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Watching the Republicans Rape America

The Republicans were in a feeding frenzy last night. All of a sudden they found themselves at an all night buffet where they could gorge themselves on all the goodies they ever wanted. I am talking about the Senate passage of the Tax Bill last night. I watched it on CSPAN and I am still sick this morning. Even if you did not know what was in it, and most Republicans or anybody else does not because they were writing it on the fly, it was a scene of pure chaos and bad government. One could not even read the hand written mark ups. And Republicans were adding their favorite pet project to a bill that will change everyone’s lives and not one hearing, not one real examination of the results. And make no mistake. It was a mass transfer of wealth to wealthy while gutting government.

But a feeding frenzy it was. I watch as Ted Cruz entered an amendment to expand tax free savings plans for college to a tax free savings plan for private schools. How is that paid for? By cutting money for public schools. Who benefits? Rich kids who go to private schools. Who suffers? Kids who can’t afford those schools. It took Mike Pence to come in and break a tie vote on the amendment (50-50) (even some Republicans could not stomach this one) to pass it. I watched as Democrats entered amendments to try to bring some sanity to the process by trying to take out the free pass to drill in the arctic wildlife refuge, reduce the reduction in corporate tax cuts to make it not cost $1.5 trillion, make the tax cuts for the middle class permanent, all to fail at the hands of the Republicans.

And now what they have nobody knows except it is dreadful. It rapes America. Republicans have been dying for years to cut Medicare and Medicaid and in this bill they got the tools to do just that, “Pay as you go” which when all the magic asterisks do not add up (and they won’t), they can gut the programs that help the old and poor to pay for their massive tax cuts. It was a brutal rape of everything America stands for and there is so much in this bill that has nothing to do with tax reform/cuts that nobody even knows is there yet. Now you can bet they will be in a rush for a reconciliation bill with the House Republicans so people don’t find out how bad it is until it is signed by the Moron in Chief. Gotta hurry because his days are numbered.

It was a sad, sad day for America. Republicans, except Bob Corker, showed they are nothing but bought fools. Don’t give me John McCain and his regular order. If he stood for anything, last night was a time for a no vote. Don’t give me Lindsey Graham, he is a kook to he is normal (comments about the President right after the election and now) or Susan Collins, who “cares about the sick” and then let them gut Obamacare (Yep that is in it too). They all voted to rape America and steal from the poor to pay off the wealthy. The party has no morals and what we saw was the very worst of America bought by capitalism. Government does not control capitalism, capitalism controls America. That is what Republican government now represent.

Democrats fought a noble battle, offering amendment after amendment to show the hypocrisy and depravity of the Republicans and those Republicans rose to the bait voting each one down. They now have the sledge hammer they need to bring down the Republicans. They need to wield it. I am sure I am one of the few who watched the debacle last night. People in America have forgotten that freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is hard work. But I can guarantee you one thing. This one will hurt and hurt badly. There is no flow down, and as the fools that voted this Republican nightmare into office start to suffer (it will be a slow burn), maybe for once, they will see the problem. Voting third party when they don’t have a chance, has consequences.

Last night I watched the verification of what I have been saying for years. The Republican Party of “old” does not exist and the one we have left is evil. I watched the failure of democracy as the majority of Americans are against this bill. I watch the greed of capitalism at its very worst where government became its tool. And now there is no doubt in my mind any more, Republicans and those who vote for them are evil. We must root this evil out of our country if we have any hope for the future.

Terrorism of the Republicans

I was listening to Chris Hayes on Rachel Maddow and he made a really good point as they were discussing the Republicans use of the filibuster to deny President Obama his choice to lead the  Consumer Protection Agency.  The reality here is that the Republicans don’t really have an objection to the person nominated, they object to having a Consumer Protection Agency period.  The point that Chris was making was that this was an agency created by Congress with a super majority, the people are in favor of it, and now they are trying to deny government the ability to carry out the will of the people.   This is not politics as usual, but something very destructive.  We have an implicit contract that we will debate, argue, cajole, and convince, but at the end of the day, we will honor the will of the majority (super or other).  The Republicans no longer honor this contract.

Almost all of the bills that have come before the Senate in this Congress have passed, but failed to get the super majority necessary to override a filibuster which is now used by the Republicans on every bill before the Senate.  And no, this is not what either side does when they are in the minority.


Right now the Republicans are making sure government does not work until the election in 2012.  It is sad that we have reached this state of affairs where the filibuster has turned our government into the tyranny of the minority.  But there is something much more insidious going on and that is the destruction of democracy as we know it.  The Republicans, who like to beat their chest and say they want to take back our government are really destroying the basic bargain upon which democracy operates.  Their version is that if they don’t win, they will make sure that the other side (the majority) cannot carry out the policies approved by the people.

I listened to Lindsey Graham on Meet the Press absolutely lie about the state of affairs in our government.  He said that Obama should be working with with Republican leaders to work out our problems like the last two years of Republicans demanding their way, walking out of meetings, and refusal to compromise on taxes never happened.  As an aside, David Gregory did not challenge him on this lie and left it to Dick Durbin so we get another he said/she said instead of a moderation of the truth.  Then Lindsey stated that for the payroll tax cut extension, they were never going to pay for that by taxing one group to benefit the other.  Think about that.  The Republicans have been cutting taxes for the rich for years forcing the burden of taxation on the middle class, and then suggest that we pay for it by cutting programs that primarily benefit the middle class and poor.  Is this what it is to be a senator in the United States, to be a political hack who blatantly lies to protect his corporate supporters?

No, we have something very new here.  When our democracy worked, one side lost, went away and licked their wounds, but accepted the will of the people.  Now what we have is the Republicans lost, and have decided to sabotaged government until they can regain power again.  And it is not like they care about what the majority of their own party thinks anymore.  Something has gone very wrong with our government, and if I am right about the 99%, and because they have real skin in the game (their very future is based upon making government work again), these Republicans will soon be gone and maybe the Republican Party as we know it today, as terrorists bent on destroying the country if they can’t have their way, will be crushed.  I can only hope so.  Those freedom loving Republicans are try to strangle freedom for the rest of us.