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Partisan Bickering My Ass!

I watched a Saturday sit-in host on MSNBC try to paint the release of the Democratic Memo rebutting the Nunes Memo attempting to taint the FBI and the Justice Department as partisan bickering. Dueling Memos! He got handed his ass by his guests who knew what was going on. I guess he still thought good journalism required him to seem fair and balanced by calling the two memos partisan bickering. Here is the thing: When one side lies, disregards the Justice Department and the FBI and releases a totally false narrative, and the other side goes through the full process including redactions to get to the truth, how the hell is that partisan bickering?

We have entered a time when one side lies almost continuously and when the other side says wait a minute, that is called partisan bickering? How bad is that for dumbing down your viewers. Truth doesn’t matter, can’t we all just get along? The host got his ass handed to him by guests who knew the history, lies already exposed in the original memo by Nunes, and pointed out that this was not he said/she said, but setting the record straight with the facts. Want to know what is wrong with the news, there it was, pretending fairness is achieved by claiming this is partisan bickering and the truth will be what voters decide. Truth is objective, not subjective. It is not determined by a mob informed by social media.

Oh, I know someone will say everyone knows you see this through a progressive lens. It is your progressive bias. Really? Did or did not the FISA warrant come about with or without the Steele dossier and was not Carter Page already under investigation? Those are facts. Republicans are trying to make you believe the whole Russia thing is just a partisan attack and to do that they have to defame the FBI and Justice Department and what are provable facts. Oh, and I want you to think about one other thing, let’s just say Steele was on a partisan hunt for bad information on Trump (which he was), does that make what he found any less true? And of course the FBI corroborated the information they used in subsequent FISA warrant applications and as the second memo makes clear, disclosed that to the FISA court. Nunes and Republicans lied.

Here is what is most interesting: President DFF and Congressman Nunes then look right in the camera and say white is black. That is the world we are living in and has been normalized by he said/she said journalism and the idea that both sides are equal. There is not truth on both sides. Truth stands alone. Facts stand alone. They are only partisan in the sense that one side denies them for ideological reasons and you can guess which side that is. I can’t even believe I have to explain this to the media that used to say, “There is honest debate about global warming.” No there isn’t. There is a debate about how fast and how extreme, but the rest is a lie perpetuated by Republicans. Truth is what it is and it cannot be voted on to define it.

Having said that, I want to take Democrats to task. We have entered a new and very different time. Half measure where we find middle ground won’t work. The middle has move so far to the right that reasonableness is not a test anymore. Someone running for Congress that tells you he wants to go there and work together has been asleep for the last 12 years. Democrats, instead of gauging the mob mentality (poll testing) need to propose things that work, and then fight for them. Right now we are in a “debate” about moving forward with gun safety. But we know what works, fewer guns. All the rest is smoke and mirrors. So the Democrats can’t be all over the map, they have to have a plan, they have to stand for what we know works. Right now it would be to ban all military grade weapons, limit clip size, background checks nationwide, end exemptions for gun shows, and study how countries like Australia have managed to allow rural residents to have their guns, yet tightly control their spread. There is no debate. The data is unequivocal, fewer guns, less gun violence.

Take global warming. The Right says it doesn’t exist, do nothing. This is a position based on ideology and small government. What is the Democratic position? Well it exists, we need to do something, but what? Where is there a plan? Democrats can no longer be against Republicans, they have to sell a new way forward to make people understand that Republicans are obsolete. You hear the old line saying we need to just move the country back to the middle. That has been a losing strategy for Democrats for the last 50 years. Okay, you have a rural community that has real problems with unemployment. Republicans tell them they can bring back the good old days. What do Democrats offer? Get educated and move is not a viable option. Democrats have to come up with solutions for these areas.

I hate to say it, but in many ways, Democrats bought into the Republican’s market place determines all. So they told (ignored) rural areas to adapt and change with education and mobility. But markets operate on rules set by us. So find a progressive solution to help these folks. Right now they bought into President DFF’s bring back jobs that are never coming back, but Democrats offered them nothing. Well that’s not quite true, Bernie offered them solutions, but establishment Democrats turned their back on him in favor of Hillary and we are where we are because of that, Comey, and the Russians. And granted, Hillary would have been wonderful compared to President DFF, but the real solutions to what most of us see now in the 2016 election is the rejection of establishment politics as ineffective. That has not changed. This dynamic may even be more in operation in 2018 and 2020.

The point of all this is we need to get back in the business of facts, science, and data. Sure there are areas where we can disagree about the outcome of a particular approach, as long as that is informed by real facts, science, and data, not a world where the answer to everything is more guns. That is just insane. And that my friends is where we are right now. America has lost what made us great, the ability to innovate based upon facts, data, and science and be flexible to changing conditions. We are in the hunt for recreating what cannot be recreated, denying reality, and finding middle ground with nonsense. Time for a new direction.

Just When You Thought It Could Not Be Worse

The Republicans decided to blow up any fake bipartisanship they may have been displaying by voting against the Justice Department’s recommendations to release the Nunes Memo.  At the same time they voted against releasing the Democrats’ Memo which is a point by point rebuttal of their memo.  How’s that for respecting different opinions?  If you think Republicans are interested in democracy or the rule of law, think again.

My thought is that at this point Democrats can quit saying “my friend across the aisle” and just recognize they are the enemy.  They are in a word, destroying democracy and the rule of law.  It is everything we stand for and believe.  And of course the whole memo is a carefully culled document to paint the FBI and the Justice Department in the worst possible light to impede or stop the Mueller investigation.  Remember WMD and Iraq.  Here we go again. My thought here is that Democrats need to quit respecting the legitimacy of the majority party and just release their own memo and get the facts out there. They are no longer in an institution protecting American values and tradition, but destroying them.  Why play by their rules any more?

The memo itself is purported to cast Rob Rosenstein, the Deputy Assistant Attorney General as using a flawed or biased process to decide to bug Carter Page.  First let’s say that as we learned from the Simpson testimony, there were multiple sources corroborating something was very fishy besides the famous dossier gathered by Fusion GPS with the help of Christopher Steel, British intelligent agent.  But that is not how the Nunes selective fact gathering memo is reported to describe it.  It is a hit piece pure and simple.

But let’s just step back a moment.  Do you remember what went on that we know about?  Further let’s just give Nunes’ lie the benefit of the doubt.  Say the initial information was tainted with bias (try to keep in mind that the initial study was funded by Republicans trying to smear Trump before they gave up and the Demos ended up paying for it).  A FISA Court Judge would not have authorize a bug based on that alone and would have requested corroborating evidence.  We are not privy to that and you can bet Nunes would not present that information.  But once they did bug him, the evidence that might have been gathered could not be tainted, it is either true or false.

So if the whole process is tainted with FBI love for Democrats which we all know is ridiculous (who cost Hillary the election again?), there is still the facts and testimony to examine to determine if all that smoke is really indicating a fire.  And that is the key here.  They don’t want that to come out.  With the caving of FBI Director Wray in the resignation of Assistant Director McCabe, we have seen the Republicans capture and maybe permanently damage one institution of justice.  They have already destroyed the Justice Department.  Now they have an echo machine to try to change lies into truth through Fox News and the whole Republican Party.

What is disheartening this morning is to watch the clown show and realize this our country.  There was money laundering, collusion, and certainly obstruction of justice to hide these things.  We have a moron for a President who is a pathological liar, racist, and xenophobe.  And we have a major party, the Republicans enabling all of this.  Not my America anymore.  I have no idea what we stand for anymore.  Again I want to personally thank those 76,000 morons in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Ohio that brought us the destruction of America.

Will I watch the State of the Union.  No.  He will read a Stephen Miller written speech about how he is single  handedly saving the country and everything he is taking credit for was already happening.  He is a consummate liar and not one thing he says can be depended upon.  The only hope for the country is when the walls come tumbling down, and I just hope there is enough left to rebuild.

As an aside, when you recognized what is happening and you know that your friends and neighbors who are such good people who voted for Trump are enabling this destruction, watching their Fox News, and still supporting the Republican Party, how can you be friends anymore?  My best friend is a Nazi?  Think about that.

Oh the BS

Secret society inside the FBI against Trump! Nunes the Ninny has the memo! The FBI is out to overthrow the President! Palace coop! OH THE NONSENSE! Republicans have been spouting this for days now with the tempo and noise level raising as we get closer to a show down with Mueller, the Special Investigator’s office, and President DFF. Does anybody remember that Comey and Mueller are or were Republicans? Who was it again that really caused Hillary Clinton not to be President by announcing a new investigation that did not go anywhere? Want to know what is really sad? It could be playing out there among the unwashed as the numbers who approve of the Mueller investigation drop.

Remember back in the day when you went to the supermarket and you saw people reading those supermarket tabloids and you thought, wow, how gullible can people be. Well, I think it was a disease that ate everyone’s brain. If you are following the investigation, who has been interviewed, and what we know (rumor a third flip is coming), you know that the noose is tightening. So we have the hysterical reaction by Republicans. But their hysteria is catching and as the defame and demean the Justice Department and the FBI they may be destroying the rule of law in America. No may be is not correct, they are. Then we become the nation of the rule by rumor and hysteria.

When you look at and listen to these barking dogs, you know what treason and lynch mob mentality looks like. The sad thing and what really may determine our fate, is that “responsible” Republicans are staying silent. They are complicit in their salience. Meanwhile in President DFF land, he spouts out last night that he will be interviewed in person and unlike Hillary, will be under oath. Now first he is not going to show up, and this is just another giant blovation before his lawyers pull him back in, kind of like his statements on DACA before the Stasi (Kelly and Miller) pull him back in. Oh, and that “under oath” thing, nobody is under oath unless they are before a Grand Jury. His ignorance knows no bounds.

Nunes the Ninny’s memo is probably a very selective and out of context summary of things that make the FBI look bad. Oh that ought to help respect for government. They ought to know better, but like the Bush Administration, they started with a wild belief and look only at evidence that supports their belief. And what it might lead to is a rush to release everything because the Republicans are releasing carefully crafted partisan information. Democrats will have to respond and the flood of information in already overloaded and uncritical thinking public will result in chaos.

Of course there was obstruction of justice, it was out there for all of us to see and he admitted to it. Of course there is money laundering, where do you think the leverage on President DFF and his family came from? Of course they colluded with the Russians although the trail into the Oval Office might be harder to prove as we have seen how his Trumpets will lie through their teeth to hold on to power. Muller will have the goods. Then it comes to the majority in Congress, Republicans, to do anything about it. Think they will? I don’t.

But things are starting to come to a head. At Davis it was noted that because we have fewer travelers to the United States. Canada just went on its own with an Asian trade agreement, and it would seem that the tariffs President DFF could cost more jobs than it saves. World trade is moving on and soon we will feel it in our pocket books. The dollar is weakening and in one sense that is good for trade (our stuff costs less) but in another sense it could be a disaster if foreign countries look elsewhere for a stable currency as a world standard. All of this should just be reaching the perfect ripeness when the 2018 elections hit. If Democrats can avoid shooting themselves in the foot like on the government shutdown that went nowhere, we might just have a chance.

Playing with Real Fire

No, not the child in the Bronx that burned down his building, the Republicans.  But the result could be the same, with damage, destruction, and death all around. With the further release of data showing the President obstructed justice by trying to use the Justice Department as a shield to any investigations, in this case little Jeffey Sessions, the letters from Senators Chuck Grassley and Lindsay Graham to investigate the author of the famous dossier on Trump and Russia (A British citizen who will never be investigated, nor is there any basis for the investigation), new investigations into Hillary and the Clinton Foundation that nobody cares about and has been investigated to the ninth degree, and Congressman Nunes attempts to gain access (apparently successful) to Mueller investigations to try to thwart it, it is quite apparent that Republicans are now fully engaged is trying to thwart finding the truth.

Right now President DFF is having a meeting with senior staff and his Cabinet at Camp David and guess who did not get an invitation?  Little Jeffey Sessions.  Fire him and put some in place who can seriously damage the Mueller investigation or fire Mueller?  As the NYT opined this morning:

All of these specifics make sense within the constructed world of the Trump presidency. But we shouldn’t miss the forest for the trees. Trump’s view of his power and the power of the Department of Justice he leads is that this power can justifiably be leveled against his political opponents. This is in part because Trump fails to understand that the allegations he’s embracing are often specious (a diet heavy in Sean Hannity will do that to you). But it’s also in part because Trump came to office with the idea that he would wield influence at the White House as he did at Trump Tower: by fiat and without question.

It was expected that the delicate-if-uneven balance of power in Washington would help guide and temper Trump’s inclinations to target his political detractors, and it has, for the most part. This week, though, we saw a number of ways in which that balance is testing — and wavering.

Said in another way, are the institutions that we believe in finally being totally corrupted by the Republicans to serve political ends that undermine our faith and adherence to out government and the rule of law?  As one reader commented, “…after a year of sustained assaults, federal law enforcement is crumbling as an independent institution and is morphing into more of an authoritarian model, in which the FBI pursues the political enemies of the ruling party.”  I think we have entered various dangerous times.  If this perception becomes widespread, and remember the majority of our nation neither voted for or supports this President, what happens to the rule of law?

Trump and the Republicans are making an assault on states with the tax bill which penalizes those who voted against him, his ruling to ignore states’ ban on off shore drilling (this has even angered some Republicans), his attack on the legalization of marijuana, and his disregard for global warming. The Republicans have now joined in, afraid their hold on power is slipping.  The very people who are supposed to be the firewall against this kind of tyranny are aiding and abetting it.  Are we now lighting the fuse for mass demonstrations and violence? The Republicans are laying the ground work for violent protests and revolution.

My own feelings are one of extreme anger and I am an old may with not a lot of time left on this planet.  I cannot imagine what young people are feeling when they see the ignorant of our political spectrum take over and destroy this country.  Democracy depends on institutions that are insulated from the political whims of politicians, and seek justice and fairness, not political gain. When that is lost, and make no mistake, the Republicans and Right Wing media are doing their best to destroy it, revolution will result.  Who could have thought this could happen in America?  And no, both sides don’t do it, Republicans are in charge.

One reader of the article cited above said this: “We are in uncharted territory, in which the greatest national security threat we face is the President of the United States.” I would add, and what makes this now so dangerous, the greatest national security threat we face is the President of the United States and the Republican Party.  If you have not figured it out, the days of working together died in 2008.  They have been at war with us since.  It is time to return the favor.