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Free Speech Versus Hate Speech

Well a sign of our times is the Neo-Nazi/White Nationalist face off in Charlottesville Virginia in a protest to removing a Robert E. Lee Statue. Oh, did I mention the Ku Klux Klan? Wait, there was a militia marching with their weapons. They are all clashing with counter protestors. Welcome to Trump’s America. Also note that as of this morning, Breitbart is not reporting it, I guess because their continuous legitimizing of hate has now broken out. It is the Alt-Right under one banner. And it is the people who elected Donald Trump. And why is a hate monger like Steve Bannon in the White House?

We are going to see a further rise of violence and white nationalism, because that is how Donald Trump won the election, by goading and legitimizing those hates. So in one part of our country we are turning on each other and finding ways to hate each other. That is the America middle America brought us because we did not understand their pain. They wanted change. How’s that change working?

And make no mistake, the Alt-Right is not exercising their free speech rights, they are engaging in hate speech. There are limits. I am appalled that our greatest strength, our diversity and tolerance, is now under attack and that is clearly legitimized by one person, Donald Trump. The man is not just a disgrace to America, but to the human race. And now we see the fruits of stupid people casting stupid votes.

I would like to expand on that, stupid, ignorant votes. The conventional wisdom is that when Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan (roughly just 80,000 votes) went Trump, because he was the only one who spoke to their pain. Horse shit. The word is pander to their pain and they stupidly fell for it. It was ignorance at work. Sure, even I thought Hillary did not bring real understanding of the increasing economic inequality, and was part of a Democratic elite too tied to the status quo and Wall Street. But Donald Trump was a racist liar. That is not an opinion, he displayed it in every campaign rally he spoke at.

So Hillary did not pander to them, and in fact did not even think they were worth listening too, but the Donald did. And what he promised them was a total fantasy, that he would bring back manufacturing and coal. But how? They never asked that. He is a business man and will run government smartly. Really? That is another stupid and uniformed belief that government is anything like business, nor should it be. It is not to maximize profits, it is to protect us and invest in our futures. So without any plans for the future, describing a reality that does not exist, exhibiting misogynistic, racist, white nationalist tendencies, they voted for him. They are fucking idiots. Now we have the rise of white nationalism, and hate everywhere. We may talk ourselves into several wars, and trust me, the economy is going to crash.

So do you think the Democratic Party should pander to their stupidity and racism? I don’t think so. Don’t move to the middle if that is what moving to middle means. Certainly they have problems and they should be addressed in a more holistic manner in policies to deal with economic inequality. Hillary would have been so much better for them, even with all her faults. But they were mad as hell and stupid as a block of wood. And now we live with what they delivered to us. I tell you who is mad as hell…

So I am doing my part. This is what stupidity and ignorance bring us. We should not pander to it, but educate it, shun it when it won’t be educated, and be a Party and a people who stands for diversity and equal rights, including fixing our economic system so it works for all of us. Hillary did not get that the system is fatally flawed, but she might have eventually, and certainly steered a course that would not give rise to hate, and further violence. We would not be having a legitimized alt-right today.

We are in such dangerous times, both from the bluster abroad and the rise of armed alt-right here at home. This is squarely on Donald Trump. What we need to do as a People and as a Party is to reject both and show a level of intolerance to the hates and fears that sparks all this violence. Republicans continue to pander and enable what we are seeing. Democrats need to firmly reject all of it. Oh sure, we will get statements of horror from Republicans, but Donald Trump is who they enabled. And now the fate of the nation lies in the hands of Republicans in Congress who could do something about him. So far, we have seen what they are made of.

UPDATE: President Trump on Saturday issued a vague condemnation of violence in Charlottesville in a televised statement from New Jersey.

“We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence on many sides,” Trump said.

On both sides? Maybe someone ought to show him video of his own speeches. Or maybe someone ought to explain to him what the alt-Right is all about, hate, fear, and violence, not to mention intolerance. The Kettle calling the Pot black. What would President Obama have said, or for that matter, President Bush? Oh have we have fallen.

Bernie Responded:

Oh and here is real leadership and pointing the finger at white supremacy and neo-nazis:


Another Zombie Economic Idea and Denial

I saw Senator Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) demonstrate how Democrats have some disproven ideas. He was noting that the Republicans have claimed that “confidence” was being undermined with Obamacare and reforms to the banking community, and business were not hiring. Then he went on to say that confidence is being seriously undermined with the Government shutdown and the possible debt limit default and they were causing the uncertainty. This is the supply side argument: If they build it, you will buy it and there will be jobs.

Problem is that multiple studies have shown that most businesses are not expanding because they do not see expanding demand (the demand argument: if people have jobs, they will spend money, creating demand and more jobs). The reality is that most business will expand if they see a marketplace which is expanding. That is why stimulus works and austerity fails. Come on Demos, lose the confidence fairy argument.

Then I watched Ed (Ed Shultz) try to convince a middle American that it is not both sides and you have to choose one. Here what you see almost everywhere is denial on steroids. No, these are just reasonable people and if we sit down and discuss the facts, we can arrive at some middle ground. Both these “middle” Americans and moderates in the Republican Party are in denial about who and what the Tea Party Republicans are. But as the crisis goes on, and if they pay attention it will become obvious to enough Americans to maybe make a difference in 2014. These people hate government, negotiation is defined as you capitulate, and are irrational. I hope they wake up sooner rather than later.

Clueless in Middle America

Joe Klein was on MSNBC’s  Last Word this evening talking about his trip through Middle America and what they are really feeling out there. Most are fairly moderate, do not support the Tea Party, cannot understand how they have taken over our politics, and what they want to see is compromise.

What part of this mess don’t they understand? Republican primary politics is about the margins (their elections are very close and a small minority controls which way the election goes). The wedge issue is taxes and if you want to be elected as a Republican you MUST BE AGAINST RAISING ANY TAXES (See Politics as It Ever Was). So the only people elected as Republicans are those who will not compromise. A small percentage of voters are controlling who represents the Republican Party and they are electing people who won’t compromise if they want to keep their jobs and they are all about keeping their jobs.

There is no compromise that will be reached in Washington unless Democrats completely capitulate. And sadly the compromises that are possible will be totally ineffective. We have a very big problem and the solutions simply aren’t in the realm of politically feasible with this group. What part of that don’t you get? You put them in office, live with it, quit blaming Congress and look in the mirror.  It is the Republicans you elected.  On the other hand go watch the Republican debates where all the characters are cartoon characters and none of them are making any sense whatsoever.  But it is great entertainment isn’t it?  That what must be what the media is thinking instead of challenging their nonsense.  It does pay the bills even if the country is going down the toilet.