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Thank You Dianne

As some have noted, extraordinary times require extraordinary measures and that is what one of most traditionalist Senators did yesterday.  She realized that the Republicans were being totally disingenuous about what was said in the Fusion GPS transcript, cherry picking data out of context and then claiming this was a plan to smear Trump by the Democrats that then started the FBI investigation.  They also characterized, Glenn Simpson the head of Fusion GPS as being evasive.  Neither are true and you can read the interview yourself.  Bottom line here is that the Fusion GPS was just one more data point that the FBI had received (others from foreign intelligence services) that Trump and company were having disturbing contacts with the Russians.  Note that almost everything in this report has turned out to be true

It exposed Senator Graham and Grassley as lying sacks of shit as they totally misrepresented what was said and tried to bring criminal charges against Mr. Steel the former British spy hired to investigate the campaign’s ties to Russia for lying when it is clear he did not and the whole thing was bogus attempt to distract from the Russia probe.   So that is what we have from Republicans in Congress.  There are no more honorable Republicans who put their country before party.  The nice thing is that it is now out there for all to read, you know, it’s called transparency. something those freedom loving Republicans want to throw mud on.

But it gets better.  Senate Democrats put out their own report on Russian interference in the election on day after Senator Dianne Feinstein releases the Fusion GPS transcript.

Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee issued a 206-page report that said President Trump’s failure to recognize the danger or to challenge Putin means Russia is likely to interfere in the next U.S. presidential race in a repeat of the 2016 campaign.

The key finding is that we aren’t doing anything.  As Republicans try to deflect on the Trump collusion, they fail to follow-up on the known facts:

U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded that a Russian intelligence operation, approved at the highest levels of the Kremlin, used hacked Democratic Party emails, phony social media accounts, disinformation and other tactics to try to help Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 race. The agencies did not look at whether the Russian effort affected any votes.

So who are these Republicans?  Traitors to the United States of America.  We are at war with them and extrodinary times require extrodinary actions They are all evil.

Obama has No Plan and Other Lies

Sorry, this blog is not original and if you pay close attention to the news, all this is old hat. But most people don’t and this is really important if you want to wonder why there is no bipartisanship and we go nowhere. The Republicans claim that President Obama has not even submitted a plan for avoiding the sequester. The latest in this outrage is David Brooks’* column in the New York Times where he claimed, “(Obama] Hasn’t Actually Come Up With A Proposal To Avert Sequestration, Let Alone One That Is Politically Plausible.” This is an outright lie. In reality, Obama has proposed a plan to replace the sequester that includes over $930 billion in spending cuts and $580 billion in new tax revenue. You can google it a

So what is up with all this lying even from moderate (the few that are left) Republicans? Well they don’t like his plan so therefore he has not offered one, and here is where the other big lie is. Many pundits feel the President should compromise. Well, compromise to where, all cuts? You don’t have a plan unless it is one the far right will accept? As Ezra Klein said last night on the Last Word, this is perverse. The Republicans lose the election and then dictate the terms of the economy? They keep moving further right and the pundits think President Obama should move to the right to accommodate them? And why do they do this? Because so far it has worked and our brain dead media that likes to say both sides do it, encourage this as partisanship.

Sadly there is a whole segment of our citizenry that only gets there news from Fox or conservative talk shows so they believe this nonsense. It will come as a shock to many of these people (no, all) that the deficit has been decreasing for the last 3 years, is the largest decrease since WWII, and government spending is decreasing. They haven’t a clue. As an aside, I live in a really conservative and mostly brain dead region of California where no matter where you go, Fox News is on the local TVs. See John McCain dealing with old fat white people totally oblivious to the facts on immigration in his Town Hall Meeting. Welcome to where I live. But results and effective governing don’t reside in fantasy land, but in reality.

This is a moment when most news media should see this blatant lying and call it out for what it is. Will they? Will we finally deal with facts instead of alleged facts and wild claims by Republicans (See Senator Cruz and his claim that Chuck Hagel is getting money from North Korea or Rand Paul believing his gets support from “Friends of Hamas” These people are fruitcakes). No really people, Republicans are a scourge on this earth and their policies are destroying America and maybe the world.

*I usually don’t read David Brooks anymore because while he is a smart man, his conservative ideology blinds him to good analysis and where his writing starts off on a good track, it usually veers off when he makes some logical flaw in order to maintain his belief in his fear of Democrats and progressive ideas.

What we have here, sadly, is that both sides don’t both have some truth and the middle will be best for all of us. What we have is one side is so far off the deep end, we just need to let them drown. I see a future where there are still two parties, but they will be moderate Democrats and Progressives, simply because the Republicans have become obsolete and learning to use social media, communicate better or have a few people of color in their ranks won’t help when the message is racist and antiquated, and to maintain it, you have to invent a whole new reality.

Here is Ezra Klein telling us about it:

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Chained CPI for Social Security

The Republicans have thrown out chained CPI and you wonder what discussions about Social Security has to do with the deficit.  Republicans are about one thing, and that is cutting spending on the backs of the poor to maintain their tax cuts for the wealthy. THERE IS NO PROOF OR DATA SUPPORTING CUTTING TAXES FOR THE WEALTHY HELPS THE ECONOMY! In fact research shows just the opposite  Now on the chained CPI, this is a terrible idea. First it penalize those least able to afford it.  But it is most of all flawed logic:

“Chained CPI assumes people can substitute cheaper products as prices go up, but this is not true of seniors and people with disabilities for whom health care makes up a larger share of expenses. In 2009, health care made up 12.9 percent of expenses for people 65 or older, but 5.3 percent of spending for people ages 25-64.”

In other words, more of their purchases are impacted by rising health care costs and in fact their CPI should probably be higher than a normal CPI. If you are really interested in the facts (few Americans are) see Ten Reasons Whe the Chained CPI is Terrible Policy.