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That is kind of where I think we are living right now.  There is just so much bad going on, it is hard to know where to start.  I remember the good old days when there was just one or two big ticket items that needed fleshing out.  With President DFF, I am barraged every day with a wave of stupid statements, policies, and sycophants that badly need to be debunked.  The saving grace is that most of the News from the Washington Post and the New York Times no longer play the silly game that this is normal, or that both sides have legitimate arguments.  Insane is insane.  But then half the population regards those two reliable publications as fake news and turn to Fox News for their propaganda.  And I can be sure they don’t read this either, but it soothes my mind to do the homework.

What is there to say about deporting 200,000 Salvadorans?  Well where is the threat?  When was the last time you saw a Salvadoran terrorist?  I can’t wait to see how taking 200,000 people out of the workforce helps the economy.  On the face of it, it is just cruel.  All this does is alienate more Hispanics and send them scampering to the underground.  And you keep asking yourself, why again are we doing this?  Wait!  Could it be to purify the race.  Think about that.

Then there is Oprah for president.  No, this is not a good idea even though she might make a wonderful president.  First, she is a powerful woman who could probably have way more impact supporting other candidates.  Second, oh I hate to go there, she is a black woman.  Remember when we were trying to figure out the rabid hatred of Barack Obama?  It was race pure and simple from people you never thought were racist.  It is not fair or right, but if we want to unite the country and slow down the racists, this would probably not be the best way to go.  I would love to be wrong on this one, but sadly I don’t think I am after the irrational hate shown President Obama.

She who must never be mentioned here has mentioned many times that Animal Farm, the George Orwell novel most of us read in high school, completely describes the President DFF administration.  Well, Dana Milbank connected the dots for those of us that only vaguely remember the plot.  He got my attention by calling the President a pig.  Think about that.  It is no longer undignified to look at this president as a farm animal.  Actually, I think he offended many farm animals and I expect many letters of protest.

You have probably been watching the barrage of Tumpets coming out to tell us the President is not deranged after Wolff’s book, Fire and Fury.  There is a cognitive dissonance here.  A man who tells us he went to the best schools and made billions, and is a stable genius, looks like he is in total denial, and while stating all this defensive nonsense, can’t say it in complete sentences. The reporters who followed him around during the campaign and have access to his staff are not surprised by all this, and yet Republicans are falling all over themselves (after earlier raising all sorts of concerns) to stand behind him.  I think I know why.  Considering his eating patterns, when he does keel over it will be face first.

Okay, I make fun, but really, he is about to crash and burn and they are all setting themselves up to crash and burn with him. If you ever had any respect for Corker or Graham, that got destroyed. Which brings up another interesting point. President DFF has been touting Wall Street as his big metric to prove he is the one.  Trouble is, it does not align with the facts as Catherine Rampell noted in an article that shows once it falls, and it will, suddenly he has no responsiblity.  Personally I love this graphic you can show to any friends you still have that are Republicans:

And that is after the same Republican policies being pushed by President DFF crashed the economy, remember?  But in today’s world, facts don’t matter right?

One last thing.  President DFF said we have to do something about the horrible chain immigration that lets millions in in endless chains.  The facts don’t really support that and here is a good discussion on NPR instead of the fear tactics you are hearing.  Sure maybe we can tweak it, but ban it? Same thing with the lottery system which he wants to get rid of.  If tech industries had their way they would all be immigrants with tech expertise and lower wages and jobs for Americans.  Oh, and what about coming into the country to improve yourself and your family. Here is a read from the WaPo on how the system really works and why.

The point of all this is that you can find problems with every system, but we are using anecdotes and misrepresentations to just end immigration.  But then Republicans and President DFF are on a purge, so don’t expect any rational immigration reform.  Have a great day.