they want.  Ezra makes a good case that utilizing the 25th Amendment could cause a civil war as the deplorables who have their own reality, would see this as usurping power by the Republican elites.  It is a good point.

He also points out that the Founders put into place many checks and balances to ensure we would not be found in the situation we re in today, starting with the electoral college where the political elites were suppose to assert their better judgement when the rabble got it dangerously wrong.  Today we have a rubber stamp electoral college that overrides the popular vote.

He also points out that the Founders did not foresee the two Party system we have today that basically protects their own no matter how bad.  He noted that the impeachment process only happens when the opposing party to the President occupies Congress.  Today we see that in operation as a man who even many Republicans are calling unstable, protect him to protect an agenda.  But as Ezra pointed out, the Presidency is not what the Founders envisioned and the amount of power it has today is unparalleled.  In a moment he can destroy the modern world.

Yes, we should use impeachment more often, but as Ezra pointed out, not likely.  I think we are reaching a point where our Constitution does not work anymore.  On the tax cut debate, I listened to Bruce Bartlett, economist, historian, a domestic policy adviser to Ronald Reagan, and Treasury official under George H. W, Bush, ask if we had lost our brains.  He is a traditional Republican who believes in controlling our debt.  He points out that the Republican Congress is in an alternate reality,  tax cuts have never paid for themselves, we are almost at full employment, and business are awash in money. A tax cut is not even called for, but tax reform is.

Further he makes a really insightful observation, the majority of the country is against this tax cut, and Republicans don’t care.  He points out that it is possible under our Constitution for 40% of the population to elect a super majority.  In other words we have a system where our representatives are not responsive to the electorate, but only to their donors with no fear of retribution.  In other words, our system doesn’t work any more, from the electoral college and gerrymandering, to unfair representation by rural states.

I really wonder as Ezra did if we have the wrong system for today’s world and we need a system similar to a parliamentary system where a vote of no confidence would force an election where the people can speak again and not wait 4 years.  We have a lot to fix and it is becoming clear that under our system, we can’t fix it.

There is one bright side, assuming with the latest with Flynn going for a plea bargain doesn’t send the President over the edge and start launching missiles, the Republicans may get their way on tax cuts and other policies, but the result will be a slow crash and burn because these policies don’t work.  See Republican Bruce Bartlett above.  As the nation is wrecked, Americans just might come out to the polls in 2018 and 2020 and turn this around.

I will add this caution. It is clear looking at the contacts with Russians, that there was collusion, they had a hold on Trump, probably through money laundering.  It is no coincidence that Mueller interviewed Kushner just before we find out Flynn pleaded guilty.  He was going to catch him in a lie and probably did.  Our unstable President will get more unstable and hopefully the generals in the White House will have a 24/7 watch on him.  The noose is around the neck and tightening and he could do anything.  We live in very dangerous times. If we get through this, we have a lot to fix.


Halfway Through “The Vietnam War” Thoughts

Tough watching, but exactly as I remembered it. I actually think it is a masterpiece, especially telling the story from all sides, the protestors, the supporters, the South Vietnamese, and the North Vietnamese. It makes the point that there is one human condition and racism so necessary to killing in war is harder to achieve when you have empathy for your enemy. The one thing that comes through is the insanity of it, the wanton killing and massive death of civilians. Let us never forget the free fire zones or the “colateral damage” of napalm. When you cannot tell who your enemy is, it is time to get out.

Now I always laugh when I hear people talk about the lessons from Vietnam. They usually indicate that they didn’t learn anything. Here is what I learned*:

1.  Our government lies to us

2.  Generals (CEOs?) generally do not have a clue what is going on, because they hear what people think they want to hear.

I say that from much experience, but if you are watching “The Vietnam War”, it is clear that the government knew this was futile, but could find no way to walk away. If you bought their logic at the time, if we give up Vietnam, all of Indochina will fall (which I did not), they still knew it was futile and they were throwing lives away because they could not do the hard thing. It was hard to tell whether they were more afraid of a Communist Indochina, or that the voters would be pissed. My view was that it was easier to kill kids so the voters won’t be pissed (that is the Republican Party today on healthcare except this time it is the minority base and their donors).

I got that then as did many both in the military and in the protest movement although those for the war, like those today who support Donald Trump, were badly misinformed or ignorant of reality. It was clear to many of us that the war was unwinnable. I would make the arguments why, but Burns and Novick have done a great job of doing just that, and if I have to argue further, it is futile.  I guess if we killed everyone we could call that winning.  At any rate they lied to us and keep us in the dark about the extent of our involvement, the cost, and the futility of the cause (the corruption and incompetence in South Vietnam).

The second lesson was a lesson I learned early in my young career in the AF, generals hear what they want to hear, and people get promoted by telling them just that, what they want to hear. In Burns’ and Novick’s narrative it is clear that most of us on ground or actually doing the fighting/flying were well aware of the failure of our efforts, but the message never got carried up to the top, simply because they did not want to hear it and the war became the ticket to success.

I am wondering if Burns and Novick will tell the story of John Paul Vann that correspondent and author Neil Sheehan did in his book Bright and Shining Lie, about how someone who saw the failure of our tactics and the futility of the war got co-opted by his success as he moved up the chain. We will see next week. I used to have to fly with our squadron commander because he was a desk jockey in the pentagon and was at Udorn to punch his ticket for promotion. The man could not refuel the airplane (air to air) and I was there to get the gas. The war was a ticket puncher for advancement.

Now a present day example of both of these is how torture during the Bush administration was a failure of both principle and utility. In other words, it was against our basic values and it did not work. People will tell you anything you want to hear under torture and you have no idea the reliability of their information you do get. As the Senate Intelligence Committee’s Investigation on Torture found, it was counterproductive (turning more to al-Qaeda/ISIS), and the information was generally already available and gotten earlier and more effectively by other means.

So why did that not get up the chain? For both of the reasons above. The original information on WMD was obtained because that is what the V.P. wanted to hear and those below him figured that out and then they realized if you give the brass what they want to hear, you are the go to guy. So the information was culled to tell Cheney what he wanted to believe.

When the big wigs showed up to see how the war was going, it was dog and pony show time. It still is in many ways. We know from today’s politics that many people know what they want to believe and they ignore evidence to the contrary. So too our leaders, and they have to fight that and the fact that the system wants to feed them what they want to hear to “raise all ships”.  Me, I would always tell people what I thought and so would most of my contemporaries. Thus we were regulated to the background and when they did hear the truth, they were shocked, shocked, shocked. Then you must be some kind of radical.

There are so many parallels and lessons for us today in this story, but I think the one thing really important thing that has come through is the bravery of American kids who were in an impossible situation, and in most cases did amazing things that make you on one hand so very proud of them, and on the other, sick and angry that they were so misused. I was an adult and an officer and I knew what I was getting into. These were idealistic kids who made us very, very proud. It makes it all that much harder to visit the Wall and know the reality of that war and the way they were treated afterwards.

It will be interesting to see where we go next week, but so far the ride for me has been trying and yet familiar. Burns and Novick have got it right if anyone out there is listening. I haven’t heard any news coverage of this series or the lessons we might take from it for today’s issues and adding more troops in Afghanistan by the DIC (Dotard in Charge.)

Oh, and for those of you that just say if we could have changed our tactics, did more of the hearts and minds stuff, invaded Laos and Cambodia (we did illegally), bomb the North back to the stone age, we would have won that war, I simply ask you to define win. When every man woman and child is dead and you are the last man standing? There was no leadership in the South, just corruption. Like the Middle East, we are the invader and it really is their country and their destiny to decide, communist or not.

We are now getting into my territory as I went in the AF in 1968 and basically entered the pipeline to the war.  By then we knew it was a lost cause, but we still knew we had to go.  Insanity does not describe it. Burns and Novick will this week.

*There is one other lesson, but maybe I ought to save it till the end.  Oh well, here it is:  You can’t win other peoples war for them.  If they don’t have a good chance of winning it themselves you are throwing lives and treasury away.  And you said there were no parallels to Iraq and Afghanistan.  Ha!

Can This Insanity Really Last?

The man and his administration becomes more bizarre by the moment, and yet much of the media and their political talking class pretend this can be fixed.  Oh you know, just take away his twitter account.  Put someone more politically savvy in the Chief of Staff position.  Have someone help him be more consistent with his message.  There is no helping him and that is the fatal flaw in all the political talk around him.  He is incompetent, ignorant, and a classic narcissist.  Let’s just consider the last few weeks.  There was the trip to the Middle East and Europe that was an absolute disaster.  There he was embracing tyrants and alienating our democratic allies.  He told the Saudis, you remember the Saudis, the ones who are primarily responsible for espousing radical Muslim philosophy and then funding its export around the world, that we don’t care, only that if they do stuff to benefit us, they are our pals.  Benefit means money.  Now think about that one.  If the Saudis are going to invest billions in America, what will they own?  Oh well.

In Europe he alienated everyone, and you read the body language.  Let’s not forget the pushing episode or his primping posturing.  It is like he is a caricature of a President, and a very bad one.  Then he undermines the whole NATO basis and gave them less incentive to kick in their share of the money by refusing to say he supported article 5.  The whole trip was a disaster and the world got to see what a buffoon he is.  Then he comes home and his spokespeople give us a looking through the Looking Glass view of the trip, where up was down, and down was up.  Note that during this trip he kept the U.S. press corp at bay while he lectured to the foreign press corp.  Also note that they have stopped televising the daily White House Press brief because it is a laughable concoction of lies and those nasty reporters keep pointing that out.

Now we have the great Climate Change decision which is no decision at all.  And here is Exhibit A in double speak:  We will withdraw because we are tired of sacrificing for others.  America first! That makes no sense whatsoever.  The cost of not reducing omissions will far exceed the short term benefits of ignoring it. Large businesses are coming out against this move because they see the opportunities of alternate energy.  The only other countries in the world not supporting the Paris Climate Accord are Nicaragua and Syria.  We are in such good company.  Here comes the climate change deniers and we look like the most ignorant banana republic.  It is so sad and insane.  Science, if it is inconvenient, must be ignored. The only rational explanation I have heard about this is that the Russians want the ice cape to melt to improve their position in shipping across the arctic ocean.

Even mainstream media is now talking about how working in this administration is ruining the reputation of formerly well respected professionals as they come out to support the unsupportable.  Then there is the Russian connection that is getting more and more likely.  Too many meetings, too coordinated, The Yates’ testimony, the firing of Comey, Kushner’s secret meetings, and now we have that little shit, Sessions caught in another lie about meeting with the Russians. It is obvious.  In any other time the Republicans would be screaming the Russians are coming, the Russians are coming, and getting to the bottom of what is obvious at this point, Trump is compromised.  Instead they talk about putting all this aside (that is insanity in itself) and getting on with their agenda.

They should be thanking their lucky stars that they cannot get on with their agenda, because their agenda is a disaster for America.  They are still back there in the flow down days of yester year.  If they were successful, the impact on the nation would be extreme and finally the morons who voted for Republicans might just wake up.  But at this point you just have to wonder how we are not rejecting this whole insanity and still pretending this is just different leadership.  It’s different all right, insanity as a strategy is something really new.

Circling the Drain

What Me Worry?

No not us, Trump.  Yesterday was truly a bizarre day in insanity and incompetence.  And I use neither adjective hyperbolically. I used to think Trump wanted his son-law as an advisor because that is one of the few people he trusts.  Now I know that is only part of it.  He is also there because the family knows Trump is insane.  It will only be a matter of time till he has to be removed.  Maybe they will let him keep his Air Force One Jacket.

It was amazing to see Republican apologists explaining that he is just getting used to the job or some other such nonsense instead of seeing insanity and incompetence on full display.  People who think Trump is smart should be having second thoughts right now (assuming they have thoughts at all).  Let’s just take a stroll down memory lane (yesterday).

First of course, there is Crowd Gate where the reality does not meet Donald Trumps Fantasy World (FW) view of his worshipers.  He actually called the head of the park service to demand new estimates (CNN).  A smart person would have let it go so it does not get repeated over and over again that the White Aryan Nation is smaller than Donald thought.

Second, we have Vote Gate.  Of course he won the popular vote in his FW.  But in FW, the numbers were skewed by 3-5 million illegal aliens voting all for Hillary.  He actually said that.  What he confused (smart man?) was the numbers of probably dead people that have not been purged from the polls and the numbers of voters that are registered in more than one voting district.  (NYT)

It is common because the first thing the bereaved family does not think of is we have to get our loved ones off the voting rolls.  And the first thing I do when I move is not call the other district and tell them I moved. Now there is nothing illegal here, the polls are routinely purged of these non-voters and as noted, his daughter (they denied that before someone actually looked at public records) and his chief strategist are also guilty of being registered in two places.  There is no voter fraud here and states under even Republican control report miniscule voter fraud.  But we are going to have an investigation, even though he won and maybe with a recount he won’t.  Yeah really smart guy.

But there could something very troubling here in the guise of investigation which is really autocracy at work.  As the NYT tells us:  “The fear is that the hunt for illegal voters will become a pretext to tighten ballot access requirements nationwide and bar many minority voters who tend to side with the Democrats.”  No doubt there.  It has been what they have done in Red States now for years and the Supreme Court let them do it.

Okay, now we get to the Wall, Wall Gate.  You remember.  The one the Mexicans are going to pay for and it is going to be really really big and beautiful, and it is not going to be a fence, but a wall.  We are going to make those East Berliners wish they had their own Donald Trump.  It will be better than the Great Wall of China.  Now I know something about building fences along the border because the company I consult for has won a few contracts to build them.  They are not cheap, nor are they easy.  So the first issue is money and that is where it gets interesting.

“Whose gonna pay for that wall!  Mexico!”  So Mexico’s President is coming and Trump, the great negotiator (TGN), tweets out, “of jobs and companies lost. If Mexico is unwilling to pay for the badly needed wall, then it would be better to cancel the upcoming meeting.”  So the Mexican President cancels the meeting.  Of course our ego challenged Dear Leader (TGN) tells us that they both decided to call off the meeting which is a transparent lie. TGN just got stiffed by the Mexican President.  How dare him!  So here comes the 20% tariff threat on all goods from Mexico.

Now unless you are brain-dead, American taxpayers pay the tariff in higher prices, so who again is paying for the Wall?  As one Mexican commentator pointed out, even the Super Bowl will get more expensive when you see the price of avocados. Then when that reality sunk in, there was all kinds of backtracking.  It was just an idea!  Meanwhile that opens up all kinds of questions about this whole idea of bilateral trade agreements versus multiple partner deals and has many asking if the whole idea of Trumps bilateral deals make any sense whatsoever.  They don’t of course which is what over 75 years of history has shown us.

Feel like you area ricochetting  bullet?  Wait, it gets better.  TGN’s use of his unsecured android phone is a massive security leak.  Umm, did not he and the Republicans run on attacking Hillary for her security lapses?  Oh wait, that was Hillary.  TGN is above all that.  And let’s not overlook the Republicans purge at the State Department yesterday asking senior (non-political) experienced hands to resign (CNN).

And finally we have his Chief Strategist, Stephen Bannon, at his request met with the NYT times to tell them:

“The media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just listen for a while,” Mr. Bannon said in an interview on Wednesday.

“I want you to quote this,” Mr. Bannon added. “The media here is the opposition party. They don’t understand this country. They still do not understand why Donald Trump is the president of the United States.”

Oh, they get it Mr. Bannon.  They did not cover his lies enough during the election and raised a false equivalency between TGN and Hillary and now they are reporting the facts and you do not like it.  1984 anyone?

So here we are.  The incompetence and insanity are on full display and still no one wants to say the obvious yet.  Even worse, or better for Progressives if we survive this, the Republicans have seem to throw off any semblance of adherence to Republican ideals to follow this nut cake.  May they all sink in hell.  The clock is ticking.  I used to think he would not make it till June, but I am thinking late March now. Really we have elected the village idiot and the old saying from Alfred E. Neuman, What Me Worry, seems to be the Republican Mantra right now.

One last thought.  The Democrats except for New York Senator Kristen Gillibrand have been voting to confirm Trumps cabinet appointees.  The logic goes that they are the best they are going to get.  Well here is some logic Democrats:  If you approve them, you own them.  Donald Trump is insane and incompetent and you are enabling him by legitimizing his government.  Walk away.  They have the majority and will get their people.  Your job is to show your disapproval of his whole government.  You can call you Senator by dialing 202-224-3121, you can also find their direct number here.  I tried to call Diane Feinstein who has approved all of them, but her line was jammed.

The State of the State

I seldom watch the news anymore as it is worthless.  If you turned on the 24/7 news yesterday morning they had a shooter at Ohio State with claims of multiple shooters.  By the afternoon it turned out it was one guy with a car and a knife and while he hurt 11 people, the whole episode lasted about 1 minute.  So why does news report wild speculation and rumor?  Welcome to infotainment and the state of our television news media today.  In the same breath you might ask why we elected Donald Trump, and the answer would be the same, infotainment.

Watching this post-election, oh what should I call it, follies, I am thinking Alice in Wonderland had nothing on us.  A convicted criminal (General Petraeus) is being considered for Secretary of Defense.  But Hillary needs to be jailed.  The guy for Secretary of Human Health and Services, Tom Price, has led a charge against Obamacare.  Oh what a caring individual. And of course they have no plan to replace it because without maximizing insurers, it doesn’t work and we can’t pay for it.  The press is camped outside the Trump tower watching the beauty contest and reporting on the Soap Opera instead of really evaluating what these people stand for and are they qualified to do the job.

And that is the most astounding thing, they are not qualified.  Most are ideologues that take positions based on their ideology, not the facts.  Do you remember the Cuban Missile Crisis.  I was in high school and I lived in Virginia at Langley AFB.  My Dad was a Colonel in the AF and he advised me to have a survival kit in my school locker.  That is how close we were to a nuclear war.  According to historians, President Kennedy put together an executive committee to decide the right action and they argued for weeks finally settling on the blockade that ended the whole thing.  But now we know that had we attacked Cuba, the Russians had given their launch crews the order to fire all their missiles.  That what was being argued and we were that close and now we have impulsive President Trump who does not care about facts.

The media keeps trying to normalize him with arguments about how we are past the election and he does now seem to be more presidential, except the facts don’t support that.  Read his tweets about the 1 million illegal votes and you understand that he is not in touch with reality.  First he wins the vote, then he questions its legitimacy, then claims the recount in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin are bogus, which is it?  Meanwhile the press continues to legitimize this whole thing by calling a white supremacist movement the alt-right as though if you sanitize the words, you sanitize their meaning.  Actually, I think Alice in Wonderland is too subtle.  Maybe George Orwell’s 1984.

I can’t imagine anything competent or workable will come out of this band of, no not rivals, ideologues.  If you do not have the facts at hand, or only the facts that serves your ideology, you are unlikely to come up with a policy that really works, except for the few you really serve.  I don’t know what else to tell you.  We keep watching these follies and pretending these are normal folks and one has to ask, have we lost our minds?

The Verdict in Aurora

Justice or retribution/revenge?  What does it mean to say you didn’t know it was wrong at the time?  You may have thought they thought it was wrong, but you knew in your heart (very demented heart) it was right.  Because he carefully planned it and took procautions he was sane?  Is wantomly killing people in a movie theater sane?

I guess this is a tough one.  If the person is insane, and the nut job in Aurora definitely was, if he gets sane, can he live with what he did (I think of the mom who drove her kids into the surf)?  Is his life redemable? Do people really want redemption, or do they want revenge?  The latter mostly, I think.

I can’t help thinking about the Charleston killings and how the victims families forgave.  So then you have to think what is the purpose of punishment.  We know that for most of these kinds of acts, they do not deter them because they are not rational.  So do we just want them to languish forever behind bars or die by injection, or do we respect life and work toward redeeming that life?  

I guess again that if you are sane, well the sentence is what the sentence is.  If you are not guilty by reason of insanity, if you get sane, you might get out.  One offers the hope for redemption the other does not.  Shouldn’t they both offer redemption?  Shouldn’t we be a society that tries to save and fix people, not just incarcerate them.  

But then there is the question of how good are at knowing when they are redeemed, when their life might make a difference yet, even though they made a horrendous mistake?  These are hard questions, but I think we need to start asking them.  The one thing we do know is that getting tough on crime doesn’t get us anywhere. 

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Yesterday on MSNBC, Martin Bashir interviewed Representative Joe Walsh, a Republican from Illinois.  I was working on other things and had the TV on in the background, but this interview got my attention.  Joe Walsh is a nice looking and well spoken man who talks in reasonable tones, in other words a very convincing demeanor.  But what was coming out of his mouth was absolute nonsense, the kind of nonsense that is part of what is destroying this country.

The interview started (sorry I could not get a transcript without paying a yearly service fee) with Martin pointing out that even Wall Street sees catastrophic fallout if the House doesn’t pass the extension of the debt limit and he did not see much progress in the Congressional talks.  Walsh countered by saying the catastrophe was our debt and if we can’t get it under control by passing massive cuts, a balanced budget amendment, and reducing taxes, then extending the debt limit would be fruitless. The people have spoken and their number one concern is the debt.

Oh where to start?  First you can see that the Republicans are not in a giving mode and they will extract, if the Democrats let them, major cuts in spending.  That will further depress our economy.  Second, the people don’t give a rat’s ass about the deficit, most want jobs.  I won’t even go into the idea of a balanced budget amendment, since if you operate a business like that, there would be no investment in the future and it would be a short ride to bankruptcy, not from overspending, but from underspending and not investing in infrastructure and new products.

So Martin countered with why if everything is on the table, isn’t the Bush Tax cuts also on the table?  Walsh countered with he wished they were because he would lower the tax rates even more.  Martin raised the obvious arithmetic question, but won’t that make the deficit worse?  And here we got got the Republican free ride theory from Walsh.  Businesses are not investing, according to him, because they lack confidence in the future and with lower tax rates assured, they will start hiring (the confidence fairy), and the flow down will solve our economic problems.

Again, oh where to start?  The Bush tax cuts are the major long term contributor to the deficit and our rates are the lowest in 50 years and nothing is happening.  The economy did fine and the deficit was not an issue under the higher rates during the Clinton era. In fact the economy boomed.   Additionally, there is no realistic, non-partisan massaged data to show that flow down works, and as Martin asked him  why, with our historically low tax rates enacted under Bush, didn’t and  isn’t the economy booming?  Walsh resorted to the confidence fairy on this one.

One other data point that Martin did not raise to refute Walsh:  Studies show that 70% of large business income is now derived from international trade, and the Ad Council of America did a study and recommended that advertising in the U.S. be focused on the over $150,000 earners.  That tells you all you want to know about U.S. demand.  It is non-existent for the majority of people who don’t have sufficient incomes to increase demand, which totally refutes the confidence theory of Walsh.  They are not investing in America because the demand is not there and the markets are overseas.

Oh, but it gets better.  Martin asked Walsh what we should do about unemployment insurance benefits, and Walsh replied that they should be cut.  Unemployment benefits, according to Walsh, just encourage laziness and unemployment.   I read this as make the serfs hungry enough and we can get them to work for slave wages.  That ought to help the economy as wages get further and further depressed.  By the way there is no data that shows that for the majority of our workforce that has been laid off from good jobs, unemployment even keeps their head above water.

So there is the Republican plan for your future.  He seems like such a nice man and he seems to know what he is talking about so he must be right, right?  Only if you want to totally destroy this country and turn it over to the very rich and the serfs.  It is like Global Warming (See below).  They will ignore the preponderance of evidence to find that one carefully manipulated study that supports their economic theology.

Oh, and did you read the report today that formaldehyde and styrene used in common products such as plywood, particle board, styrofoam cups, and hair salon products can cause cancer (The Daily Beast)?  The article noted, “The report was delayed for several years because of intense lobbying from the chemical industry.”  Don’t you worry about a thing.  We need less government and more business to keep us safe, right Joe?  Cut that government interference.  Besides if they get sick they probably deserved it, the lazy buggers.  Right Joe?

One other failure to connect the dots item:  Tamron Hall, in an earlier MSNBC segment, was interviewing a climate scientist from Stanford.  She asked if this weather pattern we are seeing is indicative of Global Warming.  The scientist explained that yes, what we are seeing is predicted by every model we have of the effects of global warming and could well be an indication of the new normal.  He took one caveat in that the tornadoes could or could not be an effect because their science is much less well understood.

Tamron countered (you know, fair and balanced) with a scientist at the University of Colorado who thought that we should be seeing cooling and that viewers would have to choose for themselves whether they believed in climate change.  I love it.  Find one heretic and you can ignore the majority of scientific research.  Science is still an opinion poll to these people.  That is what is wrong with our media today.  In an attempt to be fair and balanced, it grossly misleads.  A nut job has as much credence as the rest of the scientific community.  Pick for yourself what you want to believe. Reality is not important.   We are oh so screwed.

Note:  I will be on vacation for a few days so posts may be a little erratic.  I will be seeing my son who is one of my few readers so I can just blovate in person.